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Bits and Pieces

Super Mario World Hacks → Bits and Pieces

Submission Details

Name: Bits and Pieces
Author: levelengine
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 58 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Very Hard
Description: Welcome all.

After a long year and a half hiatus, I decided to replay this on a livestream and make more changed in between the 2nd and 3rd editions to make the game a little more fair than before. It's still very difficult though and none of the gimmicks were outright nuked.

I still can't believe my initial prospect had been 10-20 levels, which at this point that would have been done and would have passed moderation ages ago, except I've moved onto other pasttimes, thus leaving this hack unreleased for way too long now.

To get to the special world, you need to complete the 49 exits from the main game in order to access the defunct power station and power the portal. Can you reach it, or even complete it?

Since 2nd edition, this hack has multiple midpoints for the longer levels.

Even then, these screenshots may not match exactly what's in the hack because they date back to 2017, although not much has happened with Bits during the 2017-2018 timeframe.
Tags: asm gimmick hdma huge level less exgfx music no boss powers traditional variety
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Comments (15)

4Fs Link
52hrs to complete. A kinda strange and fun hack.
When playing this game, I feel entertain, while I also find the game kinda mysterious and dark.
Every level is unique and different, and yet very difficult.
Like there are no other living beings, like toads or peach, or even bosses, with some levels with very desolate and eerie music, which constructs the image of the game: Complex, profound and difficult.
Also, I can't find the moons in Nightfall (1) and the annihilator(2). Help.
requiredyump Link
This game is as fantastic as it is difficult. Seriously. I almost cried while playing Annihilator. That being said, this game is beautiful and so much fun. This is a lovely game for those looking for a challenge.
Danik2343 Link
How I liked this hack! Amazing 5/5
 Hooded Edge Link
Great work, levelengine! Now I can finally waste my time playing this instead of doing homework.:P
peppebd Link
Hack really good! Continue to create a new hacks pls!
Satsumaimo Link
I haven't played much of it yet, but it is very impressive so far. Very well done d'Alembert!

I have a couple suggestions. I would suggest making Blah Blah Level One and Ruby Quest's music a bit more
intense, even though they're the first two levels. Well, I guess I suck but I find the songs a bit underwhelming
for their difficulty. I do like difficult games (and levels), but I guess I like them complimented
by more intense-ish music a bit too much for my own good #smw{@_@}

In the end, this is all just my opinions and constructive criticism, please understand I'm
saying all this because I like this hack.

Anyway, For Blah Blah I suggest a song that sounds like the first level of a Castlevania game, or a song
like Gunstar Heroes "The Ancient Ruins" by Worldpeace, and for Ruby Quest I suggest something like
MegaMari Cirno or something. Maybe rename the level to something like "outline fortress" or something too.
I mean, Ruby Quest is a good name, I just th Oh! How about "Ruby Quest in Outline Fortress"? Too long?
Hah hah..... Aah nevermind. I guess "Ruby Quest" works best after all.

Look, I know I haven't played it much, and the difficulty is a good bit out of my league I admit,
and I have strong opinions, and I'm well aware that this is your hack. They're just suggestions.
It's not like I think the hack needs suggestions, I just like giving suggestions too much lol #smw{._.}

Great job by the way, I love how you complimented the use of YI background tiles with Metroid
(Super or Fusion? I've played neither, but I'm guessing it's Fusion right?) in Verizontal Canopy, and I loved
rushing through Obligatory Hybrid and As The Ground Burns Bright, and I loved the songs used in those
levels too. Especially Culture Shock in the latter level, though I found that the part of the level that
used Culture Shock was slightly underwhelming, compared to say Ruby Quest. Maybe amp up the difficulty
slightly, and/or make the player lose time at least x1.25 as fast when in contact with the magma.

The Looney Toons theme at the title screen was hilarious XD I loved it. Again, great job d'Alembert.

Sorry for the wall of text #ab{x_x}

Edit: I played this bad boy a bit more, and I just fall in love with it even more #w{<3}
Like dang boi where'd you get that disco music on Simple Sunset

Still... Even though I got to Fort Na... Nadja? (I forget the name lol) Even though I got up to that point
(both through the normal route and the ice world route) I still find that Ruby Quest's difficulty is
disproportionate to it's depth in the game. I feel like it's a warning for players who suck like I do (lol) that
"This game isn't going to just let you breeze through, if you can't finish this Quest then go on
a more rookie adventure" ha hah... Still. Even Giant Fan wasn't as difficult imo, at least for it's depth.
...I keep larping on about Ruby Quest, I'm so sorry lmao

Anyway, now that I've played a bit more of it, I can certify that this is indeed a fantastic hack! #smw{:peace:}#smrpg{haha}
marioandsonicfan524 Link
Enan63 Link
HOLY MOLY!!! #smw{O_O} Very AMAZING HACK!!! #smw{:TUP:} right next to 12 magic orbs #smw{:peace:}
levelengine Author Link
So was it worth the year and a half wait guys?
Klug Link
Finally, it got accepted!
ft029 Link
I played this hack a while ago, and despite the frustration, this hack provided unique challenges that aren't present in modern-day kaizo light hacks.
 Lazy Link
A recommendable hack for skilled players looking for something to sink their teeth into. Still infamously brutal and sometimes janky, but also very clever in a lot of parts.
SwampMage Link
i am addicted to this game. amazing platforming with highly imaginative level concepts and aesthetics. extremely satisfying grade of difficulty for a skilled mario player.
Danielsonic 87 Link
I seen this hack coming from nothing;
I search the whole map and...I find that Tutorial level...IS OUTSTANDING!!Every basic from SMW,and some advanced trips...are described better than a modern indie game^^FABOULOUS!!
The graphic is wonderful,and the balance dificulty is great to hot up some tough levels that will come later^^
now,thanks to this hack,no one can say "how I supposed to play a SMW hack???"Now there is a tutorial,so you can train here your skills before get any hack^^
5 stars only for this great idea,and I'm sure that here I will find many other reasonsnto give you 5 stars.CONGRATULATIONS!!^^I really hope that your hack will be approved^^

P.s:what we need for a PS4 or a Switch,if we can have some wonderful hack of a great game like SMW??XDXD
cozy duck Link
In this age where kaizo-light hacks have become ubiquitous, it is always refreshing to encounter a challenging hack which achieves its high difficulty through more traditional means. Also, while being significantly more gimmicky than your previous work, it avoids their more unsavory aspects for the most part (darkness gimmicks, excessive flashing lights, etc.). I'm a fan to say the least. 5/5