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Paul '96

Super Mario World Hacks → Paul '96

Submission Details

Name: Paul '96
Author: danwaleby
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 12 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is Paul '96, an installment to the first game.

Paul and his cyborg Grandpa live at the edge of town. One day Paul drank all the milk again. So Gpa sent him to Santiago's Shop to get more, and fight his way through gangbangers, bikers, and even dogs to get there. But it gets much worse on the way back....

There are also portals to the new.sfc world, if you've played that.

This is technically a demo, but all that's missing is a final level/boss. I've got family stuff at the moment, so that will come later. enjoy!

New powerups!

New levels!

Classic levels!

And even MORE Blaarg hordes!

Fixed: "End of Demo" OW crash
Tags: custom character exgfx non-mario traditional
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Comments (4)

microwave_brothr Link
This hack has so much to offer. You can tell dan put a lot of heart and time into it. One of my favorite hacks.
Wahnthac Link
Heart and soul went into making this. And for that I appreciate it.
Kiatus Link
lol judging a hack for its graphics
Akutarex Link
lel, what a shitty gaem