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Super Mario 64 and the Koopa Power

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Super Mario 64 and the Koopa Power

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario 64 and the Koopa Power
Author: VenusFeuerFalle
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 100 star(s)
Description: UPDATE: New version v1.0.2! (Check changelog)

The plot involves the Koopa Kingdom using the Power Stars to increase their magic within the Star Constellation's help in a few days, and so once again, Bowser invades the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario sets off to a new adventure throughout multiple regions of the Mushroom Kingdom to stop Bowser's plan all at once by gathering all the Power Stars to prevent anything from destroying the kingdom.
Video Link: None
Tags: asm custom level openworld traditional vanilla
Download 8.01 MiB | 6,398 downloads


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