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Sprites Are Always In Water

UberASM Repository → Sprites Are Always In Water

Submission Details

Name: Sprites Are Always In Water
Authors: Telinc1, Vivian Darkbloom
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This sets all values in the "Sprites In Liquid Indicator" table to #$01 - "In Water", as well as removing the splash graphic.

Basically if you enable sprite buoyancy in a level using this code you can replicate that glitch that lets sprites act like they're inside of water when they aren't, like in Faux Water by Sixcorby

Tags: glitchy lorom sa-1 water
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Comments (2)

Romano338 Link
That post from RussianMan is pretty off-putting. That's a lot of limitations :/ Not sure I'll use it then.
Great idea though.
 RussianMan Link
It works fine, with exception of following sprites:
Vertical/Horizontal fish moves like it should underwater, but it can be kicked like it isn't
All floating platforms don't appear (sometimes they do, but it seems to be inconsistent)
All chucks
Porcu-puffer fish
Rip van-fish
All of them still require water level/tile or that glitch to work like they should.

Also it's supposed to remove all splashes, but following sprites still do them:
Jumping piranha plants
Changing power-up

I don't think those are easy to fix without hijacking original code, so I accepted it, but keep those issues in mind.

Original uberASM also had misplaced LDA #$01 which was supposed to be before STA !164A,x. I've fixed it. Added SA-1 support. Also do note that it isn't actually necessary to enable sprite buoyancy for sprites to work with this code.