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The Joy of Kaizo

Super Mario World Hacks → The Joy of Kaizo

Submission Details

Name: The Joy of Kaizo
Author: NaroGugul
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 54 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: You play as Bob Ross on his way to beat the devil.
Levels were inspired by paintings shown on Bobs series The Joy of Painting.

54 exits (18 exits X 3 modes)

First of all, if you think this game is trash, this update will not change your mind. However, if you liked it or thought it had potential, this update might surprise you.

So, i was a bit reluctant about making this update, because the game is kinda old and all.. but i guess theres no shame about trying to make something better.
This is intended to be its last update.

Whats different about this update:
- added music
- added coin indicators
- improved consistency
- ===tried=== to reduce jankiness
- reduced inactivity time
- made the advanced mode a bit less tight (still tight tho)
- 1 new level (3 modes)
- several minor and major changes to all the levels of every mode
- p-switch indicator so it doesnt mess with the music
- removed death counter (problems with related patch.. and to improve compatibility)
- changed difficulty modes from Baby/Light/Hard to Beginner/Moderate/Advanced
(apparently some people find "baby" offensive..)

important to know:
- Most of the vertical pipes are easier to enter than the vanilla pipes
- Rng resets every time you enter a room (or death)
- removed rng timer from Reznors fireballs (now they spit consistenly, for a more predictable fight)
- Minor adjutment to cape physics (you cant slow down too much to the point where you cannot rebound.. much easier to control)

All modes can be beaten RTA.
My RTA playthrough can be watched on the links below. Notice this is not a speedrun.. Videos were recorded during the playtesting process during several different days.

WARNING: this game contains what can be interpreted as "satanic" and subliminal messages/imagery. If you are easily offended by this kind of stuff, please, avoid playing this game.
Tags: asm custom character exgfx hdma traditional variety
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4.8 (12 ratings)
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Comments (44)

KazakhGuy Link
BunBunAshly Link
i've mostly found this frustrating and tedious and not particularly joyous to play. the aesthetics and music are really good though, lots of honestly breathtaking backgrounds in particular, and i love how the levels tie in really well with the episode titles.
charliediep0 Link
FOrgive me if this is the wrong place, but does anyone know the soundtrack listing for this ROM hack? I'm trying to find the BGM for Gracefull Waterfall for a while now. Matter of fact, could there be a mandate for ROM hacks to offer a soundtrack listing in every copy of a hack? I get different results depending on what ROM I download... Catchy music!
 quietmason From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
@Omnicis try using this tool!
Omnicis From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
I really like this hack so far.
did you write some of this music? is there a track listing somewhere? I would love to be able to download/listen to this soundtrack.
KiD_ViD Link
Excellent hack with 10/10 aesthetics. I'm early on in my kaizo journey, and playing on beginner offered me a considerable challenge while never feeling overly frustrating. The sections are all pretty short, so if you're stuck on a trick, you never have to replay too much to get there.

I also like how it takes some kaizo tropes
yoshi feed section, skytree, etc.
but adds some unique character to them; nothing feels generic.

5/5 (on beginner at least, maybe some day I'll be good enough to try moderate)
ScatmanJones49 Link
Finished beginner last night, at some point in 2021 I’m sure I will do moderate. I love the diversity of this hack, autoscroller fireflower cape water ice, vertical level. Naro you did a splendid job taking your first hack and updating it to “modern” standards.

Aesthetics were easily the best of any hack I have ever played and overall the atmosphere of a bob ross painting in a kaizo setting is very nice because typically it is a faster paced more hectic setting.

I do truly hope you continue making kaizo hacks in your free time because some people do truly appreciate your hard work, me being one of them

msx2plus Link
fantastic. i've only played on beginner (being a beginner kaizo player) but this was a great introduction to the style. everything is given fun context here, and the adventurous, positive atmosphere is really encouraging. even as my first full kaizo playthrough, i didn't find anything particularly frustrating, and also enjoyed the bosses quite a bit. well deserving of your time!

and it goes without saying that the aesthetic gimmick of each episode being based on a Bob Ross painting/episode is a delight.
especially the guest stuff, i fell in love with those stages immediately! too cute.

i haven't played the original version, but good on you for the update - this'll be a mainstay for me for years to come!
jquery861 Link
By far one of my favorite romhacks. Thank you Naro!
Cheolpeoduck Link
Nice! It's one of the Best Kaizo hacks!
rymdkarl Link
Beautiful and very well made game! The three difficulty options make this a good option for all Kaizo players. Loved the ending!

Highly recommended to everyone! <3
Darkanine Link
Great aesthetics, some great levels, and some really really frustrating ones. Overall not bad; made me better at some tricks, but I feel like a decent bit of it fell flat for me, if I'm 100% honest. I'd say 4/5 (boosted mostly by the aesthetics to be honest, as well as the massive improvement with the update).
 Linkdeadx2 Link
I had a lot of fun playing this hack, it has come a long way from what it used to be. Much more polished and definitely something I would expect after playing through Claustrophobia. Music was a nice touch and complimented the already amazing atmosphere of the levels.
7 up Link
I really need to continue The Joy Of Kaizo series on my channel. Definitely with this new version!
Allrounder Link
The long awaited update! Can't wait to play it as soon as I can ^^
falkenste1n Link
Nice.. have to try the update!
The 'old' version was so great.
Wow! It's been a long time hahaha
Great hack, maybe better now...
Zaikiel Lime From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
Bob Ross was a good painter! He was inspiring to so many people. There's a word. "ART" the most amazing thing in the world. Your Rom Hacks are art, and he would've wanted us to keep on making art! Make more like this!
raulvaz82 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
well i cant land on the mole! got fish down and the goombas lol looking foward to dying alot more
kickinkame From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
hi there :)

first of all great hack :). Baby mode is just the right thing to learn smw for me :)

I have a question. Has anyone tested this with a flashcard on real hardware? Can you save the game there? I'm asking because im trying to play this on my superNT unfortunately saving the game does not work there. Workes fine on emulator though. So would be great if we could find out if this is problem exists on a real snes or if its a problem with the superNT firmware.
dogemaster From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
Awesome hack.
BokemoB From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
Verry nice hack. Im a kaizo newbie but i succsess 6 level at this time ;)
LoneWolf22113 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
So far I completed like 3 levels on Baby Mode as I never played kaizo levels before so I don't have any experience , but I really like this hack as it's not too hard and enjoyable.

Also @bananatheswitch there's no shell jump at the start...
bananatheswitch From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
for someone who has literally never done kaizo before, and you start them off with a shell jump, I got really, REALLY frustrated
NaroGugul Author From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
Ive just tested it here, and yes, this is happening.. Im not sure why this happens or how to fix it. But ill see if i can do something about it. Luckily this problem apparently does not interfere with the gameplay in any way.
Kiatus From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
I dont think this is normal...
kaitri From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
the first thing i have to highlight about this hack are the backgrounds. taken from bob ross episodes, they just look so beautiful and fit in so well.
i played the hack on the LIGHT difficulty and it is a decent challenge. nothing too brutal nothing easy.
i think some parts are a bit "meh" because they dont tell you for example if you have to jump or spinjump blindly. this is a wild guess and usually leads to a death. some indicator would have been nice but i guess it is kaizo after all.

the levels itself are nothing special. stuff that has been seen by now, yet still a fun experience to play.

im gonna be totally honest i thought about it for ~ 10minutes and could not decide if i give this hack 4* or 5* so... i flipped a coin.
and the result is 5*.

ps: i played the first 2 levels on the baby difficulty and didnt really notice any major changes so im not sure how much the difficulty adds. but hey you have the option another bonus.
i can only recommend this hack, even if you never saw anything from bob ross. just for the backgrounds and the afro alone <3
Kiatus From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
i have been playing it a few days ago, and this is my favorite hack right now, i love how some levels are inspired in "The Joy of Painting" I love the graphics too.
Liam Plays From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
I would so play this if I was good at kaizos...
 Katerpie From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
Everything seems to have been fixed from the last update, so I have nothing else to comment this time. Overall, good job with the entire hack!
blaze800000 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
good kaizo
Sariel From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link

- You could fix the scrolling-settings in this room

- I assume the level name here is written incorrectly because there were no characters left?

- There were several typos. But since they have no influence on the gameplay and everything is still understandable i won´t list them here.

Approved the Update.
Vivian Darkbloom From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
You finished it! Congratulations :)

Also I just noticed that it's literally three hacks at once. The fact that you did all the art yourself is really impressive, too.
SQUID1000000 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
Outstanding hack! One problem though. There is a jump in the second level that involves throwing a shell and spin jumping on a blargg to a spike top. The problem is, about 85% of the time, the shell kills the spike top. I tried for an hour to find a consistent set up, but I could not. Could you please fix this? Otherwise, amazing hack, and an A+ job! :)
NaroGugul Author From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
obersteiner86 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
Can i ask how your make this death counter,i whant this death counter.
Chosentw0 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
the three difficult modes are awesome :)
7 up From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
@ Wieus96 did you understand what Naro said? The amount is that big because there's three difficulty modes. Each has 17 exits, so it's 51 exits in total.
NaroGugul Author From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
@ft029 For sure. The hair alone was enough reason to update this!
Wieus96 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
51 exit?!?!?!
ft029 From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
the hair is important
kaitri From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
i hope no animals are harmed in this hack or i have to give it 0/5 for not being bob ross like KappaRoss
NaroGugul Author From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
A couple of important things ive forgot to mention:
- Made Bobs hair a little bit bigger and rounder
- Start+Select to exit the level
 idol From older version: The Joy of Kaizo Link
this is cute