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Star Revenge 6.5: Wrath of the Dim. Flower v1.1

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Star Revenge 6.5: Wrath of the Dim. Flower v1.1

Submission Details

Name: Star Revenge 6.5: Wrath of the Dim. Flower v1.1
Author: BroDute
Difficulty: Intermediate
Demo: No
Length: 70 star(s)
Description: This is the 6.5th in the "Star Revenge" Series of SM64 hacks.
This hack is based around the idea of the green stars missions of Super Mario Galaxy 2. It also remixes the original stages of SR6 LA into new ones to make it more interesting and not feel the complete same.

The 1.1 version adds some small Quality of Life stuff like better camera and some text updates.

In this hack you play again as Luigi like SR6, but this time the paintings inside of Peach's Castle are getting messed up by a huge flower that appeared out of nowhere outside of the castle. You can find 9 main courses in this hack + 2 boss levels.

[Unlike before, SR6.5 doesn't need a password from SR6 to be opened anymore]
Video Link: Link
Tags: music star revenge textures traditional
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