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Monty Mole Island 2 - Redrawn Island

Super Mario World Hacks → Monty Mole Island 2 - Redrawn Island

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Comments (10)

karinou Link
Cool hack for this one too, pretty cool to play, thank you man
MorteTorment Link
Nice one! I liked how you knew that you were near the end of the level because the timer would warn me!
nif.emi Link
This hack is an improvement from the prequel. The level design is more intuitive and interesting. This definitely had more difficulty which is good because it kept me on my feet in the game. However, very little time is given because at the end of the later levels, I would finish with about 60-70s left on the clock.
NatsuFireball Link
A nice sequel, with pretty graphics ! The game is also more challenging than the first.

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you again =]
theender123888 Link
It will be cool if we ever face the iggy and face Mario.
Giftshaven Link
This was pretty nice. I did stumble upon some strange graphical screw-ups when I was holding a shell while looking up, and while moving down in water while small.
(1) (2)
Also, you may notice my lives count is really high in the first screenshot. I found a tiny space for a moving shell to get stuck in right in front of one of the bullet bills. Convenient, but also rather broken.
Final Theory Link
In the ending castle level named Iggy's Castle there are some sprite platforms that you need to use to jump to the higher levels in the side to side movement layer 2 area. Due to the bowser statue shooting fireballs that gray platform sometimes doesn't spawn. That means that you can't beat the level without getting hurt. So the level is kind of broken when those platforms don't spawn, you may want to change that.
DeathstrokeMeGently Link
Was hoping to see a sequel to the first one haha, great game and thanks for a sequel, keep it up
 Eevee Link
Quite short, but it was alright. My main suggestion for if you plan any future updates or sequels would be to create some sort of visual representation that tells the player what powerup state Monty is in, since right now they're all the same. I do appreciate the hitbox staying consistent though!
Green Jerry Author Link
Update 1.1:
-Fixed the music in Bullet Plains
-Edited the save select text to say "Monty" instead of "Mario".