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Song Title


    Super Mario 64 - Bob-omb Battlefield

    SMW Music → Super Mario 64 - Bob-omb Battlefield

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    Comments (30)

    Akutarex Link
    alguem sabe um bom controle pra run de Mario 64? Tava pensando em usar o ds4 mas ele não tem notches, tava em dúvida entre um da Hori do Gamecube ou o original + adaptador
    Olhi Link
    This is the Gold Standard for SPC Ports. Amazing Job!
    MegaSonic1999 Link
    The surprising thing is that some songs are used in more than 1 game.
    CourtlyHades296 Link
    This port sounds exactly like the N64 original
    SuperAgentAlex Link
    this is freakin flawless
    PalaceSwitcher Link
    Ezek.The Square Remixer Link
    Wow, this port sounds, very, ACCURATE !!
     Squiggs Link
    Hit me with that funky horn breakdown and bring me back to '96 baby. Flawless rendition friend
    LOLRyan2006 the Goombud Link
    I ran out of space.
    Luaxon Link
    Dang, I don't even think this can be topped. It's perfect!
    Diego Link
    "Echo buffer exceeded total space in ARAM by 0x0500 bytes."

    ok now what do I do
    MinecraftGamerLR Link
    Alfio Link
    File: mario64.txt Line: 45:
    The specified sample was not included in this song.

    How do i fix it :(
    minimario350 Link
    When I try to put it on my hack, it says "Echo buffer exceeded total space in ARAM by 0x0100 bytes." What does that mean?
    Pinci Author Link
    I ripped them myself
    UmHey420 Link
    I call samples.
    Brozilla Link
    Did you get the samples from a SM64 Soundfont or rip it yourself?
    Batata Douce Link
    Ops... I say in portuguese (I think it's amazing how you can put a nintendo 64 song in a super nintendo game. In a few words I love it! #smw{^_^}
    Batata Douce Link
    Eu acho incrível como é possível colocar uma música do nintendo 64 num jogo de super nintendo. Em poucas palavras seria AMEI!#smw{^_^}
    BWGLite Link
    Klug Link
    Better than Tornado's!
    nightsintodreams Link
    Perfect without a doubt
    juaneergameer99 Link
    Mogu94 Link
    Phenomenal work.
     Luigi-San Link
    HOLY SHIT, this is like an exact replica.
    Emerald The Fox Link
    I love these seemingly perfect ports of N64 songs to the SNES #smw{:TUP:}
     Hooded Edge Link
    Damn... #wario{O_O}
    Brutapode89 Link
    Congratulations! Perfect work! #smrpg{y}
    Fullcannon Link
    Sounds very accurate.
    FailSandwich Link