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Ninja World

Super Mario World Hacks → Ninja World

Submission Details

Name: Ninja World
Author: VLSkoot
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: In honor of the man himself, Ninja Lifestyle, I bring you this fun little kaizo hack.

This hack should appeal to beginner/intermediate kaizo players with its level design which you can either run through or take some time to think things over. Plenty of shell jumps and general kaizo fun to keep your fingers busy. There are also checkpoints and coin+arrow indicators to help you along your journey.

Have fun!

-Fixed more gfx/cut off issues.
-De-cheesed a section in "Stop Crying Poser"
-Fixed shell despawning issue in "Cake Muscle Castle"
-Fixed Garbled GFX for Yoshi's Tongue in switch palace.
-Added version number to avoid confusion

-Fixed some gfx/map 16 issues in a few levels.
-No more falling through ground at checkpoint in "Buttercup".
-Fixed a cheesable section in "What Time! When?"
-Removed possible softlocks.
Tags: asm music
Comments: 31 (jump to comments)
4.8 (13 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (31)

riobaldo Link
Great hack by VLSkoot! Lots of fun plataforming with cool shells tricks nicely spread out.
Ccedric68 Link
I really enjoyed playing this hack, it's a good one to practice shell jumps. I especially loved the special level #smw{:TUP:} Thanks for your work VLSkoot !
Lpoool Link
Nice hack, good to practice shell jumps.
RoyMaluco Link
Lots of fun! Would highly recommend! #smrpg{y}
UFrozenO Link
Evil_Abed Link
Really fun hack! =) 5/5
bsolt Link
Lots of fun! Would highly recommend! #smrpg{y}
TokZone Link
that was fun good game hack #thp{^_^}
KiD_ViD Link
I had a lot of fun with this hack! It's a little bit repetitive/shell jump heavy for my taste, but that's just personal preference. And still, there's a variety of setups and some solid platforming. A few features I really loved: there are a lot of spots where you can stop and breathe, the setups are almost all really intuitive, and nothing feels too tight or punishing.

The difficulty is low, but for beginners, I'd recommend getting another hack or two under your belt before playing it, unless you're confident in your shell jumping abilities.
ChocolateMuffinPancake Link
Great hack. If you like shell obstacles, are a beginner, need to work on your shelljumps or are just looking for a fun, rather fast-paced hack i definetely recommend this one!
Mgraymallio Link
this is amazing i just completed the whole game in 2 days
Illmatic Link
nice hack
5003erX Link
I really enjoyed this hack! It's a great hack for people that have at least one or two kaizo hacks under their belt already. Also, the usage of shells is really great. I completed Shell's Retriever a while back and this feels like that hack but if it was more than just shells. Now that I'm done this hack I'll be moving on to Ninja World 2. 10/10 looking forward to completing the second one!
lbkaizo Link
Version 1.2 still cheesed!
three Link
I really loved this hack, 15/10
StacheAttack Link
I love shells and I love this hack! Very fun!
Thank you VLSkoot!
JesseDillinger Link
Really fun game. Great looks/design. The levels were entertaining and not super difficult. That Dead Body level was annoying though. Mainly the beginning. Overall, good hack!
Tony Link
Super shell focused beginner kaizo hack. I had alot of fun playing this one. If you want something fun that also takes a little work to learn the levels, this is for you. I keep going back to it. Awesome hack!!!!
gucciyo Link
Extremely fun hack! Was laughing pretty hard at the last troll in star world :)
heyjas08 Link
Very fun, I am a beginner kaizo player and I enjoyed this so much. Granted I used save states and have not yet finished the star world, but just wanted to get on here and give my respect for this very fun kaizo that is able to be played by beginners like me.
NeXuS15 Link
Pretty solid hack.
If you are looking for a hack thats very shell-focused then you might wanna try this one.
Shrikerzzz From older version: Ninja World Link
Great hack, my first beaten kaizo hack as well. I really enjoyed it. All I have left is star world and I look forward to a sequel if it comes.
VLSkoot Author Link
it's an update from that version. after updating i had accidentally messed some other things up but this version should hopefully be the finished one.
tchfunkta Link
Is this an update after 1.2 or just a reupload of the same game?
NeXuS15 From older version: Ninja World Link
Pretty solid hack.
If you are looking for a hack thats very shell-focused than you might wanna try this one.

i found some things to point out that i'd like to see fixed if you update this hack
GFX related stuff: there is still that pipe cutoff next to the pipe some cutoff right beneath mario and on the top right (corner piece) more cutoff wrong corner tile you are able to just bonk the shell here and skip the actual obstacle

Gameplay related: i would suggest puttng a coin block beneath the red shell so it only falls once you actually hit the switch palace. The shell spawns super early and it died offscreen so i thought something was broken, maybe take that into consideration
eronios From older version: Ninja World Link
This is a fun hack. The tricks are enjoyable and the ability to move fast through the game just adds to it. Great job. This goes well with quickie world and is a good way to learn shell movement.
The only issue I had was in the first fort. When the red shell dropped I didn't see it the first time at all and assumed the splash was a fireball. Took me 2 or 3 tries before I saw the shell and was unsure of what was happening and what the next step was before that.
NaroGugul From older version: Ninja World Link
This is a really fun hack.
Definitely recommend for anyone into shell tech stuff and want an easier/fun time ala Quickie World.

Theres a few observations i dont really feel its really worth of rejection, but would be nice to see it fixed.

Fist of all, if you enter the stage the only way to get out is by beating it (instant retry.. start+select was disabled for some reason). So always double check for softlocks.
Possible softlock here:
Tho its possibly the dumbest softlock ever, because you can even skip that part totally....

inverted slope can act weird:

Not sure if this is a troll or just some map16 mistake?!

Kind of a janky death.. not sure if its frame-rule or just mistimed bounce, but its very luck based.. tho i know that room isnt really a required room to beat the game.

Some cutoffs and glitched gfx:

Sometimes there are cutoffs in the overworld. Not sure what i did for this to happen. My 2nd and 3rd playthrough it did not happened.

*Changed to 16 exits. 2 exits doesnt save to sram.
HLXY From older version: Ninja World Link
Yeah, pretty good. I really did enjoy this hack, it's easy but not too much, good work ;)
Also.... there's some little issues that can make the experience awkward, but not a big deal I think.
HLXY From older version: Ninja World Link
I also made the same mistake before lol
VLSkoot Author From older version: Ninja World Link
wow, don't know how i didn't hit that. fixed!
HLXY From older version: Ninja World Link
This block isn't solid lol