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Super Denis World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Denis World

Submission Details

Name: Super Denis World
Author: Tony.Metcalfe
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Hello / Bonjour,

This hack has 18 exits (including 2 optional switch palaces), plus one small (optional) "practice level" at the beginning [not counting this as an exit]. There is a ghost house, a fortress and a castle at the end. There's no (swimming) water level and no autoscroller level.

It's a vanilla ''Kaizo: light'' hack with classic (and new) tricks, a "retry system", the 2 players mode still available, shell jumps, lot of bounces, coins indicators, custom music and custom palettes. The levels are named after some places in Québec (Canada). I dedicated this hack to one of my good friend (who introduced me to hard platform games) who came from New Brunswick to Montréal, so it's kind of an hommage to his journey, when he discovered the regions of the province of Québec.

Here's a trailer video to help you decide if you wanna play this game:

I hope you will like this hack!
Enjoy! :)
Tags: bouncing custom music custom palettes shell jump super denis world
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Comments (10)

TheN64man Link
cool beans
Tony.Metcalfe Author Link
Thanks a lot Linkdead! Your help & feedback are really appreciated!
Hahahaha yeah, that song! I thought it could be funny :D
 Linkdeadx2 Link
I went ahead and corrected the overworld error for you. Make sure you play through the final version before submitting next time.

I mostly enjoyed the hack, but about halfway through it started to feel a bit repetitive. A lot of tricks that are used many times without variation. Example: Knocking the blue koopas out of the shells and having them kick it. I'm not personally a fan of shell levels for this reason, but I know some people like them so I don't let it affect my judgement.

I found some of the coin indicators in the later levels to be placed in weird spots and it actually helped if I just completely ignored them.

I liked all the heavy metal lyrics... then all of a sudden
Katy Perry

obersteiner86 Link
Yeah i fixed it by my self you mised some layer 16 files and i fixed the way to the final castel.
Tony.Metcalfe Author Link
There's a problem with the access to the Yellow switch Palace. You can find a corrected version on ''My Files'' section of my page.
Sorry to everyone for this rookie accident mistake! #smrpg{y}
*EDIT: the official version has been updated!
obersteiner86 Link
Ah okay cheese is allowed that is god do know xd,i hope your fixed the block duplication glitch,and no one search at this lvl for the mushrom it was pure luke from me do found it.I us l + R because of the goal glitch.By the way my point of view the green switch is are little bit to hard to get i mean the secret exi to get to the switch and you can not see the pipe with out L+R scrolling make an indicator like are green coin like you make on one of the lvls with the green shell and the 3 turn blocks.
But as for now nice hack i love to play it.
Finshed but how the hell you get 18 exits i only get 15 with out the yellow switch with it its 16 exits?
Tony.Metcalfe Author Link
@obersteiner86 Yes, the mushroom is normal (there's a fire flower and a feather hidden in the game too), it's just hidden secrets (don't spoil it hahah). Playing the game without screen-scrolling is the intended way (like a message box is showing in Yoshi's house)... but I let this option available to people if they want to try some things around (cheese, etc.), but it's at your own risks ;)
obersteiner86 Link
you know you can chess the mushrom from lvl 2 second half to all lvls?
If your scroll left or right on lvl 10 the chuck dont spawn some times or the blue shell is missing (screen 0F,10).
Tony.Metcalfe Author Link
@obersteiner86 Yes it’s a new updated version! I deleted the first version before it went into moderation last time, to rework and improve my hack... (so this is the official version)
obersteiner86 Link
Is it are new version its the second time your postet this hack?