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Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version)

Super Mario World Hacks → Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version)

Submission Details

Name: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version)
Authors: Duraner Hawkeye, RednGreen, Stormkyleis
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: Yes
Length: 1 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: "Many brave adventurers have traveled to this manor. They never made it back. Enter the manor and rescue their souls."

"Il Maniero Spettrale" was originally made for the Halloween Level Design Contest (HLDC) 2014, in which it won first place. It's a single large level with a "Metroidvania" structure, inspired by the likes of Luigi's Mansion, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and Banjo-Kazooie. The goal is to find the souls of the adventurers who visited the manor, and lead them to their eternal rest. For Halloween 2018 we decided to update it and release it as a standalone hack, in order to make it more accessible to new players. There are several small improvements and fixes over the original and some rooms have been redesigned.

- There are no jump scares.
- The length is ~20-30 minutes on a blind playthrough.
- Original soundtrack by RednGreen.
- It's available in English and Italian.

We hope you enjoy. Happy Halloween!

Update (10/31/18, 4:35 PM CET):
- Fixed an exploit that allowed the player to farm infinite souls in the Mirror room.
- Fixed an oversight in the map.
- An object in the Engine room was raised by one tile.
Tags: asm chocolate custom music exgfx halloween hdma holiday italian metroidvania music
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Comments (34)

ILoveSpinach Link
made an account to say I enjoyed this :)
Stormkyleis Author Link
Thank you and welcome to SMW Central!
bradcomp Link
Really fun! Good vibes, lots of secrets. It was a chill experience that didn't take too long and had a lot of interesting sections.
Jordan Link
Zute Link
20 to 30 minutes on a blind playthrough...
I am 45 minutes in and have no idea where the exit is#tb{D'X}
I sure am a noob.
Very cool hack tho

Edit: How many souls are there?
Stormkyleis Author Link
There is a map included with the patch. It comes in two versions, one without spoilers, and one with all the souls marked. It's totally optional - the hack is meant to be beatable without it - but feel free to use it if you need a hint!

The exit is
in the graveyard. Go inside the well, and press down on the big grave, as hinted by the message box to the left.
As for the number of souls, a star will appear next to the counter to let you know when you're done. If you want to know, it's

Thanks for playing!
minity_ Link
Holy Moly this was awesome! Found this while looking for Metroidvania hacks. Love the spooky vibes! #smrpg{<3}
Danik2343 Link
Really Good! I like puzles!
 Qwoll Link
Mind blown. That was really great
Retrospectre Link
One of my favorite SMW Rom Hacks this year I've played. I've sent some others to give it a try.

-Retrospectre Gaming
msx2plus Link
really wonderful stuff; love the atmosphere here!
UnforgottenRose Link
I went down the grave a little early and got some weird creepypasta vibes. I'm sensitive to that stuff, and not knowing what to expect, I decided to stop playing.
El Cuh Fermin Link
One of my favourite games.
I can hear a Earthbound sample in the "boss" room song #smw{;)}
happyfuntime Link
Really fun, wish there were more levels though. It took me around 40 minutes, a little long but oh well.
The "ghost" room and the room where you had to watch the ceiling to know where to jump were my favorites.
Arthurvi Link
Hack interessante, com gráficos bonitos. top
Linkisahero Link
This was a really freaking amazing hack. Even despite its short lenght, I recommend to everyone that is reading this to try this one out.

The graphics and music are on point, and they construct this beautifully haunting atmosphere that runs all throughout. Design-wise, all the rooms felt original and clever, and were very fun to play (my favorite one was the music room #tb{:p}). It's surprisingly engaging, you really want to explore every corner of the mansion in order to find everything, and the multiple "endings" really help to give this some replayability.

I played all the way until the end, and I assure you that you will too. I only downloaded it a couple of days ago, and I can safely call it one of the best hacks I've played. I can't say enough good things about it. It truly earned a 5/5. Just play it already!
NatsuFireball Link
A very inventive and fun Halloween hack you can play when you don't have a lot of spare time. Difficulty is OK and room design is very neat and clever =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you =]
Romano338 Link
That hack is something. We cross the line between "romhack of a 1990 game" and "could be a brand new game". Really well done, graphics and stuff, it's really awesome.
 Noivern Link
This is a fantastic hack and worth playing if you have an hour to spare.

There's a small issue I found in the boiling room. If there are too many sprites on screen, the screen will occasionally flash for a frame. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like during the flash. This is the only issue I found, and it's minor, practically has to be done on purpose, and not worth updating just by itself IMO.

Here are my times. They're not very fast and can easily be improved.

0 souls: 1:19:04
10 souls: 7:21:46
All souls: 12:08:00
GroovyYoshi From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
Sparky From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
well made hack
have no points to say anything against it
aterraformer Link
I meant about the fixing the life farm but after playing, makes perfect sense. This hack is really good. I got a 13:11 for all souls.

I think the only thing this hack would benefit from is maybe some sort of indicator, like a sound as you enter, that a soul is still around in an area. I had like 13 when I first cleared and I was little confused. I tried looking around a bit but I ended up restarting. Not a huge deal since I really enjoyed the hack.
Kiatus From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
 ItsaMe.64 From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
Now, this hack... She's... She's a beauty.
Stormkyleis Author Link
Originally posted by aterraformer
Why would you patch infinite lives?

Do you mean why lives are hardcoded to 1? We wanted the progress to be permanent, it's a single large "collectathon" level and we thought it would be especially frustrating to die and lose all progress.

The hack was designed around that: there are no 1-Ups and only a handful of coins which are mostly used to indicate the path.
httpERROR404 Link
Amazing halloween hack. The dark atmosphere and the sounds are in the right spot.
aterraformer Link
Why would you patch infinite lives?
Stormkyleis Author From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
We made a quick small update after some players pointed out a couple of oversights:
Paperdomo101 From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
Akutarex Link
Esse dai manja dos gifs
FxeKing From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
Easily one of the best hacks I've ever played! :D
nintendofreck From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link
This hack does a wonderful job with beautiful visuals and immersive custom music. Introducing different elements in every room as you progress and explore the manor. Overall this hack is a great 20 minute play thru.
 Manofer From older version: Il Maniero Spettrale (Halloween 2018 Version) Link