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Block Duplication Fix v1.5

SMW Patches → Block Duplication Fix v1.5

Submission Details

Name: Block Duplication Fix v1.5
Authors: Tattletale, lolcats439
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: Fixes the block duplication glitch. More details can be found inside the ASM file. Uses 1 byte of FreeRAM.

Fixed a bug where the Y displacement wouldn't consider Y-high, so it would clone stuff anyway and also shoot whatever spawned sprite to the wrong coordinates when at the Y edge of the screen
Changed default FreeRam
Tags: lorom sa-1 super fx
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
Download 1.93 KiB | 681 downloads

Comments (9)

 RussianMan Link
Fixed Super-FX compatibility. Now it's only compatible with Asar versions 1.71 and later.

Solid fix, as solid as my attempts to trigger glitch with it. Good work!
Tattletale Author Link
I don't see why it would be incompatible with various patches. Give me examples.
torzod Link
seems to be incompatible with various patches for whatever reason
juaneergameer99 Link
r.i.p. powerup incrementation glitch
Green Jerry Link
Tags: needs remoderation
 Erik From older version: Block Duplication Fix v1.4 Link
you actually didn't, sort by tags ;)
e: I have been informed that she actually submitted her updates first. I must apologize for this grave error I commited.
LDA From older version: Block Duplication Fix v1.4 Link
yes I made the first superfx hybrid patch ever
 Erik From older version: Block Duplication Fix v1.4 Link
Good conversion, works fine.
Good to see people actually converting to SuperFX too.
Mariofan64 From older version: Block Duplication Fix v1.4 Link
So converted to asar AND added sa-1 support AND added super fx support.