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Monty Mole Island

Super Mario World Hacks → Monty Mole Island

Submission Details

Name: Monty Mole Island
Author: Green Jerry
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 6 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: This is a vanilla hack where you play as a Monty Mole.

Almost no custom things were used.

-You can now carry items and punch nets.
-Removed time limit in "End of the hack".
-Removed the message boxes in "Generic Grassland" and "Morton's Castle".
-Changed the "presents" logo.
-Monty now turns red when collecting a fire flower.
Tags: enemy monty mole traditional vanilla
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
4.2 (6 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (18)

TeamBestie Link
It was fun, we like how Monty is implemented as a playable character.
But the "Bullets & Chucks" level is just impossible. There's too much slowdown, and then there's just no way to get on top of the invisible block.
karinou Link
Cool hack, the first played and all the others after this one, it was cool to play 5/5
Doggo144 Link
I just finished this today, and I'm impressed! The player character is really well done, with some good use of sprites, but I feel as if his jumping animation should be a little more involved, it seems too similar to the walking one. The level design here is fantastic! The second half of the stage with the dolphins was super satisfying to snipe Koopas with a Fire Flower in, and the autoscroller in Morton's Castle, was actually really fun! I did notice some slowdown in "Bullets and Chucks", but it was manageable. Overall, a really well designed hack with a really cute idea.
MaxRing Link
Ive played it yesterday, i like the main character, the level design is pretty well and the hack is acceptable for me
nif.emi Link
This is a great hack! Decent level design. This is a great hack for someone who's looking for a short, enjoyable hack.
Nikku4211 Link
Overall, this hack isn't fun at all.
Sometimes, there are some blind jumps here and there. Also, in some levels (like 'Bullets And Chucks'), there is some serious slowdown, though maybe that's just me playing on a real SD2SNES cartridge on a real SNES (or rather RetroDuo).
In 'Bullets And Chucks', there's this annoying part where you have to hit a hidden block with a purple coin under it over a falling platform over raft on lava that is sloping down to a bottomless pit. If you get on the platform too much to the left of it, it will fall when you are about to hit the hidden block and when (if) you land on the platform, it will be too low for you to jump high enough to go over the hidden block. And even when you are high enough, it's just the bare minimum. Earlier, in that same level the football itself was used as an obstacle, but it still relied on an RNG like in the original game, making it literally random how high it'll bounce, which is a problem when it's used to block progress. Also, in that same level, you are barely given enough time to really think and strategise through that level, which you'd definitely need to do in a level like this.
In general, with the way levels are, the L and R buttons are a godsend, allowing you to look left and right. However, the way they were implemented in the original Super Mario World, apparently, you have to let go of all other buttons for them to work, which can break the pace a little.
I'm glad this is not a demo. It wasn't really fun at all, but at least it doesn't waste too much time.
NatsuFireball Link
A very nice short hack with a cool monty mole sprite !

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you =]
 Noivern Link
This is definitely a hack. Levels are competently designed but not all that interesting.

My biggest issues are that Monty's hitbox seems to be a little taller than its graphics (you can see that Monty doesn't quite connect with hitting a block from below), and that there's no obvious visual difference between regular and "big" Monty.
supermario23 From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
Good hack. A bit too short though.
supermario23 From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
Good hack. A bit too short though.
supermario23 From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
Good hack. A bit to short though.
Green Jerry Author From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
Originally posted by DaDerp
you can't skip the first cutscene

The intro level?
Originally posted by DaDerp
Another reason is because I never found a way to save my game

You can save the game after beating Foggy Ghost House and Morton's Castle.
DaDerp From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
I didn't enjoy this hack at all. The level design was Okay at best but the rest just sucked to me. One of the reasons I disliked it was that you can't skip the first cutscene, or anytime a text box appears, and every-time I boot it up, it always presents me with a screen that takes like 10 seconds until you actually play, and I can't skip it.
Another reason is because I never found a way to save my game, that plus my rusty playing skills made it so that I could never save any progress and every game over would send me back to the beginning.
A third reason is that the controls didn't feel responsive for me and also it felt weird to control. One second you're slower than a sloth, next second it would be ice physics with a side of "I can actually move now?" and every jump you have to dash dance to make sure you don't slide into oblivion.
There are other things that I dislike from this game but I think I got my point across that I dislike this rom. Now that I said that I shalt begone.
Skelz From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
Good Game i really like it
Spaghetto From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
Played through this, had a great time! Here's a video:
 K.T.B. From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
This was a cute little hack, with a cute idea. Not too bad, but it could be a lot better. Monty Mole as the player could have more gameplay changes (i.e. perhaps being unable to jump, or "jumping" up a bit each time you enter a new room just like the actual enemies do and somehow base some puzzles around those ideas?), because simply not being able to grab anything or hit through the grates are kind of disappointing changes.

The level designs themselves are pretty decent - they feel like something you would expect to find in the original SMW, even if there are a few specific design motifs that seem to pop up a lot (i.e. a pit with one of those wall trampolines on the other side - I saw that in nearly every level).

So yeah. Just like Noivern said, it's not necessarily BAD, but you really could have been a lot more creative with this.

E: Oh, on a side-side-note, I can't quite put my finger on it but there was something about the message boxes I found really entertaining. They were definitely informative and helpful, but I just couldn't help but find humor in how short and unenthusiastic they were, they got a few chuckles out of me #ab{:D}
Liam Plays From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
Good Hack! But there is a few things that I don't like. When the mole eats a mushroom he doesn't grow into a big mole. Level naming could be better. Good level design though! You can check out my play through of it here:
 Noivern From older version: Monty Mole Island Link
The levels are nonoffensive, but wholly unremarkable. I toyed with the idea of rejecting it for this reason, but in the end decided not to as there's nothing really bad about it. It's just not good either.