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Cool Zone

Super Mario World Hacks → Cool Zone

Submission Details

Name: Cool Zone
Author: FedoraFriday
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 16 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Woah cool, a brand new kaizo hack!

This is Cool Zone, featuring a story about Shyguy and his babe, Shygal. She's been kidnapped by some guy, and Shyguy has to save her.

I aim for this hack to be on the easier side of the kaizo-light spectrum, to be a little more friendly for kaizo speedrunners. This features a lot of custom ASM, graphics, and even custom bosses.

Each "Zone" is comprised of 3 levels. Theres 5 zones in total, and the goal of the game is to save Shygal as fast as you can!

Oh also, there is one fun little secret in each level. They're mostly just memes and inside jokes in the twitch streams I regularly watch. Some secrets are tough to find, some are just tough to get to. Can you find them all?

Best of luck to anyone playing through this hack!
Tags: custom bosses custom character custom music
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4.9 (8 ratings)
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Comments (19)

TheHandsomeMan Link
My brother and I had a lot of fun playing this game together. We haven't practiced many Kaizo skills, so we had to "quick-draw" savestate it for each other halfway through some of the obstacles. It has the perfect amount of challenge. I really like how creative all the levels are, and there were a lot of moments when we held the down arrow and just sat there being cool in the appropriately-named Cool Zone. Every time I would beat something difficult, I would say "I'm the coolest". Thanks for creating such a good game (:
BunBunAshly Link
lots to love about this hack, great aesthetic and lots of fun levels. the world 4 castle was such a huge spike in difficulty that it almost ruined the entire experience for me. everything before that (except the slope level) was manageable for me, but that final castle was far beyond my skills; the green shell section was okay except for whatever you wanted from that last throw. (mostly) glad i played though, and glad you made it.
Gabriel_Master Link
I enjoyed this hack, it was cute and had fun levels. It's a good hack for Kaizo beginners who want to dip their toes into custom ASM.

Levels 5/5
Graphics 5/5
Overworld 5/5
protopizza Link
I enjoyed this hack, it was cute and had fun levels. It's a good hack for Kaizo beginners who want to dip their toes into custom ASM. There's definitely some jankiness and the final level is a thumb killer but it's definitely worth a play.

I've uploaded a video showing just a clean, no-commentary clear for each exit here.
Wolfguy423 Link
really didn't enjoy the first few setups in the hack. not sure id call this easy kaizo.
FedoraFriday Author Link
Originally posted by FailSandwich
Aaaarghhhhhh!!!! This looks so cool with the ASM and graphics and stuff, but it's a Kaizo hack! I can't do kaizo. I don't see the fun of Kaizo whatsoever! Absurd difficulty isn't fun!

Well good news for you, the sequel will have a non-kaizo side as well as a kaizo side!
FailSandwich Link
Aaaarghhhhhh!!!! This looks so cool with the ASM and graphics and stuff, but it's a Kaizo hack! I can't do kaizo. I don't see the fun of Kaizo whatsoever! Absurd difficulty isn't fun!
Hedgemaster Link
T h i s h a c k i s n o t i n t e n d e d f o r t h i s R O M .
jhonny2003 Link
okay, its a great hack i will make a little review:

level 5/5
graphics 5/5
overworld 5/5
story 5/5

contains less than 15 levels, but all of the levels are awsome :)
Metal Crusher Link
SquidMan Raps Link
I like it
HammerBrother Link
Really fun hack, always on the move and no procrastination (almost no sections which you catch a breath after a platforming part). It might be even possible for non-save-state and slowdown skilled players to play this, as the difficulty is fair for the most spots.

If you are making an update, please consider the following:
-Powerup Auto-kill and Traditional Hurt or have the option to reset to the last checkpoint. One level involves being fire and you have to keep it the entire level without taking damage, and because the hack retains the SMW powerdown system, I have to get hit, wait till the i-frame (invincibility frames) runs out and get hit again.
-In the space level that you shell-jump, near the end with the lone platform with the warpstar, make the invisible solid-to-sprites wall more visible, as I didn't even know that I had to kick the shell that way in order to reach the platform.

-The ball n chain orbiting with the grinder, the ball n chain hitbox is to the left of the visible ball part, not centered nor 32x32 (or close to that) size.
FedoraFriday Author Link
If I can get a good fix for the grinders I will fix it in a future update, but I’m not super great at ASM coding. As they stand right now they’re as good as they can get, I can’t make them follow the player any faster or else they’d clip into walls which isn’t any better, it’d probably need to have its speed routine completely recoded. For the bosses, there’s consistent strats to each of them, even if they’re a little random you can strategize around each phase. Though, I CAN consider a sliiight nerf on the first boss, depending on future feedback.

Edit: Made two nerfs to a couple sections in the late game, hopefully to make speedruns less frustrating and more consistent on those parts in particular. :D
Well, I played some levels and there's only two things I don't like:
The grinders and the first boss. I think you need a better code for the grinders, since it's REALLY annoying to ride them, they speed just doesn't work. And the first boss (that also use a grinder) has random agressive movements and attacks, and that's frustrating, be careful about that. The aesthetic is good and the tricks used are pretty interesting, also counting the custom sprites. Good work!
domenyX Link
Amazing hack! Congrats man. My video playing 100%:
Gonzo17 Link
Everything about this hack is awesome.
le'chuck Link
wow... what a great hack! 5/5
FedoraFriday Author Link
Oops, forgot to edit the starting position. Fixed lol

Also, I changed some things in a couple levels to make it more speedrun-friendly.
SkeptisTrader Link
Yes!!! #fim{@w@}#fim{:P}