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Super Run World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Run World

Submission Details

Name: Super Run World
Author: 00frank
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 25 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Welcome to Super Run World!
The premise of this hack is that every level is on a tight timer, so there's no time to relax!

This hack was made over the course of half a year - I'm quite happy with it.

Update v1.2 - replaced Auto Hills with a new level; and added a precision ASM timer, along with some minor improvements.
Tags: gimmick music vanilla
Comments: 13 (jump to comments)
4.2 (5 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (13)

OptiMystic Link
Decent hack overall, some levels have some janky setups and sub-par level design (mainly the levels that scroll up without being able to see what's ahead), but other than that it is a fun hack. Would love to see a non-death counter version of the hack so it can run on SNES Classic.
Holy Shinx Link
Really good kaizo hack, I would say it's in the harder part of begginer difficulty, because of levels being mostly few seconds long. My favorite level is "the joy of kaizo" which is a recap level of earlier levels
viniciuskombat Link
#smw{:TUP:} this hack has awesome musics
The Lucifer of Gaming Link
I'm one that when I make my Mario fangames I take inspiration from people like you! My fangame from the use of SMBX is called The Legend of 39, as the name implies it actually tells the story of the song 39 by Queen so I will never take any credit in story writing, don't even think about trying it you will regret it. I love making games where Speedrun tactics are needed and you can find all sorts of "Cheep/Bullshit" deaths but I make my own games to challenge not just people like you but also myself! Thank you for making such an awesome Speedrun hack! Who knows, you might see some of my "insane" twists to some of the tricks from your hack in it!
XBroGaming Link
I'm really loving this hack! Great job
B2De From older version: Super Run World Link
Fun. #smw{:TUP:}
The_Mad_Duck From older version: Super Run World Link
I can't figure out the first level. How do I break those blocks? #wario{O_O}
Oh nvm (damnit)
00frank Author From older version: Super Run World Link
Hi guys! thanks for your feedback. I'm working on a replacement for Auto Hills, as I agree with Gonzo17 - I made the level early on so looking back now its just out of place.
I'm also looking into retexturing the sprite only blocks in Silver Surfer to make the game more fair.
Expect an update within the next few weeks! ^_^
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Super Run World Link
The hack is nice and enjoyable for a quick playthough. Although there are a couple glaring flaws I would like to see fixed if an update is provided.

1. Since the levels have low time limits this is going to turn most jumps into a guessing game of whether to press a or b. Its not bad when it happens once or twice but after 25 exits I could see it getting annoying for the player. You have some coin indicators where you are supposed to land but most of the time those don't help because you can't see them when you make the jump.

2.A few spots you have background that looks exactly the same as the foreground palette. The 2nd half of level 2 is a good example of this. (the falling section). Sometimes I couldn't tell what was the ceiling and what was background.

3.Using 1f0 that looks like walls is pretty misleading, I guess its fine once you die to it once though... I wasn't a fan of this though.

I think the levels are short and easy enough to let some of this slide though since its not that bad to get back to where you were. I would keep an eye on these things moving forward.
Gonzo17 From older version: Super Run World Link
Except for Auto Hills, which I found pretty inconsistent and dull, every single level in this game was amazing. Perfect difficulty curve, fun and original tricks and great palletes. Can't wait to speedrun it!
Romano338 From older version: Super Run World Link
A LOT of things don't act like it looks. Like a blue shell being a double-bounce usually-green shell, or walls that are semi solid, or cement block where the sprites just go through it. I don't get the point of it. Is it just to throw the player off?!
Valdio From older version: Super Run World Link
Had a lot of fun playing through this hack. Very fun levels and can be beat in one sitting by skilled players. My only complaint is the amount of blind jumps and setups that could easily be fixed with more coins. Since the levels are short this didn't frustrate me enough to consider it a major downside. Looking forward to playing it again, great job!
SkeptisTrader From older version: Super Run World Link
after first 2 levels....I'm totally in!