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    Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition)

    SMW Music → Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition)

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    Submission Details

    Name: Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition)
    Author: Daizo Dee Von
    Version History: View
    Insert Size: 0x25C bytes
    Type: Song
    Sample Usage: Many
    Source: Remix
    Duration: 0:24
    Featured: No
    Description: Tired of the super-accurate Undertale Ports coming out recently? Perhaps you want something slightly more different, but you still want to use something based off of the same game? Well the cute and happy tune of "Your Best Friend" is now turned into an industrial sounding track with a more menacing and evil atmosphere throughout every loop.

    Perfect for cutscenes or short levels that contain something devious hiding in the shadows.

    Update: After some mod changed the contents of the zip and didn't fix the actual samples content in the txt during remoderation, I decided to just update it correctly myself courtesy of Ladiesman (there were originally 3 sample folders and no #path, but someone updated it without adding the ../ to the SMW samples). There's also some changes between the old and new version.
    Tags: castle cave cutscene dark haunted industrial night ship temple tense
    Comments: 12 (jump to comments)
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    Comments (12)

    Henry James Segura Link
    Dude, this is awesome! I like it how your remix sound more evil than happy tune. In fact, it's remind of my favorite SNES RPG all times Final Fantasy VI knows as Final Fantasy 3 in SNES USA title.
    solgaleo35 Link
    I hurt myself today to see if I still feel
    Vini2019huebr Link
    If undertale was in final fantasy universe, flowey would team up with kefka and both would have this masterpiece as their theme.
    h.carrell Link
    your best friend + evil remix = your worst enemy
    7 up Link
    Your not really friend
     Niko0902 Link
     K.T.B. Link
    Clever and creative.
    edgar Link
    That port me remember FFVI
    Daizo Dee Von Author From older version: Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition) Link
    A fix/improvement is coming by courtesy of Ladiesman. I guess the mods didn't know to tell me that this song wasn't submitted right. **shrug**
    FedoraFriday From older version: Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition) Link
    Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition).txt: Echo buffer exceeded total space in ARAM by 0x0400 bytes.

    This is the error I received when using addmusick.

    On top of that, you need to have your default and optimized sample folders in the same sample folder included with this submission, and also empty.brr
     Nanako From older version: Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition) Link
    My best evil
    Klug From older version: Undertale - Your Best Friend (Industrial Rendition) Link
    Reminds me of "Your Best Nightmare" but slightly chopped off.