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Akogare Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Akogare Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Akogare Mario World
Author: Mega
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: Yes
Length: 28 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is a hack I wanted to make for fun when I first joined this community.

I started making this hack with learning lunar magic for the first time and slowly throughout the creation of this hack I learned countless things about both the game and editor.
I fell in love with it all the moment I started tinkering with it and after helping a friend work on LoM I decided I'd make my own hack.
I'm glad to say that I am ready and happy to release this hack now.

It features:
A Death counter
Snes Classic Version without a death counter
Simplified HUD
28 exits in total
3 Optional switch palaces
a set of special end game levels (which require the switches)

Since this was my first solo hack I wanted to explore a more vanilla experience before going crazy with custom stuff and I tried for a gradual difficulty curve.

Do try to have fun and remember to enjoy yourself.

V1.1: Changelog included for detailed changes
small and major nerfs and tweaks in nearly every level.
overall I'm confident the game is a lot nicer and less tight
in many places where spikes of difficulty were not desired.
Thank you so much to everyone who played 1.0 and gave such
amazing and helpful feedback

V1.2: Again a changelog is included for further details but the main change is a fix to the major lag issues seen in Whynot's Lookout as well as minor tweaks to a handful of levels.
Tags: vanilla variety
Comments: 78 (jump to comments)
4.9 (36 ratings)
No rating
Download 417.01 KiB | 16,044 downloads


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Comments (78)

b1ggi Link
14k Deaths, finished anyway, lots of fun
spent Link
what a blast, just cleared the final secret exit and the feeling was super satisfying. this hack has a little bit of everything and really challenged me from start to finish. the deluxe soundtrack is perfect, thanks for such a sick hack!


does stormcrow's alcazar not count as an exit on the file select screen?
Mega Author Link
Thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I genuinely don't remember if I put in a credits save patch for that exit; from doing some quick mental counting I don't think it does count.
Glad you enjoyed the deluxe version's music I tend to stress about picking music too much from being overly picky about it.
copie Link
Great hack, I played the hack as one of my first hacks, after first completing Learn2Kaizo, Kaizo Kindergarten, Quickie World 1, 2 & QW with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, my save file was deleted TWICE for unknown reasons. Most recently, I was just finished with the final castle, saved and turned off the console. Today I wanted to finish the special world, but my save file is gone again.

Does anyone either have a save file I could download, or know how to hex edit a save file so I don’t have to play through the entire game yet again (and risk having my save file deleted again)
It took me about 1800 deaths and many hours to beat the game (without the special world)

I’m playing on an SD2SNES on an original SNES

Edit: Never mind, I just found the savebase section on this site. Just downloaded the savefile, which works. Still wonder why my saves for this hack get deleted though. Hasn’t happened for other hacks or games yet...
Mega Author Link
Hmm can't say I'm familiar with your issue sadly, hope you enjoyed the hack either way despite your hurdles. It's possible the snes classic version of the hack would have had less issues on a real console but I can't be too sure myself.
Glad you found the savebase though that would have been my suggestion. Good luck with future hacks!
Really good hack, definitely a must play.
God Of Fruit Link
Really good hack overall, especially for those who have played a few Beginner hacks and want to get better. A lot of the level design is focused around mastering regrabs, which is a vital skill you're gonna need to get good at if you want to take on harder hacks. There's also some other levels meant to develop skills like flying, throwing items, timing enemy patterns, speedrunning, etc. The levels didn't blow me away on a technical level, but they did do a great job at turning the task of getting good at Kaizo into a very fun time. There's an amazing level of refinement here.

Overall: 8/10
YellowZealot Link
What a great hack! Extremely frustrating at times, but I did it! Would recommend.
Nurml Link
Just finished this hack. it was definately a hill to climb and star world was hard but fun none the less. looking forward to part two.
MellowYouth Link
not many hacks can set a standard for the kaizo community,
pioneering the lower intermediate difficulty as a genre and inspiring so many creators

5 years later, this game is still a must play, almost required playing at this point.
quickie worlds aside, this hack defines alot of peoples path in kaizo as a "first real hack"

thanks for making #smw{:peace:}
TheStrixLord Link
I recently finished this game after mostly playing beginner hacks. This was very challenging for me, but I never felt frustrated or stuck at any point. I definitely felt like I "leveled up" as a kaizo player after completing this. One of my favorites so far!
kurtistrydiz Link
No wonder why its called a classic,had a great time, great job:)
Hiroki Link
this hack is a legend among all the players of kaizo, i loved the levels desing and the variety of techniques and jumps ,well the special levels where so tough but fair set ups.
I finally beat it RTA (my first attempts when i started at kaizo where like save state here and there). Mega Scott is an amazing creator and deserves the 5/5 stars. GGs!
Mooglepies Link
I very much enjoyed this as my first/second genuinely difficult hack and will happily rate it 5/5. I was recommended it to get into kaizo style stuff, and I would agree.

Level design is very well considered, with each level having its own personality and core mechanic that it wants to test you on. None of them outstay their welcome and the gaps between checkpoints feel just right. As a very vanilla experience it doesn't really do much in the way of gimmicks, which is fine.

In terms of difficulty, the word I would use is "Achievable". The only time I felt completely out of my depth was when there was underlying tech I didn't understand - I had to look up how to shell jump and I had to look up sticky flight. Tolerances for jumps etc. are usually generous while also feeling like a good challenge.

The colour palletes for each stage are easy on the eye, just expect it all to I can't think of a time I got confused on foreground/background elements. Expect it to look very vanilla outside of that, there's no crazy new backgrounds or anything. The overworld looks really nice.

It could use some custom music for variety, but the lack of it doesn't detract meaningfully from what's here.
Theresy Link
Just finished this hack, it was pretty great!
TheTaze Link
Amazing hack! One of my absolute favorites!
JudithPrietht From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Nice flow, really enjoyed this. The switch palaces and the last castle were pretty gnarly (for a beginner like me) but never felt unfair.
MorrieTheMagpie Link
Fantastic hack, persistently challenges different aspects of your kaizo skills. Level design is fair and aesthetically beautiful. I loved everything about Akogare Mario World. Take your time and don't rush through this one too quickly!
TokZone Link
Really good #w{=3}
Ezel Link
Tight, really flowy and easy to learn gameplay. There's a couple difficulty spikes here and there, but overall the hack provides a reasonable difficulty curve with some chill, but also some really challenging levels. Perfect amount of challenge without feeling too punishing.
Steamed_Hams Link
First off let me say how fantastic this hack is overall and how much fun I had playing it. It's incredibly pretty and the palettes make it feel really interesting despite it being completely vanilla. Akogare is totally beginner friendly and will help you improve with a (mostly) great difficulty curve. The biggest spike for me was 'Grim Shade Manor': a couple of awkward jumps I couldn't figure out held me back for weeks. Even so, it held me back long enough for the release of Akogare 2, so it'll have to be my next hack. Thanks Mega!
RoyMaluco Link
Loved everything about this hack
goldenrules Link
this hack kicked my ass in a great way. along with Quickie 1, it was a formative kaizo experience for me.
Thaipirate Link
Akogare is a great first experience for learning regrabs. Stellar level design and flow makes this game a near-perfect romhack. If you want to get into kaizo, this is the hack to play, since many other romhacks (from now, and most likely the future) are generally around this margin of difficulty or just a little higher.
KiD_ViD Link
Incredible hack. As someone who's early on in their kaizo playing, I found this hack challenging, but very rarely was it frustrating. It felt extremely fair, and even though I died a lot (2,428 times, to be exact), no check point or goal ever felt unfair or unattainable. The special world, too, offered a nice extra challenge, and I feel I have grown so much after completing this hack.

This is without question a 5/5 hack for me.
Panther-T Link
Best hack ever. The amount of creativity and thought put into each level is off the charts. Hacks like these prove that you don't need to go crazy with custom gimmicks to make your hack feel fresh. Only thing missing is custom music. But still easily 5/5.
Gurggz Link
Finished this hack a few days ago. I was able to finish all exits. This hack is really awesome. It taught me how to play romhacks much better than before. Thank you and I'm excited for Akogare 2!
Str4ng3 Link
This is the third hack that I've finished (almost at least, I didn't play the last bonus levels because I don't think they're fun, so I won't spend time grinding them, especially because they're a lot harder than the rest of the hack), I did it with a bit over 4k deaths, I loved most of the levels and I must say that their aesthetics are great, my only real complaint is that I wish this hack didn't use the default SMW OST, I can't stand it anymore to be honest.
Tulip Time Scholarship Games Link
I like this kaizo Hack. It has Good kaizo feeling to it.
JohnnyJones Link
I just beat version 1.0 of this hack (that's what I had downloaded from a while back, started playing before I remembered to update). It was great though, even before the updates! Hit the sweet spot of challenging but not burdensome, and the aesthetic is charming, too.

xxmagegagexx Link
Beat this 100% a few days ago.

I love this hack, it was a nice difficulty jump after playing through the Quickie worlds and Baby Kaizo. The special world is pretty rough, other than that I'd recommend it to anyone looking to improve!
TrendzAndz Link
Just finished this hack 100%, after two easier Kaizo hacks, which makes it my hardest one so far. I felt that it was fair and taught me a lot as a new player, while having a very good time playing it.

The hack looks fantastic, including the overworld. Custom music probably would have added to the hack, but the lack of it didn't take away. And besides that, it's hard to find another issue with the game.

I'd be very exited to play another hack of yours!
Mithrillionaire Link
What a great game! It was tough after beating easier hacks like Quickie 1 and 2 and Robfather World, but it was truly fun building my skills to meet that challenge. Really diverse levels that taught me a lot of fundamental techniques, with almost no jank or unwelcome frustration. The vanilla music can get a bit tiresome in such a long game, but the palettes and aesthetics are unique and visually pleasing, and well-implemented for clarity.

I appreciate the steady buildup of difficulty, even though the special world, and Twilight Bridge in particular hit me pretty hard. It took me a long while to beat this 100%, but it was worth it. It forced me to drastically improve as a player, and I loved it. Can't wait to see more from Mega!
Disolv Link
Great hack for newer players to push their skills to the next level. The switch palaces and star world are a nice step up in difficulty for those who want an extra challenge. As others have said, the lack of custom music is the only thing preventing the 5/5 for this hack.
SethOsDotEXE Link
A great hack for newer kaizo players like myself. Every level is well designed with perfect pacing and difficulty. I beat most levels within 1 or 2 hours and I felt like I was improving the entire time. MUST PLAY! Great hack mega keep it up.
Lightplay Link
Really fun hack, taught me to get better with regrabs and I enjoyed the difficulty increase with the secret exits/switch palaces and special world. Would recommend!
callmedoor Link
Akogare deserves the praise it gets for what it does for beginner/intermediate Kaizo players.

The levels have a flow to them I have yet to find in most other hacks. This makes learning the tricks more manageable as well as more fun. The difficulty gap between main game and special world is truly something, however.

After beating this hack think about potentially playing another hack before starting the Special World. This is mainly due to the well deserved difference in difficulty spike.

Great job all around. One of my favorite hacks.
StacheAttack Link
Fantastic hack top to bottom! I thoroughly enjoyed every level! It was well polished, consistent with the difficulty, and no signs of jank.

Thank you for your hard work MEGA!
Letsmangle Link
Originally posted by Mega
Originally posted by Letsmangle
Any chance of version without death counter?

The version for Snes Classic has no death counter as stated in the description and readme, enjoy.

I must be blind. Looking forward to playing it!
Letsmangle Link
Originally posted by Mega
Originally posted by Letsmangle
Any chance of version without death counter?

The version for Snes Classic has no death counter as stated in the description and readme, enjoy.

I must be blind. Looking forward to playing it!
Mega Author Link
Originally posted by Letsmangle
Any chance of version without death counter?

The version for Snes Classic has no death counter as stated in the description and readme, enjoy.
Letsmangle Link
Any chance of version without death counter?
eggberger Link
At the moment this is my favorite hack. It's challenging, but fair (despite a few dick-ish Kaizo blocks, but you live and learn I guess.) Level design is great. A lot of hacks suffer from broken pacing, but this one does not.
JesseDillinger Link
One of the best hacks ever. Great design, great platforming, great amount of levels. The only things I didn't like were some tiny personal preferences and I wish the game had custom music. Other than that it's great!
dumbbirdgirl Link
just beat this hack and wow! really loved it. this was my first kaizo hack and i feel like i learned so much and improved greatly from start to finish. thanks for making such a fun hack mega!
Overcrow85 Link
Super fun, and looks amazing
NewPointless Link
Good, fun hack. Absolutely beautiful. Minor jank.
N4m3_H3rE Link
Recommend this hack if you are reading its GREAT
awleh Link
Just finished my 7th playthrough of this hack, sub 200 death hype! :)
It's a really aesthecially pleasing and fun hack, and the 2nd hack I've played where I felt obligated to leave a 5*!
rymdkarl Link
Really beautiful hack with really fun levels! Lack of custom music would make this a 6/5 but comes very recommended nonetheless! I beat this after having played Quickie World 1/2 and Baby Kaizo World, making this by far the hardest romhack I beat to date but it felt very fair and fun even for a beginner like myself.

Well done!
anthony63 Link
It's been a while that i want to start playing some rom hack. As a beginner it's the only one i have fun playing to.
Thanks for this amazing hack. Only thing that is missing is custom musics :)
faloppa Link
Thank you very much for this hack, I'm really enjoying it!
Stiverson Link
Loved everything about this hack
Fingoltin Link
Beautiful hack! Your colours and details are perfect but not distracting. Oh, and the levels are fun too.
Almoni Link
Excellent hack! Was a good step in difficulty for me after I beat/100%-ed Quickie, Korosu, Gracie, Hark and Slim.
Aesthetics are very pleasing. Wished for a custom music #tb{TwT}.
om_nomnom Link
I am loving this hack. It is a jump in difficulty from the hacks that I had previously played, but it has always seemed very fair-I may die over and over again, but I feel like I am constantly learning/making progress. It is very vanilla and is all about tight platforming and the subtleties of jumps in SMW, which I really appreciate, I feel like I am becoming a much better player from it. Would recommend, especially to someone looking for something more than difficult than the entry level kaizo hacks, that is still approachable and will grow your skills.
Darkanine Link
(Disclosure: this review is for 1.0; I haven't tried 1.2 yet, but I suspect it doesn't matter for the purposes of what I have to write)

This is just pure fun. The levels are well polished, things flowed really well, and it had a relatively good difficulty curve. There were a few points where things were kind of kicked up a notch (ghost house and the any% castle) but I didn't think that was unfair at all, and I even liked the old 5 room castle a lot, though it was harder than it was probably intended to be, so it's good to hear it was nerfed.

If I had to reach for any criticism, it's that I feel like it didn't need quite as many exits. Several felt like more of the same, which is nice as "the same" is quite good. I'd mention the janky chuck in the water level, but that was already fixed in 1.1 (so if you're reading this and still on 1.0, consider upgrading).

Overall, this is a benchmark for hacks, and I look forward to more of your work!

elusive Link
The most fun I've had on a hack. So consistent. So pretty. Pls play. K thx.
Pogo132Unichan Link
I really had fun to play through this hack, was perfect difficulty fornmy skill level
Valdio Link
This might be the best Kaizo hack I've ever played. Creative, fun, challenging, beautiful, and vanilla. The attention to detail goes beyond anything I've ever seen in other romhacks. The bar has been set high with this one.
Arobam Link
Very fine and polished hack, enjoyed the runs of this game. The game has pretty decent vanilla graphics without using custom BG FG stuff which I really prefer. Difficulty is fair, I recommend playing this hack to people who have beaten some easier kaizo lights.

I would have wished this hack had custom music, its not a must have but playing 3 cave levels in a row with the same music tilts atmosphere. This hack is based on doing regrab jumps in pretty much every level, which is good for people to learn them but they get a bit boring after a while.

Overall very good hack, waiting for Akogare 2
NeXuS15 Link
Very good and super polished Hack. Would definetly recommend this hack to anyone. 5/5
DefybyDefault From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
I had a blast with this hack. Heavy on the regrab (which was great for making me better on it) and the aesthetics were some of the best I've seen. Very much recommended.
Nowieso From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
This is a really awesome hack. It's fun, fair and not too difficult while still being a challenging hack. As a person who cares a lot about aesthetics, I must say that this might be the best-looking Kaizo hack I have played yet.

What I really hate is the water level. Disco Shells are bad, especially underwater. It almost made me ragequit the hack.

requiredyump From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
This is a wonderful game. Awesome job dude
NeXuS15 From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Very good and super polished Hack. Would definetly recommend this hack to anyone. 5/5
B2De From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
1.0 was fun, I just finished my 2nd playthrough today. Now I gotta give this one a go! #smw{;)}
TheOldThunder From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Excellent hack, will keep me busy for a while
fuck that kaizo block in the first castle, got me good
Mega Author From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
thanks for the report Allrounder, I know about that already,
saving midways isn't as prefect as I had hoped it would be, atm in 1.0 don't rely on it for levels like Whynot's lookout or Quinary or you may run into some issues that will be fixed in 1.1. as far as I know I can't resolve that issue in terms of secret exits like what you described
Allrounder From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Even though I really miss the custom music in this hack I must say it is really really good. I enjoy it a lot :D

In the first level with a secret exit when the pipe shoots you, I stopped playing there and saved my progress. After playing the game thought I was on the midway so I had to beat the level again and get to the secret exit again.
juzcook From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
I'd been waiting for a while for this hack and it absolutely did not let me down. In fact, I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Fantastic hack, Mega!
Goldberg3210 From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Super Fun Hack so far (I`m at Exit 20). I like the difficulty,the colours and the level design! 4/5!
Romano338 From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Great hack. Definitely one to play. Very polished. Nice and fair difficulty (not crazy, but still kaizo).
I agree with Ldad on the last level, maybe a checkpoint would fit better with the overall difficulty, but not that big a deal, it still is a great great hack.
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Great hack, you can tell a lot of care and effort was put into it. Awesome palettes and gameplay. Final castle in the "any%" might be a little hard compared to the rest of the hack, but other than that it was very enjoyable.
MaSSacOte__ From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Dude, what an awesome hack! Really enjoying this so far, only 7 exits left for me by the time i wrote this. Great work!
KajurN From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Awesome romhack, i'm still in the middle of it but i'm really enjoying it so far, i feel it would've been even better if it had custom music though. Looking forward to your next works, keep it up!
HLXY From older version: Akogare Mario World Link
Well, I did beat all the game and I can say this is my favorite kaizo hack so far. I really did enjoy the levels and also the aesthetic, like palettes and stuff. Is amazing that you did such a great hack in your first time, so I'm hoping more from you!
Keep giving all of your best!
brian 693 From older version: Akogare Mario World Link