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Toxic Block v1.01

SMW Blocks → Toxic Block v1.01

Submission Details

Name: Toxic Block v1.01
Author: Kevin
Version History: View
Act As: Various
Includes GFX: No
Description: This block will activate a timer when it is touched by Mario, and then hurt/kill Mario when the timer runs out. The timer resets every time Mario isn't touching a toxic block. Also an 8x8 sprite indicator will appear near Mario when the timer is close to running out.
Depending on the "Act as", you could make toxic water, air, cement, etc.

The zip contains two files: one is the block asm, which contains some parameters that can be edited to what you want and then it must be inserted with GPS, and the other must be inserted with UberASMTool (as level asm or gamemode asm) to make the blocks work properly. More information can be found in those files.

Update v1.01: the exclamation mark is now drawn accordingly to the direction that Mario is facing.
Tags: code hurt layer 1 layer 2 lorom sa-1 timer
Comments: 9 (jump to comments)
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Comments (9)

D_jolt Link
That's a very cool block, but I kinda wish there was a sound effect that would play when the exclamation mark appears. It's hard to notice the warning without one.
MindJunk Link
I have made a version, that is playing a sound when the "!" appears. I will polish the code this week and upload it #smw{:TUP:}
ModernKiwi Link
I plan on using this in a Flooded Ice Cave level, because the toxic water can easily be recontextualized as being freezing water.
In that way, I like how this block can be used in a variety of circumstances
sio-kedelic Link
Works perfectly, and I love how easy it is to customize :)
birdbrained Link
Really cool concept! Love how customizable it is. #smrpg{y}
Darolac Link
Thanks for taking into account my advise! #tb{:j}
 Kevin Author From older version: Toxic Block Link
@Darolac that's actually a good point, I'll probably update it
Darolac From older version: Toxic Block Link
This is great, but it would be even better if the warning sign appears always in front of Mario, independently of the direction that Mario faces.
 Major Flare From older version: Toxic Block Link
Converted properly to SA-1. Works as intended.