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Mario goes to a castle to pay his taxes

Super Mario World Hacks → Mario goes to a castle to pay his taxes

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Comments (18)

AnkisethTheMonk Link
A very important hack. We often lament schools not teaching things like how to do taxes and it's encouraging to see an SMW hack take charge in education. 10 minutes to finish.
muzzl Link
It's pretty good, but not very original and I wouldn't put it on the same level as return to dinosaur land.
NovemberJoy Link
Interesting hack that feels exactly like SMW. It's extremely short but it's fun for the entire time you'll spend playing it.
DemirYumruk1 Link
Originally posted by kirbocyhn
A fun, simple hack that reminds you of Yoshi's Island in the original game.

Yoshi's island?
kirbocyhn Link
A fun, simple hack that reminds you of Yoshi's Island in the original game.
Fabric Kushlan Link
Thx this game is awsome

mikaelsza's back Link
Wazzuper25 Link
Yoshi would be pissed
N450 Link
Simple, but a fun vanilla hack which looks like Nintendo's original SMW.
I uploaded a gameplay of the hack if you want to see it.
And remember people, careful with taxes haha! Hope to see more hacks from you in the future!
scoutie Link
rather swell hack with one of the upmost display of tax paying to be found
sillycake Link
would like to see this hack with more levels tho

good job, very good level design
 Minuy600 Link
Exactly the type of vanilla hack I like. Brilliant. Could've done with a couple more levels though, I was done in 12 minutes max.
Final Theory Link
oh crap. i always hate payin gmy taxes. you work hard all year collecting gold coins in levels to only have them taken away.
Humberto Quackenbush Link
Well done, dude!

Despite how simple this is, because this is a pure vanilla hack, the level designs are well done, and like Nintendo's own! It's also hilarious that there are references to the whole "Yoshi Commits Tax Fraud" meme. I give this Rom Hack a solid 9/10! #smw{:TUP:}
 ItsaMe.64 Link
y was this hak acsepted
Young Boi Author Link
because i forgot to fix a pipe in the original post.
Green Jerry Link
Originally posted by Sweetdude
Why did you repost this? also 10/10

There was a pipe in the second level that would kill Mario if he entered it.
Sweetdude Link
Why did you repost this? also 10/10