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Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes v1.1

SMW Sprites → Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes v1.1

Submission Details

Name: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes v1.1
Author: leod
Version History: View
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This submission includes two sprites:
  • The improved Creating/Eating Block Snakes themselves
  • A custom "shooter", that spawns pairs of the main sprite

Both sprites are highly customizable and the paths are entirely determined by blocks you put in the level using Lunar Magic.
For this reason, this sprite includes a .map16 file with one row of blocks the sprite can interact with, namely:
  • turning left/right
  • turning either direction depending on the ON/OFF switch
  • changing speeds
  • terminating the snake

There's also a .dsc file that displays a description for the blocks in Lunar Magic, so you don't have to constantly reference the sprite's asm file to see what block does what.

Info on how to properly insert the blocks and the .dsc, along with lots of customization options, are in bettersnakes.asm.

Support for LM 3.0 (needs pixi 1.2.4+)
Tags: block block snake block snakes creating eating lorom sa-1 snake snakes
Comments: 15 (jump to comments)
5.0 (1 rating)
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Comments (15)

NerDose Link
Would be an amazing sprite but unfortunately it's prone to break from the intended path and even crash the game. It happens when spawning and despawning it quickly so I guess a sort of autoscroll would help.
I hope this problem can be fixed because as is, this sprite is very limited
Narcologer Link
How to place pivot blocks correctly? I have snake no longer respond to them (eating them instead of turning), after it made 1-2 turns.
Knosic From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
I love this sprite, but i have one tiny issue; i can't find the variable to make it automatically go without touching a brown block; there is a section that tells you what the variable does. but no where to place it :/
;don't change these defines. or do, but it won't help much, they're just random sprite tables
!Eating = !160E       ;depending on extra bit, 0 = creating, 1 = eating

!State = !1594        ;0 = don't bother checking for blocks; 1 = check for blocks and spawn

not sure how to change the state variable, since it isnt
!state = $0
!state $1
Adhias Link
i don't know use this gps
Nicoke42 Link
You can change : !SFX = $04 to $00
To mute the snake's sound in bettersnake.asm

I can't figure out how to make this sprite work though, I wish there was a tutorial.
LemonStir Link
This was my first custom sprite I've installed. I didn't really see anywhere in bettersnakes.asm how it teaches you how to install these blocks, but reading how to use Pixi, it wasn't too difficult to find out.

My only issue with the sprite is that when it's in motion, it disables my jump sound effect, and makes my spin jump sound effect janky sounding. Before and after the snake motion it's totally fine. (I still gave this a 5 star rating because what options it opens up for level making is a much bigger payoff than losing some sounds. I just disabled the sounds the blocks made, and it did fix my jumping sounds.)
N4m3_H3rE Link
What is "snakespawner.asm" used for?
 Erik Link
Works as intended. Great update to a great sprite.
Romano338 From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
I feel like it would be better to insert blocks with GPS instead of the way it is right now, for a simple reason: the graphics.
Right now, I have no way (to my knowledge) of duplicating the "go left", "go right",... blocks, which means I only have one graphic tile possible for them. But the "go left" tile sends a different direction depending on the direction you come from (it's more a "go 90° clockwise/counter-clockwise").

So either blocks, or have a "go up", "go down", "go left", "go right" that are not dependant of the direction you come from.
Simifiguy From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
I was wondering where I would find something like this.
 Mathos From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
Important note: the block snake itself, while using hybrid defines, does not work with SA-1 (graphical block generation bug after an approximate part of the level)
Upon re-examination, it does work with PIXI 1.1 or higher.
C4RL0S-PR From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
The Eating Block Don't Want to work The Create block work fine.
 Wakana From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
This sprite is sex, very comfy and great to use rather than the standard SMW version.

Just pointing out something here:

!SFX = $04
!SFXBank = $1DFA

AMK dislikes $1DFA. Infact, when other SFX play together with the sfx this sprite generates, it will fuck up (as in, you hear glitched sfx playing). I'm suggesting to change to following:

!SFX = $1B
!SFXBank = $1DF9

In my case, this fixed the issue I was having.

This aside, beautiful sprite 5/5
Akaginite From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
now available on st141.
cheeyev From older version: Better Creating/Eating Block Snakes Link
This is an awesome and highly useful sprite compared to the original. My only complaint is that it's kind of glitchy with the sound it makes overwrites all over sounds, like when you spin jump, creating a weird combination of the two. But otherwise, very nice job!