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Shell's Retriever

Super Mario World Hacks → Shell's Retriever

Submission Details

Name: Shell's Retriever
Author: Cartesius
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 7 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: Do you wanna play cool shell levels but you're not nearly as good as GlitchCat or DaWildGrim?
Do you wanna juggle dead animal parts just for fun?
Do you wanna impress all the other kids with your amazing Super Mario World skills?

Then here is what you're looking for: Shell's Retriever

A kaizo hack that is entirely based on shell jumps and shell tricks that connect with each other making one fluid and visually pleasing motion. It's the perfect way to get started in this kinda level design since there's not too many options out there and the options are generally a little bit too hard.

It's not a easy game, but it's not brutal. It's fair, It's fun, it doesn't have any trolls and the levels are pretty short. It's a repectable challenge for a somewhat experienced SMW Player

I really hope you have fun with it

WARNING: The last level is really hard. Way harder than the rest of the game. Grinding is great way to get good, if you like to see things in a positive way

Version 1.1

This might be the only update i'm going to release

- A couple of tweaks in "The Second Level", "The Ice Cave Level", "The Ultra Star-ish" and "The Final Stage", making them more consistent and a little bit easier

- Applied the Frame Rules patch

- Applied the Counter Break patch

- Fixed the glitched graphics of the ON/OFF switches in "The Platforming One"

- Fixed the glitch where the sprites facing direction were wrong when you enter the level for the first time

- Used a more recent version of AddmusicK so the game is less likely to crash

- Added a new shell jumping practice room

- Now you can start+select out of levels at any time you want

- Changed the location of the secret pipe in "The Final Stage"

- Fixed the spelling errors

Tags: asm boss less exgfx music
Comments: 36 (jump to comments)
5.0 (13 ratings)
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Comments (36)

Gulaschko Link
Great Hack! However, the Frame Rule Patch does not seem to work for Ultra Star-ish where
you have to nutch the two blue Shells
BUX88 Link
Great hack if you really want to up your shell abilities. Well thought out levels to help build up your skills. Enjoyed every level. 5*
ashuman17 Link
Shouldn't this be listed as 9 exits?
riobaldo Link
Great hack, enjoyed all the levels.
cocox3502 Link
love the game but i cant for the life of me figure out how to get to the pipe for the practice room
Lpoool Link
Great, what I was looking for!
bsolt Link
Great hack! I love shells and this did not disappoint. Looking forward to playing the sequel soon.
Link Timeline Link
Simple the best hack of Shell Jump.
thanks man!!!
xxmagegagexx Link
Love this hack! This is my first shell hack and I definitely picked the right one. I got a little frustrated at some of the setups, but that's how it be sometimes. Would definitely recommend this hack to people wanting to have fun with some shells. Can't wait for the next one! :D
Moichumoi Link
Very nice hack, perfect as a first shell hack.

My favorite level was the motor skills one. Very fun and flows very well. :)
Zuhns_Dad Link
First hack I ever did just because I wanted to do shell jumps, not really a beginner Kaizo but I really loved it so thanks for the awesome levels.
 Alex Link
I really love this romhack. My right hand still hurts after grinding through the hack, practicing for speedruns eventually. However, the game is really fun from the beginning to the end. 5/5.
jchavez Link
Good hack, fun levels, nice designs. Amazing job with this hack. Here I leave my gameplay:
SethOsDotEXE Link
This is the first shell hack i have completed. The hack provided a good challenge while never getting frustratingly brutal. Every level is fair and rewarding. Why is "The Final Level" so much fun? My hands started to hurt but I never wanted to stop. Great Hack, good job Cartesius
iDiminished Link
This was my first Kaizo and I enjoyed every level. Once I completed it, I had a rush of confidence to grind my shell jumps. I didn't realize how recent this game is to this post. I really want to make a How To for beginners. This is quite the masterpiece to bring people into the community with.

5/5 from me. This is a MUST PLAY. Yoshi's are NOT SAFE. Double Shell Jumps, interchangeable regular/spin jump patterns, cool as hell auto puzzles that influence the rest of the level, every corner of every level has some kind of new angle to the jump you just did.
Drummer Link
Can't wait for the sequel #smrpg{:D}#smrpg{:D}#smrpg{:D}
Drummer Link
Good romhack, enjoyed it
but what about the secret exit that leads you into the platforming one ? no shells jumps allowed, yeah right totally didn't fall in any troll in this hack :D
otherwise I think there's not a whole lot of hacks dedicated to shell and I had a blast with it so Thanks You for this Hack #smrpg{y}
gancos Link
I still consider myself a newbie when it comes to kaizo stuff and I just finished this hack. I had a blast with all of the levels and learning all of the tricks!
StacheAttack Link
Cartesius, Thank you! This hack was AMAZING! From someone who has recently become addicted to shell levels, I couldn't put this hack down! I've never been presented with the mechanics in the last level, and it was extremely satisfying to learn and beat!

Thank you again!
 DKR_02 Link
beat this hack 3 times! very very satisfied with every aspect of this hack! also, what's the blue trail of coins to the pipe below the secret exits goal? I tried reaching it with a backwards shell drop on the platform, but you can only get 2~ blocks away from it :)
MDBattleFrog Link
Having a ton of fun. Played through to the Ultra-Star and I'll finish the rest tonight when I get home. This some tasty soup.
mhayes1255 Link
Really really fun hack for testing the player.. not too long of levels that feel like they are dragging on I cant wait for the sequel again awesome job super fun great for intermediate players that are still trying to understand shell jumps and everything along with it or high skilled players that just want a fun easy hack

Thank You.
NeXuS15 Link
Pretty good if not the best shell hack i've played so far.
You kept it interesting by adding more mechanics to every new level and it didnt felt super repetitive so good job on that.

There are some minor graphical issues here and there but overall really good hack.
xen_gamer From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Overall I felt this hack was really fun. I'm not really a fan of shell hacks after all my time in SMM but it was short simple shell levels that didn't seem to repeat the same tricks. Each level felt a little different which kept me playing. The difficulty spike from the first few levels to motor skills was quite the jump for me. (It was my first time playing a motor skills level). After I figured out the motor skills I went on to play it 2 more times in which I enjoyed it more each time. I'm not sure what your target audience is or was, so I won't say anything about the motor skills difficulty jump. To give you an idea though, it took me 45 minutes to get to the last level and 3 hours to clear the last level on my first play through. After that it decreased by 3 hours though. I'm not sure if you were aiming for 5 easier levels then a hard level or not. Overall I really enjoyed it and will recommend it to shell players.
Svorass From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Played on a Super NT and it crashed on the
Big Boo fight
. It died, then the game faded to black and locked up on the black screen.

The levels up to and including that one were somewhat fair once I figured out what the intended strat was and learned the muscle memory. Not bad for a shell hack, just wish it hadn't crashed. :(
QstDubbsQst Link
i would try it if i had a nes controler for my pc
Goldberg3210 From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Fun hack!
The only problem i have in some levels, is the direction that the koopas etc. go when entering the level the first time. So I think the final level is not beatable when you enter it the first time because the red shell will despawn
louisluiz From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
I couldn't figure out the pipe at the end of the last level
B2De From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Really great job with this hack. Normally I'm not fond of shell hacks as they tend to be repetitive, but this hack somehow stayed fresh the entire way.

If you play this make sure you read the text file that comes with it. (which should probably be formatted better for easier reading) The color coded shells made everything easy to parse for the most part.

The only thing in game that I noticed were some minor spelling errors.

Easy recommend to anyone who doesn't mind playing some shell levels, and my favorite of this genre, Great Job!
Nadir From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Really fun shell hack, the levels are fair, and not as difficult as the ones Westslasher or Glitchcat make, making this hack more accessible to newer players. Everything was straightforward

I'm not sure how to get into that pipe under the secret level's goal, that if it leads anywhere in the first place, I've tried jumping off the shell, but I couldn't get in. Also it's worth noting that you can get out of the secret level as Big Mario, all you have to do is throw the shell up and collect it after the row of the sprite killing blocks.
HLXY From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
It's just a little annoying, is not a big deal though
Cartesius Author From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
@HLXY Anything wrong with the secret level?
HLXY From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Nice hack! The tricks are great and I really had fun playing it!
Except for the secret level...
 GlitchCat7 From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Played through this and had a lot of fun. Lots of cool combos and shell tricks presented in a very fair, straightforward way. What issues there are are pretty minor. This is definitely a hack I would recommend for people looking for a solid entry point to shell levels. Excellent work, especially for a first hack.
westslasher2 From older version: Shell's Retriever Link
Pretty solid first hack, this has some unique levels including a platforming one which I think is nice to have for these types of hacks. There are some things to be improved upon for next time though mainly the overworld, and some of the setups are not very easy to understand.