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Wall Kick v1.1

UberASM Repository → Wall Kick v1.1

Submission Details

Name: Wall Kick v1.1
Authors: Kevin, MarioE
Version History: View
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This is the UberASM version of the wall kick patch by MarioE (, so that you can enable this mechanic only in certain levels.
The base code is essentially the same. All credit for the code goes to MarioE.
Requested by Romano338.

Version 1.1: added two new options:
- Allow a wall kick even when Mario is spin jumping.
- Allow consecutive wall kicks from walls with the same direction (including wall jumping off of the same wall multiple times). With this it doesn't happen that a wall doesn't let you slide and jump, so it removes what could be felt as unintuitive (or "jank") by players.
Tags: kick lorom physics sa-1 walljump wallkick
Comments: 14 (jump to comments)
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Comments (14)

SrWr0ng Link
How I can add this patch to my room?
Anas Link
As for the jump sound glitching out even if you change the '#$01' and '$1DFA' to '#$35' and '$1DFC', it's actually because of the '?' next to the '35 Jump.txt' in 'addmusic_sound effects.txt'. Remove that '?' and reapply and you should be good to go. This fix should work with any resource that makes the jump sound.
KazakhGuy Link
 Major Flare Link
Update: Image added.
westslasher2 Link
I found a bug where if you spin jump once from a wall, all subsequent jumps from walls (even if you press B) will cause mario to spin jump.
 Major Flare Link
Nice code. I liked how customizable it is, and the options given.
 Kevin Author From older version: Wall Kick Link
Oh, thank you :)
trillian From older version: Wall Kick Link
So i managed to reproduce it, but rarely it still happened even with the fix, so i tightened the check by 1 more pixel.
 Kevin Author From older version: Wall Kick Link
Make a level with one screen so it doesn't scroll, put a high wall of cement and try to wall jump off of it to the edge of the screen, sometimes Mario will slide off the air and you can jump again
trillian From older version: Wall Kick Link
I can't reproduce the bug you claim to fix in the old version. Is there any specific setup where it happens?
 Kevin Author From older version: Wall Kick Link
Thanks for pointing that out, I'll look into fixing it :)
 Major Flare From older version: Wall Kick Link
A nice addition to the UberASM section. There's one little bug, though: when you wall-jump towards an edge of the level (far left or far right), the player can "kick the air" like it's a solid object. Despite this little bug, this is ready to be accepted without any hassle.
DigitalSine From older version: Wall Kick Link
Awesome was looking at that patch the other day hoping it would get converted. Thanks!
Romano338 From older version: Wall Kick Link
Thank you very very much guys!!