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Super Cool World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Cool World

Submission Details

Name: Super Cool World
Author: FerpyMcFrosting
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 24 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: (Very original title, I know)

For my first ever romhack, here's a medium-difficulty kaizo. Hard enough to be a fun challenge for experts, but a good next step after entry-level kaizo hacks.

Things you will find in this hack:
- Custom sprites and blocks, but with a vanilla-kaizo feel
- Custom music
- Shell jumps (only in some levels, this isn't a "shell hack")
- Fun levels (hopefully)

Things you will not find in this hack:
- Chuck gates
- Fishing boos
- Mean trolls, like kaizo blocks

Have fun, and tell everyone how cool this hack is! ;)
Tags: asm music vanilla variety
Comments: 21 (jump to comments)
5.0 (10 ratings)
No rating
Download 546.86 KiB | 3,628 downloads


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Comments (21)

Deivid Borba Link
Very nice hack, but I think is 21 exits, not 24. Check it out!
NikolaiHeru Link
UFrozenO Link
protopizza Link
This hack has a lot of cool and unique setups, even though they're sometimes unintuitive. I really enjoyed most of the levels overall. My only complaint is that a bunch of the levels, especially in the first half, have some visual clarity issues where you can't really tell what's a wall or not.

I've uploaded a video showing just a clean, no-commentary clear for each exit here.
SethOsDotEXE Link
This is a really fun hack, and not too hard.
The aesthetics of this hack are really good, even though they can rarely cause confusion.

Super fun hack, good job Ferpy.
Neuromancer Link
I had a lot of fun playing this. Thank you for making it!
Lunch Lunch Link
Such a good hack. I originally played this six months ago and had to use some save states but I'll be going back through it the proper way now that I'm better. I actually remade the third level in MM2 as an experiment (with credit to you of course).
Panther-T Link
I'm still a noob so am struggling at the 5th level, but the music and graphics are sweet, and the setups are very fair and cool to play! 5/5.
somekaizoguy678 Link
Ricochet Ridge is extremely laggy for me, is it something with my hardware or file or is this common?

Otherwise, so far this is a very enjoyable hack.
Woodpli43 Link
I got this as my first kaizo hack. I just beat it and I can say with certainty that IT"S SO GOOOOOOOOOOD! You deserve more of a spotlight as a level creator. The hack is super challenging, yet never unfair, just hard enough to push your skills to the limit. The music and aethetics are perfect. I'd recommend this hack to anyone looking for a full-length kaizo of any kind.
HonoluluCowboy Link
I just created an account to tell you how much I love this hack. I'm relatively new to playing Kaizo hacks, so I need up to an hour for every level but it always feels fair. I'm having a ton of fun, thanks!
Nikomcx Link
This is the the most fun hack ever! the music is just perfect, Good choices. GG
VarioBro Link
Great hack for players that have a bit of experience or no experience like me. What a fun game, perfect difficulty curve. I started playing this game without even being able to do a shell jump, now after months of playing this I am getting pretty good. This game will teach you all the skills needed to play Kaizi games if you’re willing to put in the time. The music is also very good. I started a Youtube series of playing this game if you guys are interested to see what this hack is about. I apologize if links are not allowed.
Zaikiel Lime Link
Very neat! Wasn't able to beat it, probably because I'm a noob. xD
ThirdWall Link
This was a great hack! The setups were awesome and original, the levels had great flow to them, and the difficulty curve is spot on. Great job!
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Super Cool
B2De Link
This was a lot of fun. That shell section at the end of the special world was pretty rad. #smw{:peace:}
FerpyMcFrosting Author Link
Good catch SwampMage, I've replaced the file, should be fixed now.
SwampMage Link
just started this hack, a few exits in & having a blast. but heads up you can skip the entire second half of the first level.
 GlitchCat7 Link
Really awesome hack that I enjoyed very much. Feels very cool and fresh, with lots of interesting routing and movement. The aesthetics are very vibrant, which I enjoy. This hack has some teeth as well, but it's not too difficult. Would be a perfect step up for those who want more of a challenge after playing something like Quickie World. One of my personal favorites, this is a fantastic game.
SkeptisTrader Link
I suggest bringing mittens and a parka, cause this hack is coooooool #fim{*_*}