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SMW The Princess Rescue 2 - Luigi's Journey!

Super Mario World Hacks → SMW The Princess Rescue 2 - Luigi's Journey!

This file is obsolete. The latest version is SMW The Princess Rescue 2 - Luigi's Journey!. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: SMW The Princess Rescue 2 - Luigi's Journey!
Author: bandicoot
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 116 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: After a year working on this project the hack its finally completed.
This hack is a sequel to the first SMW The Princess Rescue here you plays as Luigi in a adventure to save Princess Daisy behind the scenes of Mario's adventure on the first game.

Here's the release trailer:

This hack is a traditional adventure with 9 new worlds, with 92 new levels, custom sprites, graphics music and etc.
Also features some gameplays mechanics from the first game but some of them have been improved(star coins system) and the DDA have been nerfed a bit.
Also the safe fall patch have been removed so no falling in a pit rescues this time.

Like the previous hack I included a English and a Brazilian Portuguese version.
I hope you enjoy!

v1.1 : Reduced the difficulty in the final boss due to it being way too hard for the intended difficulty of the hack.

Após um ano trabalhando neste projeto finalmente pude termina-lo e aqui esta o lançamento da minha nova hack.

Esta hack é uma sequencia da hack SMW o resgate da princesa lançada em 2017 aqui no site, ela é uma aventura que conta a jornada de Luigi para resgatar a Princesa Daisy por tras das cenas ao mesmo tempo em que mario esta em sua aventura no primeiro jogo.

Veja o trailer de lançamento da hack:

A hack contem 9 mundos 92 fases novas, novas mecanicas, musicas, sprites, graficos e etc.

Algumas melhorias foram feitas na jogabilidade em relação a primeira aventura, em especial no sistema de coletaveis e no sistema de DDa que foi diminuido um pouco.
Alem disso o patch "safe fall" foi removido em favor de um outro patch mais importante no jogo(multiplos checkpoints) então nada de se salvar de cair nos buracos dessa vez.

Assim como na hack anterior essa daqui tambem esta traduzida para portugues para voces jogadores brasileiros jogarem!
Espero que gostem!
Mostrem e recomendem a hack a seus amigos!

v1.1: Reduzida dificuldade do chefe fina por ser muito frustrante pelo nivel de dificuldade da hack.
Tags: daisy luigi themed super mario land tradinional vanilla
Comments: 29 (jump to comments)
4.9 (11 ratings)
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Comments (29)

erpster2 Link
Originally posted by erpster2
very good hack to play.

apparently there was supposed to be a new v1.4/v1.41 release but did not make it out of the "waiting" stage by the end of last month

once again, another updated version of this game was submitted and rejected again - details mentioned here.
Panther-T Link
Pretty decent and fun hack overall but suffers from several problems.

1. Overuse of certain enemies made many levels feel repetitive. The SMB3-style fire piranha plant in particular was far too overused. It felt like at times you were struggling with a level theme and decided to throw a bunch of these in instead. A lot of the time, it felt like I was replaying the same level over with a different soundtrack and colour palette.

2. Too many levels relied on enemy spam as difficulty. Lots of levels would fill the screen with projectiles and enemies; it seemed that these were not actually placed with care. Clever use of enemies for platforming sections was missing as well.

3) Significant slowdown in a few levels, mostly those where you decided to throw as much on the screen as possible. Made it very annoying to navigate endless spam being thrown my way.

4. A few of the bosses lacked midways before the boss fight. Replaying an entire section and a boss fight is super annoying, and is a sign of a lack of testing and actual playthrough by the level designer.

That said, there were many levels that were creative and that I really enjoyed. Mostly those that relied on actual platforming rather than throwing as many enemies at me as possible. In general, many non-kaizo hacks suffer from the above problems, but this hack at least attempted at times to overcome them. The overall aesthetics, soundtrack, and boss fights were very well done as well. Overall it's a 3/5 or a 3.5/5 for me. I hope you read this and consider the feedback for your next project.
quickdraw86 Link
This is a pure work of genius by Mr. Bandicoot. There were a few issues I found here and there playing through the game, but, they're not even worth mentioning as I had a blast with this, everything about this one was awesome. 5/5.
Retro Master HD Link
Definitely by far the best SMW Rom Hack I have ever played. #tb{:DD}#tb{^V^}#tb{:D}#tb{:]}#ab{:D}#ab{:LOL:}#smw{:TUP:}#wario{:peace:}
erpster2 Link
very good hack to play.

apparently there was supposed to be a new v1.4/v1.41 release but did not make it out of the "waiting" stage by the end of last month
PkmnTrainerElio Link
I have not had this much of a rush when playing a Super Mario World ROM Hack in a long time. The Princess Rescue 1 and 2 (which I'm currently playing) have filled me with so much joy while playing.
edwinmusic Link
Obrigado! Thank you! Gracias! Great hack! Congratualtins!
Poison Link
simply incredible! #smrpg{gdi}
erpster2 Link
Originally posted by dede2006
I'm trying to patch this .bps file using "beat" to an original untouched smw rom, but i keep getting an error everytime..

using: beat v01.7

beat is a deprecated app from byuu that has been discontinued long ago.
use floating ips (Flips) to patch BPS files

Note: Game saves do not work in the 3rd slot (Game 3). avoid using the 3rd game slot from the title screen; otherwise, all game saves will be lost when attempting to save on the 3rd game slot. maybe needs the newest sram+ patch but that's just a guess.
Mechanical koopa Link
if you go down on the secret item spot in melting ice valley, you will end up on level 00, or the endless bonus game. be careful to not make a savestate there or you will end your playthrough instantly. just going to that part of the map is game ending. why? there is no path to get back to the map. possibly an old leftover path from a beta version of this mod? also, the pipe lakitu in the first level of melting ice valley throws broken spinies. by broken, i mean they look like shy guys. other than that, good job on the hack!
bandicoot Author Link
World 7 map = Kirby's and the amazing mirror - Moonlight Mansion
Chompy Clouds pass = Sonic the hedgehog(master system) - Bridge zone
Whonker123 Link
Great Hack.
What is World 7 map and 7-1 "chompy clouds pass" music?
SMW Physicist Link
Pure perfection!
NatsuFireball Link
Another masterpiece.

As always, there is an awesome level design, graphics are beautiful, and so is the music with bright references to glorious games from the past. The overworld is wonderful too, very cleverly designed.

ASM mods are fun, "wind cap" and "no jump" for example are very good ones, and so are the bosses. The game is hard but not too much, difficulty is very well balanced. Really hard parts are softened thanks to the ability of having a star in item box if you find secret bonus areas, becoming very handy in the latter levels.

The game is very long, 116 exits and 92 stars to find in total, this is awesome ! This game will greatly reward 100% players, making the search for each star coin very entertaining. Thank you for putting the icon remembering whether you collect them all in each level and saving it to SRAM, this is soooo nice =]

As Kaizo tends to become the norm these days in new submissions, I really want to thank you for bringing such a great game to players who don't play Kaizo but are still looking for a quite challenging game. It is really refreshing and so long-awaited =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you bandicoot, you and every one who participated =]
Megamanboy Link
Overall a pretty good hack, somewhat varying quality in terms of interesting level design and more or less "bland" levels. I would rate this as easy-to-normal difficulty throughout, with a few specific levels having some minor spammy sections or well-programmed custom sprites being a source of difficulty. The last few levels were fairly difficult.

Most vanilla style levels felt nice to play, but most difficulty throughout the hack came from more or less spammy sections that didn't feel that good. The gimmicky levels were few, but especially the
late game no-jump levels were fun, and they were well designed.
Very much appreciated that all the star coins were concentrated on one side of a midway, and they were never too hidden, making the collection much less tedious.

Graphically this hack looks very good, and also some nice music choices throughout, great job there.

There's an abundance of thoise coins that "fill in", making no sense most of the time. I'm not gonna jump over a pit 3 times just to collect a few coins. It kinda bothered me a little bit.

Important to note; You can crash the game in quite a few levels that have autoscrollers starting in the middle, if you screen scroll into them the game crashes. I didn't try this in every instance but I could at least do it in one level, you might wanna look into that.

isaacrmhmd Link
DarkSiderYT Link

I played all your hackroms, and more and more amazing, keep it up #w{<3}
TetrisKid48 Link
Really creative and original hack. Love the new sprites and music #tb{:j} Keep it up! Also i love the star music #tb{XD}
bandicoot Author Link
Noivern - Thanks for moderating the hack.
I did a quick look on that C3 thread during the testing phase and fixed a lot of what you pointed at the time, so thanks a lot for the help with the reports.
The status bar flashing tough never ocurred to me during the tests.
I dont know what is causing this, but maybe its a emulator issue?
which emulator did you used while moderating?
I used snes9x for windows and for 3ds while playtesting the hack.

 Noivern Link
Changed the difficulty to Hard due to the difficulty of the last few worlds, even considering dynamic difficulty.

The status bar flashing I reported during C3 is still there, and present throughout the entire hack. A really bad bug similar to this happened here, late in the game. It was ultimately not a removal reason due to the length and general high quality of the hack as well as the fact that it doesn't cause a crash or softlock.
bandicoot Author Link
Try using floating ips to patch the game.
dede2006 Link
I'm trying to patch this .bps file using "beat" to an original untouched smw rom, but i keep getting an error everytime..

using: beat v01.7
Noob Link
Um delicioso hack ... Dificuldade justa, chefe final desafiador... Um Hack De Nível normal maravilhoso...
zacmario Link
So far it's good, but I'd probably label it hard, not normal!
You're a good consistent hacker though and stay focused on your projects!
blaze800000 Link
fun hack
bandicoot Author Link
Warning: Update 1.2
I released a new update on day 01-11-2019 because I forgot to include the credits cutscene after the ending cutscene in the original release, and also I fixed difficulty issues with the final boss, so if you are playing the older version please redownload the hack again.
Aviso: Atualização 1.2
Eu lançei uma atualização da hack no dia 11/01/2019 incluindo os creditos do jogo após as cutscenes finais, eu havia esquecido de incluidas no lançamento inicial.
E tambem foi diminuida a dificuldade absurda do ultimo chefe, então se vc estiver jogando a versão antigo por favor baixe a hack novamente.
Klug Link
Tags: tradinional
peppebd Link
great hack, continue <3
Braixen Link
this hack is gonna be great