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Super Mario All-Stars Soundtrack: Ultimate Edition

SMW Music → Super Mario All-Stars Soundtrack: Ultimate Edition

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario All-Stars Soundtrack: Ultimate Edition
Authors: LadiesMan217, Vitor Vilela, musicalman
Insert Size: 0x bytes
Type: Soundtrack
Sample Usage: Many
Source: Port
Featured: No
Description: This is a pack of music ported and SFXs ripped from Super Mario All-Stars which includes a total of 166 songs and 137 SFXs ready to be used with AMK! Musically it includes all original songs from the game, extra songs from the Game Boy Advance versions, extra songs from Mario Maker, as well a few more custom arrangements. In terms of SFX it should include all SFXs from the game with the exception of some which are hardcoded in the SPC engine ($1DFA).

All songs are ported with information regarding insert size and more on each txt. SFXs are in hex format, with exception of non-noise instrument commands. (Unfortunately it is rather hard to transform them into notes since most of them are made of pitch slides and other are joined with note length, like the volume command. Note that some SPCs are buggy, for some reason AMK dislike some noise instruments. -Vitor)

SPCs from the ost have been edited to cut out unnecessary silence and fade outs for those who download simply to listen them.

Please give credit if used.

Change Log:

Added some ports from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe (Album, Challenge Menu & Toy Box, and Race [sampled and unsampled]). Fixed slight tempo issues in all Ending 2 and Credit 2 variations. Redid a lot of SPC tags, mainly the advance series songs.

Updated all Ending 2 and Credit 2 variations. There was a channel the I forgot to enable echo on near the end.

Lowered the octave of the @4 in the SMB1 Airship port so the chords layer as well as SMB3's Airship theme, the unsampled version was left untouched.

Fixed some detuned instruments present in SMB2 and SMB3 Choose A Game port.

Added SMB3 Title (Unsampled).

1-10-2019 Update 2
Added 2 extra "songs", the Intro Chattering (both American and Japanese). The chattering was ported as songs rather than SFX bc there was too much technical difficulties in setting it up to make it work. Added 2 extra sfx instruments. Doomship Moving and Background Phanto's eyes glowing now work. Must add an "!" after "default/11 SMW @17.brr" and or "optimized/11 SMW @17.brr" for Doomship Moving to work and this to InstrumentData.asm under the SFXInstrumentTable (as in after the table):
db $70, $70, $00, $10, $02, $F4, $F4, $70, $02
db $70, $70, $00, $10, $11, $FA, $6A, $70, $03

1-10-2019 Update 1
Fixed mislabeled sfx. All should have the correct names and added 4F Explosion in 1DFC.

Added Super Mario Bros. 2 Underground (Beta)

Added $f4 $02 to the SMB2 Title theme as well as other slight text edits.

Changed a few SPC timings that I forgot to take out unnecessary silence and changed a bit of incorrect info on some texts.
Tags: athletic bonus boss castle cave game over grassland misc overworld star
Comments: 40 (jump to comments)
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Comments (40)

MrPropper Link
thank you
MrInfinite Link
Originally posted by h.carrell
Sound effect 41 im 1DF9
hey, just a question since you're the creator, how do I use your sound effect from lets go from the new super mario bros?
MrInfinite Link
where is the p speed sound effect?

h.carrell Link
Sound effect 41 in 1DF9
MickeySupermario16 Link
I remember when using ZXtune android does work corretly #thp{;)}
Amomario123w Link
bluezera Link
 LadiesMan217 Author Link
For anyone looking for the latest version (which contains all Super Mario Maker 2 songs sampled and unsampled, Doki Doki Panic, Super Mario Advance 2 songs, and much more), you can get it from the link on my footer. Keep an eye out on my resource release thread to see any updates on future OSTs and ports.
Casini Loogi Link
Is it ok if we use some of these songs for a super mario maker 2 smb3 snes mod (with credit ofc)?
SamuM6pdt Link
Love it!
The boss theme from SMB3 has a lot of wrong notes on the second half
Will SMB1 Athletic for Super Mario Maker 2 be added?
h.carrell Link
Originally posted by UmHey420
Can you port songs from SMM2?
that is possible, but there are some SMM2 ports already
UmHey420 Link
Can you port songs from SMM2?
Amomario123w Link
so perfect job
ShivjotRangi Link
That SMA4 Bonus Level though! Finally! Keep up the great work, you're doing great! :D
DanTheVP Link
Henry James Segura Link
Oh my goodness! #smrpg{gasp} You doing amazing job with my few favorite music from GBA remake of Super Mario Bros 3 during Credits version. I'm amazed with SNES Super Mario All Stars remix with ertxa songs from between Gameboy Advance version and even Super Mario Maker. This is most fantastic #smrpg{y}
Klug Link
Finally, it got accepted!
Dark Prince Link
i like the tag "athletic"
UTF Link
somehow, i never noticed how inaccurate some of the old unsampled SMAS ports were until i listened to these. great work making all these ports! i want to to give five stars, but i have to comment first.

well, to add a little more, it was interesting to see that there's the music from the GBA port of mario bros. "stage 2" sounding similar to the SMAS underground theme is a pretty cool touch.
 MarioFanGamer Link
It's a bit vague but one possible reason is that SMB1's course clears expects that the trombone is a global sample.
Brutapode89 Link
The music of "Course Clear - SMB1" sampled version is not working by replacing the SMW original music "Course Clear" with it. Why?
Klug Link
I wish that would include some exclusive songs from SMBDX!
Zavok Link
beautifully <3
 Ringo Link
This is really amazing! Gotta commend the work done on the unsampled versions of the songs - I really took more liking on those than on the sampled ones.
 MarioFanGamer Link
Hey, hold on for a moment. You know this is the SMAS soundtrack, isn't it? More SMW songs make sense here given that SMW was sometimes included with SMAS but Yoshi's Island songs would make more sense for the appropriate YI soundtrack.
KartMario Link
"Do you think you could make SPCs of the GBA exclusive tracks from Super Mario World, such as the 98 exits ending theme?"
And the SMM SMW Airship theme, of course.
The GBA exclusive tracks from Yoshi's Island would be nice, too.
LuigiMario79 Link
Do you think you could make SPCs of the GBA exclusive tracks from Super Mario World, such as the 98 exits ending theme?
kiki79250 Link
 Batata Douce Link
Ficou muito bom esse pacote #smrpg{:D}
Klug Link
Originally posted by FailSandwich
Where's the SMB2 beta underground theme?

In txt/Super Mario Bros. 2 folder...
FailSandwich Link
Where's the SMB2 beta underground theme?
Dark Prince Link
Dippy Link
AntiDuck Link
Okay, you finally did it, after all these years... what you did... it absolutely SUBARASHII
SimFan96 Link
Absolutely fantastic! I love how accurate these songs sound, with the addition of including other songs included in Mario Maker and the GBA versions of the game as well. You did an absolutely incredible job! #tb{:DD}
buggy789 Link

buggy789 Link
Brutapode89 Link
Wow! Perfect work! Really perfect! Congratulations! #smrpg{y}