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Remove Status Bar

SMW Patches → Remove Status Bar

Submission Details

Name: Remove Status Bar
Author: Lui
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: Completely removes the status bar, along with the item box and the timer. There's an option to internally reenable the coin counter and getting 1UPs every 100 coins, otherwise these are disabled as well.

This does free up space on the screen for layer 3.

You may also use the area previously occupied by the status bar data/code as free ROM space (some of it is already used by this patch).

Now supports SA-1 Pack 1.31
Tags: 1up coins disable hud irq item box layer 3 lorom remove sa-1 status bar timer
Comments: 18 (jump to comments)
Download 0.98 KiB | 3,619 downloads


Comments (18)

MoxieCat Link
If anyone else is having the same issue as Rykon below: it's more likely that you have your Layer 3 background's "Destination for File" set to "Under Status Bar" instead of "Start of Layer 3."
Shyman Link
Hey, what is the background used in screenshot?
Daizo Dee Von Link
Warning: it breaks the vwf dialogues patch if you plan on using this. Be forewarned. Otherwise it's a great patch.
BearAndBoarFan Link
cool patch but i want the remove lives startup bar
 Segment1Zone2 Link
Great patch, would've been nice if there was a revert included too.
Desert Link
Best. Patch. EVER! #smrpg{:O}
Rykon-V73 Link
There were supposed to be extra tiles for layer 3, not blank.
Rykon-V73 Link
I did try this patch and it does work. I wanted to insert a layer 3 BG and did it, but stumbled onto this:

A fix might be nice.
Ziz Link
Very useful for those who are sick of dealing with background layer 3 bugging (maybe just me). could you link the bg graphics used in the demo image, plis?
El Cuh Fermin Link
It's fully compatible with the latest version of custom powerups, it's recommended to use to avoid glitches of original smw status bar.
Pancake001 Link
Yay this is what I have been looking for! :D
TheZ Link
Is there a way to disable everything but the timer? Looked through the ASM file but didn't really know what to look for...
 Major Flare Link

Some suggestions include: the option to disable the 1-up gain from Yoshi Coins, the score sprites and so on. Other than that, nice patch.
torzod From older version: Remove Status Bar Link
incompatible with Lx5's Custom Powerups patch.
Final Theory From older version: Remove Status Bar Link
This could be useful. Thanks.
Sylvenight_alt_alt From older version: Remove Status Bar Link
Is there any way to bring back the item reserve box?
JackTheSpades From older version: Remove Status Bar Link
The screen... it looks so different.
You really want to use this in combination with a power-down patch though. Without reserve item, it's kinda nasty to always go back to being small after one hit.
Keep in mind to remove the necessary lines from the patch when using power-down though
HammerBrother From older version: Remove Status Bar Link
Don't forget to tag "HUD"