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Customizable Reznor v1.2

SMW Sprites → Customizable Reznor v1.2

Submission Details

Name: Customizable Reznor v1.2
Author: Kevin
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: This is a custom Reznor sprite based on yoshicookiezeus's disassembly. I modified it to allow easy customizations of the Reznor boss fight, which include:
1) Edit the number of Reznors (up to 8);
2) Edit the position and radius of the circle;
3) Edit their rotation speed and direction;
4) Edit their fireball shooting behaviour (or remove it altogether);
5) Set that you can stop them from moving while a certain switch is active;
6) Set that the circle radius changes back and forth between two values;
7) Set the HP of each Reznor, so that they have to be hit more than once to be killed;
8) Set that Reznors can be damaged by thrown sprites (shells, keys, throw blocks...);
9) If the extra bit is set, when beating all the Reznors a door will appear instead of the level ending (for a boss rush?);

All information can be found in the readme file.

Update v1.1:
- Fixed the bugs pointed out by RussianMan.
- Moved the defines to a separate file.
- Added some defines, and better position customization (you're not restricted anymore to screen 00).
- Added puff of smoke when the platforms disappear (the last screenshot doesn't show it because I'm too lazy to update it).
- Used PIXI's shared routines for aiming and rotation, and overall improvements in the code.
- Full SA-1 support.

Update v1.2:
- Mode 7 support (with screenshot).
- Included a .pal file if you what to import the standard Reznor palette.
Tags: boss enemy lorom mode 7 reznor sa-1
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Comments (10)

Romano338 Link
Fireball shooting doesn't work. Most fireballs have no speed at all (just stand there, where they spawn), and sometimes one flies across the screen at mach speed. I inserted the sprite as it is without any modification (tried with modifications too). (I don't have SA-1)
Bensalot Link
It is stated in the notes that the spinning wheel does not work properly in an SA1 ROM. I've been trying to fix this but with no real luck. Has anyone else figured it out? Im partial to the wheel and would love to use it but as it is now, the wheel goes all over the place if the ROM used is SA1
xamboni Link
I am confused how the door spawning works in this sprite. I set the extra bit but nothing happens when I kill the reznors. Is something more required to make this happen?

Edit: The door spawn location is controlled within the defines. The default sound effect is the same as a fireball spawn which through me off in testing. Works very well. Thank you.
MagmaMouse Link
When I place the sprite, all the reznors bunch up and dont rotate. How does one fix this?

This is with 5 Reznors, but it does the same with 4
Koop the Koopa Link
Originally posted by ChrisHamulak
When I kill the boss and go to the overworld doesn't play any music, is there any setting to fix this?

If it's Addmusick.
I dont know what it is
Koop the Koopa Link
Nice work!
This should fit into my next hack!
ChrisHamulak Link
When I kill the boss and go to the overworld doesn't play any music, is there any setting to fix this?
 MarioFanGamer Link
I totally forgot to moderate it! #ab{>_>}

Either way, the sprite works fine for the most part. Only issue is the rather wonky platform and the fact that the bridge destruction is glitchy even on Mode 7.
Definitively useful for more interesting Reznor battles.
 Kevin Author Link
How the hell did I miss that #smrpg{roar} download it now, it's fixed
Romano338 Link
When I put !true for the platform to disappear as well I get an error:
customreznor.asm:771: error: (E5037): Relative branch out of bound. (Distance is 175)

EDIT: fixed, thanks KKevinM