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SMW Stationary Boomerang/Ice/Fire Bro v1.1

SMW Sprites → SMW Stationary Boomerang/Ice/Fire Bro v1.1

Submission Details

Name: SMW Stationary Boomerang/Ice/Fire Bro v1.1
Author: RussianMan
Version History: View
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: Yes
Description: It's a Stationary SMW Hammer Bro... except it's not a hammer bro! It can throw custom extended projectiles, which creates Ice, Fire and Boomerang types of bros.

Requested by zacmario.
Please give credit if used. Includes extended sprites, they're not by me, they're Sonikku's.

Add support for LM3 exlevel to routine ExtendedBlockInteraction.asm. Only works in pixi 1.2.4 now.
Tags: bros enemy lorom projectile sa-1 stationary
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Comments (6)

Youcendo Link
Vivian Darkbloom Link
suggestion: setting the extra byte makes them face to the left/right respectively, or something like that.
bandicoot Link
TIP for who is using the ice bro:
As seen on New Super Mario World 2:Around the world the stationary ice bro freezes and stunlock the player to death.
Its basically a inta-death enemie...
But it can be fixed if you change its ice ball spawning rate.
 Major Flare Link
Tested again after rejection with Tattletale. Seems that I was dumb enough to not change the original boomerang.asm into the new one that comes with this pack, causing the glitch I mentioned. Changing it makes the sprite to work fine. Tested them further and they work, so, accepted. My apologies, for all it's worth.
 MarioFanGamer From older version: SMW Stationary Boomerang/Ice/Fire Bro Link
Found no problems in them.

Though keep in mind that these Brother enemies can become more annoying than their counterparts in the other games so I recommend you to use them sparingly, especially Ice Brothers, and possibly change the timers they throw the projectiles.
Also note that these are stationary Brother enemies, they can't be used together with the grey flying platforms unlike SMW's original Hammer Brother.
 RussianMan Author From older version: SMW Stationary Boomerang/Ice/Fire Bro Link
How could I forget to include something #smrpg{roar}