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Line-Guided Rope Length Fix

SMW Patches → Line-Guided Rope Length Fix

Submission Details

Name: Line-Guided Rope Length Fix
Author: imamelia
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: No
Bug Fix: Yes
Featured: No
Description: The line-guided rope sprites (sprite 64) are supposed to set their length based on their starting X position, but this behavior is seemingly inconsistent when they are used with sprite memory settings other than 00 or 01, because it is also dependent on the sprite index. This patch changes that so that the ropes will always be long or short depending on their X position, regardless of sprite memory settings.

Note: It is still not recommended to use the long variant of the sprite outside of sprite memory setting 01 without the No More Sprite Tile Limits patch because of possible disappearing tile errors.
Note2: Lunar Magic, when not using sprite memory setting 01, will still display them as always short.
Tags: line guides lorom rope sa-1 sprite memory
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Comments (1)

 Maarfy Link
Converted to SA-1 by Majorflare. Fixed a small oversight that caused a bug in SA-1 by not considering the loss of direct page in address $E4.

While this is indeed a rather niche patch, anything that scrapes away another bit of SMW's hard-coded weirdness can only be a good thing.