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Super Cheer World

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Cheer World

Submission Details

Name: Super Cheer World
Author: HLXY
Version History: View
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 25 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: It's been a long time huh?

Welcome to the Deluxe Version of Super Cheer World,
maybe the most annoying and unfair hack you could ever
know. But this time the things have changed!
Even if there's two exits less, I completly did remake
all the levels, so you can say is a different hack now,

Custom music, some custom sprites and a lot of new ideas
were implemented in this version, this way he travel will
be more comfortable. Now there's a true curve of
difficulty and a fast retry system, to reduce all the
awkwardness possible.

Now! Drown yourself in a sea of new adventures and prove
your skills! Even if now the hack is not one of the
hardest, it's still a good challenge, I swear!

You can also find a track list in the folder, if you're
curious about that...

I hope this time you have a really good time ^^


Also, tell me if there's some mistake :p
See ya!

Edit 24/01/19:

-Fixed a dumb cheese in the first level
Tags: asm custom music gimmick less exgfx variety
Comments: 29 (jump to comments)
4.3 (4 ratings)
No rating
Download 513.46 KiB | 1,762 downloads


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Comments (29)

Sammmoo Link
Fun hack. I appreciate that. There are some tight tricks and I didn't like so much of these levels:
Creep! (Boss); Evergreen; Kindergarten and Angelic Angel
Mayhem, Life's Theory, Aquarium, Koopa's Revenge and Matcha!
are my favorite levels. I am excited for Kogarashi World 2. #HYPE

Great job @HLXY. #w{=3}#w{=D}
Gingre Link
Had fun with this. Good Job.
SkeptisTrader Link
#fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P} #fim{:P}
NaroGugul Link
No problem.. i know that feeling, and im sure the current moderators will make the right decision.
Ban, please!!
HLXY Author Link
I just wanted Cheer to be a good hack. It doesn't have custom music, levels are annoying, difficulty is also annoying. And just like Ryu World 1, I think it's better of this way. However, there's still a chance to download previous versions, so the original Cheer will not dissappear at all. Well, if is rejected then I'll change the name, thanks for the advice ^^
NaroGugul Link
Honestly just call it whatever you want.. just dont submit it as Cheer World.. otherwise its a 'replacement', not an 'update'.. and thats kinda rude
HLXY Author Link
@NaroGugul Then should I name this Cheer 2? Because there are some level thematics and stuff that would turn this into a not very original sequel I think, but if you say that, I guess I can believe in someone with more experience than me hehe
NaroGugul Link
I certainly havent seen much about this hack.

But from what i have seen this is a complete remake from scratch of an already accepted hack.
In other words, its a totally new hack submitted using the same name of another one.
If thats the case, this is a MAJOR insult to those who devote their time moderating the hack submissions.
I myself moderated Cheer World a few times, and took me a LOT of time and frustration.
Submissions like this (Just to 'replace' a hack) should be ban worthy.
If thats not the case, just ignore it.. otherwise feel ashamed.
HLXY Author Link
Thanks Goldberg ^^
Goldberg3210 Link
Fun Hack so far! Very tight stuff ( like every HLXY hack :-) ) but the sections are short and the tricks are pretty cool! I like it!
samuel.belntz Link
Such a deluxe hack!!!
I'm so excited #smrpg{:O}
HLXY Author Link
@Nadir Thank you so much! That was really stupid lol
Nadir Link
I've only played the first level so far but you can skip the second part of the first level by going through the secret exit
bagledad Link
so pumped for this!
NaroGugul Link
Deluxe Plus Director´s Cut Edition 20th Update Hype!!!
Arobam Link
Tony.Metcalfe From older version: Super Cheer World Link
Really nice hack! Good tricks and design! A bit too difficult for me... but I enjoyed the ride (with some savestates)! :D
HLXY Author From older version: Super Cheer World Link
@GrandMasterLynx Well, it's a tight trick where you have to keep holding jump and get between the two thwomps under you. Annoying enough hahaha
GrandMasterLynx From older version: Super Cheer World Link
So i’m playing this on my SNES CE and I get 3 Thwomps it won’t let me get passed the intro lol
HLXY Author From older version: Super Cheer World Link
It's nothing special though :p
Green Jerry From older version: Super Cheer World Link
Someone thinks that this is a bad hack
HLXY Author From older version: Super Cheer World Link
Yeah, it's surprising know that someone notice ^^
overmariofan From older version: Super Cheer World Link
Are you the guy from YouTube? Who made TASs?
HLXY Author From older version: Super Cheer World Link
That would be helpful. That part was supposed to be harder, but I thought it was too much and I fucked it up with the nerf lol
NaroGugul From older version: Super Cheer World Link
I have a few observations i forgot to mention
such things like this:

Ill probably pm you in the next days with things to take in consideration if you wanna update/fix it.
HLXY Author From older version: Super Cheer World Link
Thanks Naro! I thought it was going to be rejected again, it's a surprise for me too hahaha
NaroGugul From older version: Super Cheer World Link
Great hack. Amazing improvement from previous versions.

Difficulty is fair, tho things start to tighten a bit from the Ghost House onwards.
Sometimes its required for the player to be very attentive to the camera position for things to spawn/trigger at the optimal moment (specially in latter levels, starting in Cemetery Drive), which sometimes is a bit hard to figure out. I wouldnt say it unfair as the player have control over it, but sometimes is required a bit of change of pace, which i would consider a small, but not critical, design flaw.

To me the hardest level was "Deep Purple". For a moment i thought it was impossible to beat and ive used savestates + slowdown until i came up with a working strat. That block throw at the 2nd half of the level was really really difficult to figure out.

That said, im glad you took the time to really improve the hack. To me it was a pleasant surprise, and i quite enjoyed playing it.
Arobam From older version: Super Cheer World Link
Good Job HL
HLXY Author From older version: Super Cheer World Link
"Verical Levels"... Awesome!