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Vanilla: Made to Order

Super Mario World Hacks → Vanilla: Made to Order

Submission Details

Name: Vanilla: Made to Order
Author: Gamma V
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 14 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: There's no story to this one. It's just a collection of levels with varying degrees of vanilla-ness, ranging all the way from pure vanilla to I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not-Chocolate vanilla. Some levels even have custom music, mostly from the VLDC collections.
Tags: less exgfx music traditional vanilla
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
4.7 (11 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (22)

AnkisethTheMonk Link
Short straightforward handful of levels. No secret exits, 30ish minutes. As usual, Gamma V makes every level look polished. Definitely worth a playthrough.
karinou Link
Cool hack, played and finished yesterday, but good music and good levels to play it was a short hack really enjoyable
Brownietown Link
Short and sweet. Had a blast.
Nokia3310 Link
I enjoyed this. I like that the levels play out like a legit Mario game for design and difficulty. Not the most ambitious hack but there's plenty of that in other hacks from Gamma V. This is just 14 levels of fun Mario. Just what I needed #tb{:)}
Sopoforic Link
Quick and easy, about 30 minutes. Fun, but the level design wasn't super interesting. Worth a playthrough.
The Central Scrutinizer Link
Just got all 14 exits and I had a blast. Felt very close to the vanilla game. Keep up the great work, I loved this.
Bellanfear Link
Definitely an enjoyable hack with similar difficulty to vanilla SMW. Thanks for making this!
ReverendDouglas Link
This is a solid hack, not too difficult, while also maintaining a steady difficulty curve. I died more times on the last two levels individually than the rest of the levels combined. I loved the final castle. The levels have great design very unique and fun to play, each with a sort of theme in mind. Good stuff.
pineapple Link
I enjoyed this hack! It started out very easy, but the challenge picked up a few levels in and the last level especially was full of fun and challenging platforming.

I recorded my playthrough of this hack, and you can watch it here:
OptimusScrublord Link
A really good rom hack wish there was more, buzzsaws gave me some trouble, but beat it none the less.
Crisisier Link
Quality hack
RavenOner Link
a verry Classic Hack which could be an Official Nintendo Hack
each Level had their own Charm and obstacles
i found the Difficulty a little bit to easy for a "normal difficulty" hack
the Classic Music which sounded like remasters were also pretty cool

a Solid 4/5

i made a Lets Play about it
Porygon-ZZ Link
Is kinda a shame that's too short, otherwise, is a 5/5, my man. My only problem is that the second to last Big Boo (the one before the pipe leading to the exit) on the haunted hills (I don't remember the name) can trap the player when they go for the last Yoshi coin, forcing to lose your powerup/a live.
NatsuFireball Link
As always, this is a very well done vanilla hack, all levels are well designed and give a fresh new experience of SMW, especially the water level, which is wonderful =]

10/10 (5 stars) Thank you again for bringing us these super hacks =]
 Minuy600 Link
Decided this'll be the next full playthrough i'll put on YouTube. Looks like it's good.


And it is! Only problem I have with it is that levels feel a bit samey after a while. But I gotta say, this is one of the top hacks in terms of more basic romps to play through, and i'd definitely reccomend newcomers to the hacking scene to check it out.
nif.emi Link
I already know this is gonna be a great hack like all of your other hacks!
edwinmusic Link
Great job! Congratulations!!!
Drugsaur Link

I have not tried it but I suppose that as always, it will be excellent :)
Gamma V Author Link
@Kaitri: It would be if I didn't make all the levels, but I did.
kaitri Link
"there's no story here this is just a collection of vanilla levels"

so this is a mini vldc? lol
Dark Prince Link
oh wow
Klug Link