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Per-Level Layer 3 Tides Act-like Settings

SMW Patches → Per-Level Layer 3 Tides Act-like Settings

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qantuum Link
1F0 tides
 Erik Author Link
FuSoYa I walked so you could run
Nikku4211 Link
Really cool. This is a step on the way to having customisable layer 3 interactive tiles.
 Ayami Link
holy shit
 Telinc1 Link
This can be confusing to use at first, but it's a very useful patch for all kinds of gimmicks. To customize it, you'll need to find the part of the ASM file which says "levels:" (it should be right after the "freedata" directive). Each level number in there corresponds to a Map16 number in the "acts:" table right below. You can add as many levels as you want.

During the moderation, I included the levelnum patch within this patch. The custom code expects the level number to be stored to $010B, which is not a vanilla feature. Seeing as the levelnum patch is inserted by UberASM and PIXI, two essential tools, I didn't deem this a rejection reason.
Dark Prince Link
oboi!,look at that piece of mario asm
Romano338 Link
I was thinking about that just 2 days ago. Thanks for doing it.
Klug Link