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Fleeing Goal Sphere

SMW Sprites → Fleeing Goal Sphere

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Comments (19)

Koop the Koopa Link
Mario when he sees a troll sphere:
 RussianMan Author Link
can be disabled by changing this line

LDA #$40			;x-flip


LDA #$00			;x-flip
P-Tux7 Link
May I suggest a setting for it to not flip x axis when going left?
YulkyTulky Link
what graphics file should I be loading for the graphics to appear properly? I'm using SP4=05
VoxelRoguery Link
Cool! I was making a romhack where special world levels are unlocked by collecting hidden goal spheres in the regular worlds.
LukeTrainer Link
LukeTrainer Link
 RussianMan Author Link
You sure your level has correct graphics loaded for it?
Araiguma Kiruno Link
i used this and notied the sphere uses dirt texture instead?
Araiguma Kiruno Link
great for fakeexits! i sure will use this!
 Major Flare Link
Creative idea, RussianMan. The object interaction disabler only works if the sprite is set to float, though; other than that, approved.
Romano338 Link
Indeed it does! Thanks man, great sprite idea!
 RussianMan Author Link
Now it should work with old PIXI versions :pray:
Romano338 Link
Now I get another one lol
sprites/fleeing_goal_sphere.asm:138: error: (E5060): Label 'Code_NoSparkl' wasn't found. [BNE .NoSparkl]
 RussianMan Author Link
Should work now, redownload.
E: That was probably because you use PIXI with old version of SubHorzPos, which contains label. in any case it should be fine now.
Romano338 Link
When inserting:
An error has been detected:
sprites/fleeing_goal_sphere.asm:133: error: (E5060): Label 'Code_Movement' wasn't found. [BNE .Movement]
Mrmariobros222 Link
Mario: Yay! I did it! Now I can progre-
Goal Sphere: NOPE
bandicoot Link
Cool, this can be good for remake "Rayman Origins tricky treasure " styled levels maybe?
Or even a concept similar to the great goal pole from super mario 3d world.
sinseiga Link
OMG it really comes out. Thanks alot!