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SMW Skill Challenge

Hacks Super Mario World → SMW Skill Challenge

Détails de la soumission

Nom: SMW Skill Challenge
Auteur: Magikey
Ajouté le:
Démo: Non
En vedette: Non
Longueur: 12 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Difficile
Description: Here's my first multilevel Kaizo: Hard hack. Highly inspired from the "Mario Must Die" series from Sokobansolver and the "Abuse and Die" and "Mario's Drug Trip" serieses from TheAbuseFreakHacker. Requires a lot of glitch knowledge, as the hack requires you to use glitches and some platforming shenanigans.
The zip also contains a readme, which contains the list of songs used in the hack, some special thanks and a YT playlist link for all the stages (In case you get stuck). Good luck!

Edit: Fixed some breaks.

Edit2: Fixed sublevel 10 (a room of stage 3) because it used the wrong music. (Lmao how could I miss that)

Edit3: Fixed a break that allowed to skip half of stage 6
Étiquettes: glitch huge level music vanilla variety
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commentaires (7)

TypeII_Mound Lien
I am interested in getting into kaizo: hard and kaizo: pit, but I do not know what tools to use, where to start, or what I need to be aware of. I'm gonna download this and see what happens lol. If anybody has any suggestions feel free to PM me, I would appreciate it!
Vivian Darkbloom Lien
Very cool hack. It's always nice seeing more kaizo:hard stuff on the site.
 xHF01x Lien
High quality kaizo: hard hack making creative use of both vanilla and non-vanilla mechanics. Difficulty is quite high and I used slowdown in many places. The levels have distinct visuals, making them easy to distinguish and there's custom music in every level (although you don't hear much of it while playing). I didn't really like the walljump patch though, it makes you lose control of your character too much imo. I couldn't find any major breaks apart from the one you fixed, so that's good as well. Overall, this is a solid hack. 4/5 from me
Holy Shinx Lien
This is the ideal kaizo hack, you might not like it, but this is what peak performence looks like
dacin Lien
This hack contains many creative obstacles and really appealing visuals. I can definitely recommend this. It is pretty difficult, even for kaizo::hard (I used lua for some parts). It took me quite a while to figure out that you used the walljump and sprite-sprite interaction patches (I got stuck in the first&second room for a while).

A lot of breaks were prevented by solid dirt blocks and insta-kill blocks in the bottom row. Nevertheless, I still broke a few things.
AbuseFreakHacker Lien
Will definitely play it, people who love kaizo hard it is very recommendable. Good Job
Noob Lien
Essa hack pode ser considerada o limite da Kaizo Hard... Há sessões em que tem momentos Pit pois a alta precisão requer uma desaceleração considerável... Grande Hack e parabéns pelo trabalho.