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Song Title


    COGGON4 - Mortal Highway

    SMW Music → COGGON4 - Mortal Highway

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    Comments (4)

    MilkyMooer Link
    I liked this song, thanks. :)
    AntiDuck Link
    Okay, this definitely sounds better. Although, around 0:10-0:21, the chorus on channels #0 and #1 are still kinda funky, like it's missing some notes at first. While it can still have more sprucing up, it is much better than the previous version regardless. Maybe even close to an improvement over worldpeace's original unreleased version.

    Would also love to see a port of Crazy Rhapsody if you could.
    Klug Link
    Better than worldpeace's unreleased port!
    Giftshaven Link
    This is definitely an improvement from your previous version. I'm glad you updated this.

    I had to lower the global volume from w250 → w210 so that the song doesn't overpower the sound effects. It's cool though, and your use of the @22s are really clever.