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Details for Baby Kaizo World
Super Mario World Hacks - Baby Kaizo World Link - Show random
File Name: Baby Kaizo World
Version History: View
Authors: Nowieso
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 44 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Dear Baby,
I made this hack for you so you can practice Kaizo tricks
in easy, short and forgiving levels. Take your time with the levels, don't get frustrated if a level takes you some time to beat. You will feel very good after beating it. If you feel like you need more practice with a certain kaizo mechanic, I recommend playing the level multiple times for practice. I hope you will have a lot of fun with this hack.

This hack features:
- 31 exits any%
- Instant Retry
- Marked Kaizo Blocks
- My famous [SPIN]
- A lot of message blocks explaining certain mechanics
- Custom palettes and a lot of aesthetics
- 43 custom songs
- A version without the Deathcounter for SNES Classic users
- Baby Memes

-palette improvements (AAAAAAA my eyes)
-better secret exit hints, one complete secret exit replacement
-better indication
-improvements on the levels for speedrunners
-removed cutoff in a few levels
-shell in a layer 2 level is replaced with a throwblock
-broken levels (special world) in the snes classic version fixed
-easier layer 2 section in a ghosthouse, also fixed a bug with the midway entrance
-better layer 2 water jump in a cave level
-rip delicious cheese
-improved message box texts
-fixed broken layer 2
-added custom music to a sublevel because I forgot to add it there
-new final boss

-fixed a game crash
-removed football RNG
-goodbye double-hitbox deaths
-removed an old secret-exit hint (from v1.0)
-no more cutscenes
-fixed glitchy platform in a switch palace
-added a door to reset layer 2 position
-better layer 2 section in a castle
-better layer 2 water positions
-removed vertical scrolling in some levels
-huge improvements for a special world level that was way too difficult
-I watched a lot of Kaizo-Babys playing this hack and I did minor changes at the parts where they struggled the most, but I also made parts a bit harder that were too easy. This should make the difficulty more balanced.
Tags: custom character, music, traditional, vanilla
Rating: 4.6 (Votes: 38)
Download: Download - 579.84 KiB
awesome hack! I've beaten a few hacks but going for a blind speedrun was somewhat tough! Here's my 100% babyrage run! Thank you for the hack!
Posted by: troyfullbuster - | Link
This is probably one of the better beginner Kaizo hacks out there. There are some really weird difficulty spikes throughout that made it pretty frustrating at some points. A couple easy levels, then one insanely hard level for what seems like no reason and without much guidance as to what you're supposed to be doing (not talking about the castles, which would make more sense to be difficult). Still, if you're looking for a beginner Kaizo hack, this is a good place to start.
Posted by: bronzebombshell - | Link
Amigos como hago para emular esta rom desde el snes9x?
Posted by: ApkJosh - | Link
Great Excellent hack for beginners and experienced players. Very good for everyone to enjoy!
Posted by: Gabriel_Master - | Link
Great hack!
Posted by: mrGoodWeather - | Link
very good and interesting hack for beginners! I enjoyed it a lot! The yoshi level in the star world doesnt fit within this hack and is frustrating garbage..some trolls are good and funny,..good hack overall, thank you!
Posted by: simon.caio - | Link
This was a really good Hack for beginning Kaizo-SMW
Thanks a lot!
Posted by: RoyMaluco - | Link
It's a good hack.
Posted by: UFrozenO - | Link
This was my first Kaizo hack that I just finished playing, and it's a really great beginner hack. Levels are simple and fun to play, and most have great music. If you want to get into Kaizo, this is a great place to start. 5/5.
Posted by: Goomba-24 - | Link
The kaizo is wonderful, I can’t deny it, but 1 phase makes everything go through, the yoshi phase in the special world, she’s totally shit, you have to do quick things that sometimes your control doesn’t follow, unfortunately, this phase lower my grade
Posted by: AllexGG - | Link
This hack brought me into kaizo and imho it's the best way to start your journey! Decent chosen music to keep you motivated and enough information to all tricks so a newbie like me could beat it - thanks Nowieso :)
Posted by: LordFurafura - | Link
That's a good first hack for anybody that's looking for one! =)
Posted by: Evil_Abed - | Link
esta muy bien hecho
Posted by: Serna731 - | Link
Hey Nowieso! Janky hack mate!!
Posted by: der8urak - | Link
uma maravilha em forma de hack
Posted by: Tommitalia - | Link
GREAT beginner hack. Don't be fooled though... Even though it is aimed at the n00b, it's still a kaizo hack. Unless you're a kaizo god (Calco, Dode, LDad) you'll struggle on some parts... which is the point! Thanks a TON Nowieso, and ... [SPIN] my guy.
Posted by: ClassicPass - | Link
Minish Yoshi
A decent beginner Kaizo hack; the levels are fun, but are rather uninventive. The shelljump level is very good when it comes to practicing a few different types of shelljumps. For the most part, the trolls are mostly cheap and predictable. Overall, good job, nice beginner Kaizo hack.
Posted by: Minish Yoshi - | Link
Unnecessary trolls and at least one of them gives no feedback that you are doing the wrong thing. Recommend Kaizo Kindergarten over this.
Posted by: Pagan - | Link
The level variety is fun and provides a good template for the kind of levels player could experience in future hacks. Some levels like the shell jump level are excellent opportunities to practice tricks without being overly long or excessively difficult. However, the game would be significantly more fun with the omission of 90% of the trolls considering they're almost all lazily executed or outright predictable.

One version of this hack might delete your save, so carefully review the versions before downloading.
Posted by: GruntMastaFlash - | Link
First Kaizo Hack First Speedrun really Awesome Hack for Beginning and learning Kaizo #smrpg{gasp}
Posted by: PyraDante - | Link
Awesome hack. I’m still learning Kaizo. I know the mechanics, but I still have a hard time doing them multiple times in a row like most hacks require. This is an awesome hack to learn with. It’s a great beginner game vs a straight tutorial. I would love a sequel! 5/5
Posted by: MoosenAK - | Link
First kaizo hack, I've beaten. 5/5, helped me improve my skills greatly, and somehow it's still fun even when I died over 300 times on some levels.
Posted by: lewon.x - | Link
Awesome Hack,

Can someone PLEASE give me the music of the Ghost Boss level? I need it :D
Posted by: RokkoVega - | Link
This was a really good Hack for beginning Kaizo-SMW
Thanks a lot!
Posted by: ZeroFrames - | Link
I appreciate this hack, I learned so much from it! It was my first hack I made it through (kindergarten%, went back and finished star world after I beat a few other hacks.) The star world levels are a real challenge for us babies! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to start out!
Posted by: xxmagegagexx - | Link
Totally in love with this hack.
This one is the second kaizo hack I've beaten! And damn: what a ride if your a beginner like me!
Challenging, but never unfair. I died so damn often. Death Deathcounter shows 2.500 deaths, after finishing the star world!#tb{^V^}
And good lord, the music is incredible!

Overall this hack is a 5/5 for me! Thanks Nowieso for this experience! Nkw I'm looking for another beginner kaizo! Any suggestions?
Posted by: AbraZZZo - | Link
Really good hack with awesome custom music throughout.
Great for beginners to learn some kaizo mechanics or perople who want a lighter kaizo experience.
Highly recommended!
Posted by: ChocolateMuffinPancake - | Link
My first ever Kaizo-light hack completed!(Other than L2K)
I learned a lot and improved quite a bit. Very beginner friendly and SUPER Fun!#tb{^V^}
Posted by: Teadums - | Link
My first kaizo completed! (learn2kaizo is more of a tutorial so I don't think it counts as a regular kaizo)

took me 1000+ deaths but finished completely, including the levels after the ending, this was awesome :)
Posted by: GenMaruo - | Link
This is a MUST play. Danke Nowie!
Posted by: jquery861 - | Link
Not quite finished but loving this hack so far!

Is there a list of music used in this hack anywhere? Some really awesome tunes in here.
Posted by: 3dsalmon - | Link
I really enjoyed playing this hack, thank you for your creation Nowieso !
The difficulty curve is pretty good, I learned and practiced a lot and it wasn't frustrating.
Posted by: Ccedric68 - | Link
Originally posted by Gul_dukat
Is it not possible to save in this hack?
I believe this hack autosaves when you beat a level
Posted by: Ixitxachitl - | Link
Is it not possible to save in this hack? I'm playing on a super nintendo and even after beating a ghost house and switch palace i never saw a save option
Posted by: Gul_dukat - | Link
I loved this hack, so much fun!

The 44 exits give you plenty of practice and you never feel stuck on any of them because they're short and sweet (perfect for beginners).

Oh, and baby Mario is so cute <3

Thank you, Nowieso!

Posted by: Yez - | Link
Originally posted by NatsuFireball
... And now, which game should I play, after Learn 2 Kaizo and Baby Kaizo World, in order to progress the right way ? Maybe Kaizo 1 ? ...

"Quickie World" and "Quickie World 2" by Valdio. Have fun! Both are amazing beginner Kaizo hacks.
Posted by: Yez - | Link
A masterpiece, I took a lot of pleasure in playing it =]

I finally 100% beat it today, I was stuck for quite a long time on the special level Discardation, it is for me the most difficult level because you have no time for thinking and have to find the good input technique with Yoshi.

I think I played v1.1 as the readme.txt indicates that version. Is the special world improvement in v1.2 concerning this particular level ?

And now, which game should I play, after Learn 2 Kaizo and Baby Kaizo World, in order to progress the right way ? Maybe Kaizo 1 ?

5/5 (5 stars) Thank you very much for this awesome work =]
Posted by: NatsuFireball - | Link
Thanks so much for taking the time to make this. Have been wanting to get into Kaizo for ages and this is the perfect way to start!
Posted by: Hardware128K - | Link
I really enjoyed this hack! Amazing levels and great music. Very beginner friendly! #smw{:TUP:}
Posted by: aB1s - | Link
Not a huge fan of the baby theme, but I think the levels are great for introducing players to a wide variety of kaizo tropes. Very happy I played it, thanks to Nowieso for making it!
Posted by: red_trochee - | Link
Really loved this hack. Perfect hack to do after starting out with Learn 2 Kaizo by NeXuS15. The only thing I didn't like much was the lack of shell physics explanation. Had to figure it out myself. Or I was a bit too dumb myself *shrug*

Otherwise really well done, aesthetically pleasing and great music choice! A must for people who just started out with Kaizo.
Posted by: Benjee - | Link
I'm doing this hack now I finished the Pang'as Kaizo for dummies hack and I can really feel I'm getting better now that I'm searching for secret exits, some levels go flawless and this is really awesome!
Thanks to make some hacks for beginners like me who can get in kaizo gently !
Posted by: Cardouille - | Link
If you have learn the basics of Kaizo, this is a very good start into the kaizo community
Posted by: Drakel - | Link
I liked this hack, pretty solid all around. Some quality music choices in there. Good as an introductory hack, as it uses most concepts of Kaizo design in at least one of its many levels. My only other comment would be that I found the difficulty inconsistent at times and found myself breezing through some levels while struggling (relatively) with others. That may have more to do with my varying level of skill, though, lmao. I also really loved the Kaizo block level - I don't want to admit how many times I hit
the one above the winged blocks
, haha.
Good work, Nowieso.
Posted by: Typodestoyer - | Link
So I played this right after beating Learn 2 Kaizo and it's on the easy side. Didn't 100% it but was a great time. Good for beginners.
Posted by: VillainousWolf - | Link
Amazing, fun hack with good music and introduces the basics of Kaizo in a fun way. 5/5!
Posted by: Panther-T - | Link
nice hack easy but realy fun
Posted by: yygdrasil - | Link
Trolls are kind of lazy and the text boxes are weird as hell. Pretty good though.
Posted by: PhexaWint - | Link
Super fun hack. I'm just starting out on kaizo and found it challenging for a noob as well as informative enough to be able to complete.

Overall, this hack is easier to finish than Learn 2 Kaizo. I finished this one after finishing double shell jump in L2K. So, ir you're looking for something to start with, this is a great option.
Posted by: BargainBear - | Link
Good, fun and well made hack! Difficulty is mostly beginner level but with a few slightly more challenging parts. Strongly recommended for people new to kaizo or who wants to play a more kaizo hack. gg!
Posted by: rymdkarl - | Link
Nice beginner hack. Great job baby.
Posted by:  Linkdeadx2 - | Link
Great hack for beginners! =)
Posted by: leonardodmss - | Link
Great Kaizo Hack!
Posted by: Dutch_Meatbal - | Link
Good hack but really don't like the "chase the vine" levels. This caused me to lose interest and jump to another hack. I do plan to return to this when i finish super cool world but once again those kind of levels just annoy and aren't fun. I'll update when i play more. Good work though, don't take the critique too harshly please.
Posted by: VarioBro - | Link
Good job on the hack. Really decently polished, short levels with new stuff very regularly.
Posted by: NewToHack - | Link
Great hack for beginners and experienced players alike. Plenty for everyone to enjoy!
Posted by: Dan2point5 - | Link
Great stuff! Switching over to 1.2 from 1.1 now!
Posted by: sunhay - | Link
Welp, there goes my Sunday morning #fim{;P}
Posted by: SkeptisTrader - | Link
Great, I like how you improve this game!
Posted by: HLXY - | Link

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