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Baby Kaizo World

Super Mario World Hacks → Baby Kaizo World

Submission Details

Name: Baby Kaizo World
Author: Nowieso
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 44 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Dear Baby,
I made this hack for you so you can practice Kaizo tricks
in easy, short and forgiving levels. Take your time with the levels, don't get frustrated if a level takes you some time to beat. You will feel very good after beating it. If you feel like you need more practice with a certain kaizo mechanic, I recommend playing the level multiple times for practice. I hope you will have a lot of fun with this hack.

This hack features:
- 31 exits any%
- Instant Retry
- Marked Kaizo Blocks
- My famous [SPIN]
- A lot of message blocks explaining certain mechanics
- Custom palettes and a lot of aesthetics
- 43 custom songs
- A version without the Deathcounter for SNES Classic users
- Baby Memes

-palette improvements (AAAAAAA my eyes)
-better secret exit hints, one complete secret exit replacement
-better indication
-improvements on the levels for speedrunners
-removed cutoff in a few levels
-shell in a layer 2 level is replaced with a throwblock
-broken levels (special world) in the snes classic version fixed
-easier layer 2 section in a ghosthouse, also fixed a bug with the midway entrance
-better layer 2 water jump in a cave level
-rip delicious cheese
-improved message box texts
-fixed broken layer 2
-added custom music to a sublevel because I forgot to add it there
-new final boss

-fixed a game crash
-removed football RNG
-goodbye double-hitbox deaths
-removed an old secret-exit hint (from v1.0)
-no more cutscenes
-fixed glitchy platform in a switch palace
-added a door to reset layer 2 position
-better layer 2 section in a castle
-better layer 2 water positions
-removed vertical scrolling in some levels
-huge improvements for a special world level that was way too difficult
-I watched a lot of Kaizo-Babys playing this hack and I did minor changes at the parts where they struggled the most, but I also made parts a bit harder that were too easy. This should make the difficulty more balanced.
Tags: custom character music traditional vanilla
Comments: 123 (jump to comments)
4.6 (60 ratings)
No rating
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Comments (123)

ackattak Link
Great beginner kaizo hack to practice common mechanics and gimmicks that are seen in popular kaizo hacks. I would definitely recommend this as your first full kaizo playthrough after finishing Learn2Kaizo or similar tutorial hacks.

After beating this one, I recommend trying out Cute Kaizo World by slopcore!
Good hack, decent for beginners. Special world is a decent difficulty spike.
tyc Link
Just finished all 44 exit and that was great

As my first kaizo hack I didn't feel overwhelmed by the difficulty nor did I feel like it's been too easy on me.

Now that I'm a grown up I can go explore more of that kaizo landscape :D
Leithen Link
Great hack, really great entry point in to Kaizo. Levels are the perfect length. You get to learn some new Kaizo tricks without the room just being a single trick like Learn2Kaizo. Highly recommend.
Goodguy Link
is good hack bro
Jest3r1984 Link
Good hack, enjoyed it, not too hard, nice designs.
0racle Link
Very good beginner hack. Definitely one of the best ways to get into Kaizo if you don't mind being belittled.
Tripii Link
Challening with well designed levels. Few thousand deaths by the end of it, but had a great time!

GLHF #smw{:peace:}
drehimself Link
This was my 3rd Kaizo hack. Much longer than the other beginner hacks I've played and definitely some challenging levels. My final death count after 100% was 5359 (need to git gud still!)

Overall, a great hack that I recommend playing through after completing a few other (shorter) hacks.
AtomicElephants Link
Great hack!

This was my first kaizo hack, I'm hooked!
AnkisethTheMonk Link
I had fun with this and it definitely helped tighten up my Mario skills. More waiting than I expected. It's not like some beginner hacks where you can generally go fast and be fine, you often have to stop and wait for a winged platform, eeries, lava, layer 2 to move, etc. I don't think this is inherently bad but it's not my favorite.

I played this twice a few years apart. I'm not great with kaizo in general, double shell jumps and spring jumps especially tend to get me into death spirals. 596 deaths on counter the 2nd playthrough, plus probably a hundred more on the last level but those don't seem to show up on counter. Not many points where I got genuinely frustrated though and when I did it wasn't the level design, it was me not reading or misunderstanding a cue, like during the Yoshi/shell level in the Special World. I could not understand why I was having so much trouble eating the shells until I re-read the message box...hold jump the whole time. Oops.

Took 3 hours to finish every exit. Video of playthrough:
Zaphiel Link
Very fun, i just finished 100% with more or less 2500 deaths, and i think that kaizo is a very good training, thanks for that :D

I fell for every troll #w{x(}
ExtraCheese53 Link
Had a lot of fun, just finished 100%. Havent played smw kaizo in many many years, was the right difficultly to get back into it without being overwhelmed. Would recommend to beginners. Really liked the special world. Thanks for the hack!
Super Nikuworld Link
Mit Abstand der beste beginner hack den ich jemals gespielt habe! in fast jedem lvl befinden sich message boxen wo alles sehr gut erklärt wird :) mit 44 exits ist der hack sehr lang aber es lohnt sich dafür zu grinden weil es ein sehr schönes abenteurer ist :) die special welt ist für anfänger schon hart aber das muss sie auch :) musik und boss fights waren auch sehr gut! easy 5 sterne gg nowieso weltklasse!
Mr.Klein Link
Super Hack Nowieso. War mein erster Kaizo Hack überhaupt und bin zwar 1852 mal gestorben, aber es hat einfach richtig viel laune gemacht. Danke dir für den Hack #w{=3}
jat2980 Link
Really really enjoyed this as an introduction. Just the right difficulty level. Thank you
jorjinho do pneu Link
hello, this hack is wonderful, but it does not save, I play on an American super nintendo with everdrive and the game simply does not save.
ThePiPiper Link
Very fun! Humor is top notch!
Hildebrand83 Link
in meinen augen einfach schei*e programmiert....

die gelben stacheln haben so eine behinderte hit box das es keine stachen form hat sondern blöck.... was es unnötig schwerer macht....

man bleibt an sachen hängen die garnicht existieren....

spiel wieder gelöscht verschwendete zeit da spiele ich lieber Grand Poo World !
BUX88 Link
Brilliant hack, great for beginners such as myself, enjoyed playing through every exit. 5*
haine9 Link
Done with any%, lots of fun overall. Last castle felt way too easy and rushed. Some midgame levels were so much harder! I must say 10/10 graphics and music tho, level backgrounds are very pretty. Now time to grind special world, first level already feels impossible for me, super weird tongue timings #smrpg{mlem}

Discardation down after 40 min! Super brilliant level!

I LOVE how some of these levels are just baby version of Jigoku 2. Hopefully I can attempt that when not baby anymore in the future :O

Other special world levels were pretty easy and fun. Damn you for the note troll at the :D level! I had a good laugh. The castle room was pretty hard and the boss silly but not hard :D Thanks for the hack NO-WE-SO #smw{:TUP:}
haine9 Link
Playing this after beating baby kaizo 2 (my first kaizo hack completed). Even if I beat levels in less time than baby 2, they feel harder in some way lol, maybe because some sections are very tight. But it's all good for learning I guess. Some very unnecessary trolls here an there, and a tight jump to survive a troll you already fell for #tb{XD} (yellow palace)
Foxy_9000_ Link
Hey Nowieso!

Ich wollte dir sagen, dass du mit diesem Hack ein wahres Meisterwerk erschaffen hast. Ich musste ihn zwar ab dem Shelljump Level abbrechen, allerdings kam bei mir (Im gegensatz zu allen anderen Kaizo Hacks) keinerlei Frust auf und zudem hat er mich permanent unterhalten!

Solch ein Fabelhaftes Wunderwerk kann man nur beglückwünschen und verehren. #smw{<3}
bonjoursauce Link
Originally posted by nick_whiskey
Just wanted to leave some feedback, if you still read these:

Was having fun until the p-speed level... must have spent 3 hours on one obstacle trying to maintain p-speed through it but it doesn't seem possible. The level is also VERY long and losing after running for what seems like forever with no checkpoint is not fun. If this level ever gets tuned down maybe I'll come back to it.

not trying to be rude or anything but it's just practice, practice, practice
i had quit the hack because of that level and went back to it after working on my skills with other hacks for like ~1 month. finally went throught the p-speed level in like 5 min.

it's a bit long, some setups are slow. it's not perfect.
but it's an absolute good starting point for the kaizo inclined.

nick_whiskey Link
Just wanted to leave some feedback, if you still read these:

Was having fun until the p-speed level... must have spent 3 hours on one obstacle trying to maintain p-speed through it but it doesn't seem possible. The level is also VERY long and losing after running for what seems like forever with no checkpoint is not fun. If this level ever gets tuned down maybe I'll come back to it.
Kaizo breaker Link
Great for some one new to kaizo like me 5 stars
BananaIcedZambie Link
My very first hack, it was very fun up till any%, then the first level in towards 100% was brutal and I stopped there. someday I'll go back but solid hack for beginners. :)
Wolfguy423 Link
So the level name "Kreen Koopa Kalace" is a bit suspicious. maybe its just me but it seems like the creator went out of their way to get 3 K's. maybe its just me, but it does seem odd. other wise ive been highly enjoying this hack.
NixKillsMyths Link
Just finished this hack 100%, it was my second hack ever after Learn To Kaizo. I liked it a lot. It felt challenging, but not oppressively so, and taught me a lot of things and new ways to use tricks that I had learned in Learn To Kaizo. Overall a really great experience as a beginner/newcomer to the SMW Kaizo community, with one exception. There is a spike on a falling platform in Baby Finale, I hate that one spike now more than all other spikes I have ever encountered. That one particular spike is evil and brought me great suffering. Thanks for the great hack.
radplaiddad Link
Loved this hack - would recommend for anyone trying to dabble in smw kaizo. I'd easily call it required reading to test yourself.
inkyBone Link
super cool
just super cool
Kaiz0bro Link
Very fun and easy at first with a steadily increasing difficulty curve. Perfect as a first hack for new players. Love the use of the baby mario sprite! 5/5
StarFluttershy Link
This was my first rom hack and it was a fantastic experience! I played a lot of Kaizo levels in SMM2 but SMW feels very different. This Hack was the perfect start in my opinion. Well done!
Sammit64 Link
My first hack I played. Amazing fun and very accessible levels for my skill set. I wasn't sure if I would 100% this, but glad I did in the end.
troyfullbuster Link
awesome hack! I've beaten a few hacks but going for a blind speedrun was somewhat tough! Here's my 100% babyrage run! Thank you for the hack!
bronzebombshell Link
This is probably one of the better beginner Kaizo hacks out there. There are some really weird difficulty spikes throughout that made it pretty frustrating at some points. A couple easy levels, then one insanely hard level for what seems like no reason and without much guidance as to what you're supposed to be doing (not talking about the castles, which would make more sense to be difficult). Still, if you're looking for a beginner Kaizo hack, this is a good place to start.
ApkJosh Link
Amigos como hago para emular esta rom desde el snes9x?
Gabriel_Master Link
Great Excellent hack for beginners and experienced players. Very good for everyone to enjoy!
mrGoodWeather Link
Great hack!
simon.caio Link
very good and interesting hack for beginners! I enjoyed it a lot! The yoshi level in the star world doesnt fit within this hack and is frustrating garbage..some trolls are good and funny,..good hack overall, thank you!
RoyMaluco Link
This was a really good Hack for beginning Kaizo-SMW
Thanks a lot!
UFrozenO Link
It's a good hack.
Goomba-24 Link
This was my first Kaizo hack that I just finished playing, and it's a really great beginner hack. Levels are simple and fun to play, and most have great music. If you want to get into Kaizo, this is a great place to start. 5/5.
NaxciS Link
The kaizo is wonderful, I can’t deny it, but 1 phase makes everything go through, the yoshi phase in the special world, she’s totally shit, you have to do quick things that sometimes your control doesn’t follow, unfortunately, this phase lower my grade
LordFurafura Link
This hack brought me into kaizo and imho it's the best way to start your journey! Decent chosen music to keep you motivated and enough information to all tricks so a newbie like me could beat it - thanks Nowieso :)
Evil_Abed Link
That's a good first hack for anybody that's looking for one! =)
Serna731 Link
esta muy bien hecho
der8urak Link
Hey Nowieso! Janky hack mate!!
Tommitalia Link
uma maravilha em forma de hack
ClassicPass Link
GREAT beginner hack. Don't be fooled though... Even though it is aimed at the n00b, it's still a kaizo hack. Unless you're a kaizo god (Calco, Dode, LDad) you'll struggle on some parts... which is the point! Thanks a TON Nowieso, and ... [SPIN] my guy.
Minish Yoshi Link
A decent beginner Kaizo hack; the levels are fun, but are rather uninventive. The shelljump level is very good when it comes to practicing a few different types of shelljumps. For the most part, the trolls are mostly cheap and predictable. Overall, good job, nice beginner Kaizo hack.
Pagan Link
Unnecessary trolls and at least one of them gives no feedback that you are doing the wrong thing. Recommend Kaizo Kindergarten over this.
GruntMastaFlash Link
The level variety is fun and provides a good template for the kind of levels player could experience in future hacks. Some levels like the shell jump level are excellent opportunities to practice tricks without being overly long or excessively difficult. However, the game would be significantly more fun with the omission of 90% of the trolls considering they're almost all lazily executed or outright predictable.

One version of this hack might delete your save, so carefully review the versions before downloading.
PyraDante Link
First Kaizo Hack First Speedrun really Awesome Hack for Beginning and learning Kaizo #smrpg{gasp}
MoosenAK Link
Awesome hack. I’m still learning Kaizo. I know the mechanics, but I still have a hard time doing them multiple times in a row like most hacks require. This is an awesome hack to learn with. It’s a great beginner game vs a straight tutorial. I would love a sequel! 5/5
lewon.x Link
First kaizo hack, I've beaten. 5/5, helped me improve my skills greatly, and somehow it's still fun even when I died over 300 times on some levels.
RokkoVega Link
Awesome Hack,

Can someone PLEASE give me the music of the Ghost Boss level? I need it :D
ZeroFrames Link
This was a really good Hack for beginning Kaizo-SMW
Thanks a lot!
xxmagegagexx Link
I appreciate this hack, I learned so much from it! It was my first hack I made it through (kindergarten%, went back and finished star world after I beat a few other hacks.) The star world levels are a real challenge for us babies! Highly recommend to anyone wanting to start out!
AbraZZZo Link
Totally in love with this hack.
This one is the second kaizo hack I've beaten! And damn: what a ride if your a beginner like me!
Challenging, but never unfair. I died so damn often. Death Deathcounter shows 2.500 deaths, after finishing the star world!#tb{^V^}
And good lord, the music is incredible!

Overall this hack is a 5/5 for me! Thanks Nowieso for this experience! Nkw I'm looking for another beginner kaizo! Any suggestions?
ChocolateMuffinPancake Link
Really good hack with awesome custom music throughout.
Great for beginners to learn some kaizo mechanics or perople who want a lighter kaizo experience.
Highly recommended!
Teadums Link
My first ever Kaizo-light hack completed!(Other than L2K)
I learned a lot and improved quite a bit. Very beginner friendly and SUPER Fun!#tb{^V^}
GenMaruo Link
My first kaizo completed! (learn2kaizo is more of a tutorial so I don't think it counts as a regular kaizo)

took me 1000+ deaths but finished completely, including the levels after the ending, this was awesome :)
jquery861 Link
This is a MUST play. Danke Nowie!
3dsalmon Link
Not quite finished but loving this hack so far!

Is there a list of music used in this hack anywhere? Some really awesome tunes in here.
Ccedric68 Link
I really enjoyed playing this hack, thank you for your creation Nowieso !
The difficulty curve is pretty good, I learned and practiced a lot and it wasn't frustrating.
Ixitxachitl Link
Originally posted by Gul_dukat
Is it not possible to save in this hack?
I believe this hack autosaves when you beat a level
Gul_dukat Link
Is it not possible to save in this hack? I'm playing on a super nintendo and even after beating a ghost house and switch palace i never saw a save option
Yez Link
I loved this hack, so much fun!

The 44 exits give you plenty of practice and you never feel stuck on any of them because they're short and sweet (perfect for beginners).

Oh, and baby Mario is so cute <3

Thank you, Nowieso!

Yez Link
Originally posted by NatsuFireball
... And now, which game should I play, after Learn 2 Kaizo and Baby Kaizo World, in order to progress the right way ? Maybe Kaizo 1 ? ...

"Quickie World" and "Quickie World 2" by Valdio. Have fun! Both are amazing beginner Kaizo hacks.
NatsuFireball Link
A masterpiece, I took a lot of pleasure in playing it =]

I finally 100% beat it today, I was stuck for quite a long time on the special level Discardation, it is for me the most difficult level because you have no time for thinking and have to find the good input technique with Yoshi.

I think I played v1.1 as the readme.txt indicates that version. Is the special world improvement in v1.2 concerning this particular level ?

And now, which game should I play, after Learn 2 Kaizo and Baby Kaizo World, in order to progress the right way ? Maybe Kaizo 1 ?

5/5 (5 stars) Thank you very much for this awesome work =]
Hardware128K Link
Thanks so much for taking the time to make this. Have been wanting to get into Kaizo for ages and this is the perfect way to start!
aB1s Link
I really enjoyed this hack! Amazing levels and great music. Very beginner friendly! #smw{:TUP:}
red_trochee Link
Not a huge fan of the baby theme, but I think the levels are great for introducing players to a wide variety of kaizo tropes. Very happy I played it, thanks to Nowieso for making it!
Benjee Link
Really loved this hack. Perfect hack to do after starting out with Learn 2 Kaizo by NeXuS15. The only thing I didn't like much was the lack of shell physics explanation. Had to figure it out myself. Or I was a bit too dumb myself *shrug*

Otherwise really well done, aesthetically pleasing and great music choice! A must for people who just started out with Kaizo.
Cardouille Link
I'm doing this hack now I finished the Pang'as Kaizo for dummies hack and I can really feel I'm getting better now that I'm searching for secret exits, some levels go flawless and this is really awesome!
Thanks to make some hacks for beginners like me who can get in kaizo gently !
Drakel Link
If you have learn the basics of Kaizo, this is a very good start into the kaizo community
Typodestoyer Link
I liked this hack, pretty solid all around. Some quality music choices in there. Good as an introductory hack, as it uses most concepts of Kaizo design in at least one of its many levels. My only other comment would be that I found the difficulty inconsistent at times and found myself breezing through some levels while struggling (relatively) with others. That may have more to do with my varying level of skill, though, lmao. I also really loved the Kaizo block level - I don't want to admit how many times I hit
the one above the winged blocks
, haha.
Good work, Nowieso.
VillainousWolf Link
So I played this right after beating Learn 2 Kaizo and it's on the easy side. Didn't 100% it but was a great time. Good for beginners.
Panther-T Link
Amazing, fun hack with good music and introduces the basics of Kaizo in a fun way. 5/5!
yygdrasil Link
nice hack easy but realy fun
PhexaWint Link
Trolls are kind of lazy and the text boxes are weird as hell. Pretty good though.
BargainBear Link
Super fun hack. I'm just starting out on kaizo and found it challenging for a noob as well as informative enough to be able to complete.

Overall, this hack is easier to finish than Learn 2 Kaizo. I finished this one after finishing double shell jump in L2K. So, ir you're looking for something to start with, this is a great option.
rymdkarl Link
Good, fun and well made hack! Difficulty is mostly beginner level but with a few slightly more challenging parts. Strongly recommended for people new to kaizo or who wants to play a more kaizo hack. gg!
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Nice beginner hack. Great job baby.
leonardodmss Link
Great hack for beginners! =)
Dutch_Meatbal Link
Great Kaizo Hack!
VarioBro Link
Good hack but really don't like the "chase the vine" levels. This caused me to lose interest and jump to another hack. I do plan to return to this when i finish super cool world but once again those kind of levels just annoy and aren't fun. I'll update when i play more. Good work though, don't take the critique too harshly please.
NewToHack Link
Good job on the hack. Really decently polished, short levels with new stuff very regularly.
Dan2point5 Link
Great hack for beginners and experienced players alike. Plenty for everyone to enjoy!
sunhay Link
Great stuff! Switching over to 1.2 from 1.1 now!
SkeptisTrader Link
Welp, there goes my Sunday morning #fim{;P}
Great, I like how you improve this game!
JohnathanMonkey From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
This is my first ever attempt at a Kaizo and, and I am having an absolute blast! It pushes me to my limit and just when I am about to lose my mind, I beat the level, and repeat :)
cosmo From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Great hack for a beginner like me. I am only on the 2nd level right now, but I still think that it is a great hack.
Tony From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
I loved this hack. I have played it through a few times now. The levels are mostly easy with a few tough ones thrown in(at least i thought so). Awesome job on this hack.
danonthemoon From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Took me about 3.1k deaths to beat, but its my very first beaten kaizo level; so I am very excited! Outside of some random 30 minute college tries, this is the first kaizo hack that I really attempted to beat. Great hack, easy to learn with no kaizo experience like myself. The only thing that really took me a while was the
falling lava goal trap in the 4th world
, wish there would have been an example of that earlier in the hack to teach me that was even possible. Other than that, great for beginners.

I know some people say to play Learn 2 Kaizo first, but I did not and this didnt really affect my enjoyment of this hack. This hack was very approachable, and while it could use a bit more hint blocks, as is, its a great hack for beginners.
jope From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Could some one tell me where the 3rd secret exit/ switch palace entrance is?
jope From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Playing on version 1.0
Great hack for the most part. The only issues are that I couldn't find the third switch palace in the ghost house, so I cheated to get to the special world. Also the final boss is garbage in a bad way. Sometimes you can't predict where he will be or what he will do. Also some hits are mandatory in that fight.

ZeineXD From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Uma das melhores hack roms que já joguei.
t00ey From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Very fun and some of the later levels are pretty challenging.
Davewade88 From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Oh and the death counter version seems to work just fine on my snes classic. Haven’t encountered any problems with it.
Davewade88 From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
This hack is amazing so far. I just started world 3 with a little over a thousand deaths. Game really started hitting me hard on the p speed and skyzo tree levels. I’m on the first shell jump level which I’m sure will be a pain since I never got past the double shell jump in learn2kaizo. This is my 3rd Kaizo hack but the first that I’m fully dedicated to finish thanks for the great game.
NewPointless From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Really fun. Some difficulty spikes, but a good learning experience.
Drugsaur From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
louisluiz From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Got it, I was playing an outdated version #tb{^V^}
louisluiz From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
can't find the switch palaces :(
NeXuS15 From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
This is a pretty good hack aimed for beginners to Kaizo. The difficulty ramps up quite a bit in the last levels tho.
tchfunkta From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Playing on console with Everdrive, and in the SkyTree level I was in the first half, turned off console, and when I came back and turned on the game, the save file sent me right before the midway between the pipes. I hit the midway and now I'm in the second half. Weird cheese #smw{o_O?}
heyjas08 From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Such a fun hack, was rolling through it tonight until I hit Janked Up Slopes and thought I had to keep the shell with me to get past the football. Watched a video and realized how overcomplicated I made the football.

Kaizo techniques in short bursts, a lot of fun for someone who wants quick arcade like challeneges or wants to practice/experience specific kaizo techniques.

Whenever I used a savestate I saw the checkpoint/goal right after usually, which made it much more enjoyable to just die and do the full thing legitly. Great for beginners who want to feel that sense of accomplishment after a good set of tricks.

Also Romano338, I saw your video on your hack looking this up and it looked fun. Hope you still plan to release it.
HLXY From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Oh great, it seems I have to beat it again hahaha
gresh From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
very good happy hack!
Githon From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Great hack.
Highly recommend this to brush up on kaizo skills.
Definitely going to be used to warm up.
Drugsaur From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
I am at level 15, it seems to me, and at the beginning of the level there is a hole, (͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ °), to open with a key, I know that the key is up, behind the tree, but I am stuck, because I do not know how to get there, I think maybe I have to jump in the koopa troopa but according to me, I do not get there, I also try to jump in the ghost from later on and I do not even try to knock down the koopa so that I walk on the left side with its shell and shell-jump but I can not throw it to find, what should I do!

PS: very good hack, you are a champion (I do not speak English)
NikSik1 From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Best kaizo hack I have ever played and the music is amazing.

While I was on my first playthrough I noticed that in the level Sky Tree Jr. there is some cheese in the second half of the level.
If you go to the part with the fireball dude at the end of the level and wait until he is at the turn block and then hit the turn block, the fireball dude will be free. If you wait until he goes back near the turn block and hit the turn block so you can spin on the fireball dude all the up to the pipe to end the level.
This cheese skips the whole entire vine section in the 2nd part because the only spot where you need to use the vine is the one block wide place at the end of the level with the fireball dude. Therefore you only need to hit the vine block to make the first jump but from then on it is useless.

I hope this made sense to you Nowieso and that you can patch this
falkenste1n From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
I really liked and enjoyed it. Its so nice that you can play as baby mario in a kaizo hack.. 4.5/5
NeXuS15 From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
This is a pretty good hack aimed for beginner players. The difficulty ramps up quite a bit in the last levels. I really enjoyed playing this hack.

There is some stuff that i like to see changed and i talked to the creator about it already, one thing that will definetly change is the very last boss.
Romano338 From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Wow this could have been akward :D I was making Baby Kaizo World from january to like september, and had to cancel it JUST before release!

EDIT: oh, it was mentioned before! Ah well, my hack isn't released anyway
domenyX From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Congrats! Nice hack. I completed it 100% in my livestream, link:

Please, fix Yellow and Red Switch indications :P

PaulLloyd From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
This is my first kaizo hack that I am playing and just beat the first level with 68 deaths.
Great music & difficulty for a beginner at kaizo hacks.
Will keep playing through this one! #smw{:TUP:}
HLXY From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
You should call this "Tengoku" hahaha
Pretty good, there's some stuff that I don't really like, but it's more about tastes, so I think you surpassed yourself. Even if the level design it's not quite creative, I did enjoy seeing references to Jigoku. *Claps claps*
Nowieso Author From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
Originally posted by Green Jerry
This hack has the same title as Romano338's cancelled hack!

Yes, when I was almost done making this hack, someone told me that. I did not know that before.
Green Jerry From older version: Baby Kaizo World Link
This hack has the same title as Romano338's cancelled hack!