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Elephants and Snakes and Crocodiles

Super Mario World Hacks → Elephants and Snakes and Crocodiles

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Kimota Link
I like it. It's polished but unfiltered Morsel with everything you might imagine that entails. It has some of the coolest sections I've ever seen, along with some of the most frustrating. Memorization is key as obstacles cannot easily be read on the fly. Certain parts appear open ended at first, but trial and error eventually reveals a specific set of inputs necessary for survival. My first playthrough time was pretty evenly divided between solving the puzzle of what I was supposed to do and nailing down the inputs to actually do it. This style of design makes locking in clears very satisfying.

My only broad complaint would be the amount of trial and error at the end of long sections. At the beginning of a section, it's fine because you try again with minimal loss of progress, but at the end, those losses become aggravating. The quickest level for me was Many Horrid Ghosts, precisely because it allows for immediate practice of tricky parts. The longest for me - although to be fair it is just a long level - was Ships Made Cities, because the custom bosses would erase my progress repeatedly as I learned their gimmicks.

On the whole, I had a good time and would recommended Elephants to skilled players and level designers looking for inspiration.

Favorite Sections: Woods are Ruthless, second half of Air-Braving Tower (first half drove me up a wall), second half of Staining the Moon, and the last section of Ships Made Cities

Also, the Mega Man 2 theming is impeccable.
Wyatt Link
This is my favorite hack. It's got everything I love about Kaizo - high difficulty, good section lengths, and deliberate setups. It's also got everything I love about Standard, namely open-ended problems that encourage the player to come up with solutions that fit their playstyle.

Every designer with the skill to play this hack should play it. Kaizo needs more hacks with this design style.
BooTheBun Link
I made an account just so I can say that I loved this hack so much. It's easily one of my greatest achievements in kaizo so far and is the reason I wanted to even play kaizo in the first place. Thank you. c:
 Amethyst Link
As someone who was extremely ambivalent on Storks, really enjoyed Gaijin, and stopped playing NDC halfway through, I wasn't sure what to expect out of your most difficult offering.

This very easily ended up being one of my favorite hacks. Thank you for the fabulous experience. #w{<3}
SethOsDotEXE Link
A very fun and difficult hack. There were some frustrating parts, but even those part were very satisfying to beat.

Good job Morsel.
PhexaWint Link
Very challenging and can be frustrating, but really satisfying and fun once you get a section down.
Barbarian Link
Completed this hack today. Wanted to say thank you for making your amazing games and levels. While certainly some levels / sections made me salty, I greatly enjoyed this game (as well as Storks and Gaijin). Thank you, and keep making stuff. :)
marathonx Link
This hack is, without a doubt, the hardest ROM hack I have ever completed. It's vicious, challenging, rewarding, satisfying, and everything in between. I promise that if you play this hack, you will be pushed farther than you ever thought you could be, and you will create some incredible new strings of expletives in the process. At the end of it, you will be a stronger SMW player and have a greater appreciation for the creativity and hard work that go into games like this.

Take Morsel's advice: play his other hacks first or you will be subject to pain that Hobz felt in Denny's that fateful night.
Sammmoo Link
What a amazing hack!!
"Air-Braving Tower", "Bully-Monster", "Ignoble Plants" and "Ship Made Cities"
are my favorite levels. Along with Gaijin Mario, this is the one of my favorite hacks. 5/5

samuel.belntz Link
Brutal Hack!
I really enjoyed this hack! Great work Morsel #smrpg{y}
 Hobz Link
yeah playing this hack reminded me of that time i got fucked in the ass in a Denny's bathroom
NaroGugul Link
If you are easily offended, please skip this comment.


Ive said this before.. I think playing Morsel hacks for the 1st time is like a virgin girl having sex for the 1st time.. it can be a bit painfull, maybe a little messy.. but with more experience you can learn to like it, or even get addicted to it..

All i can say is this hack is really amazing.

If you havent played it yet, beware, Morsel is hung like a donkey.
7 up Link
I'll make sure to play your other ROM hacks first.
Raichu BR 2003 Link
A hard hack , congratulations , IT'S PURE KAIZO
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Morsel has done it again. BRUTAL.
Klug Link
Morsel strikes again!
bolop700 Link
Wow, yet another remarkable hack. I have not had this much fun with SMW since I first played Storks and Apes and Crocodiles. Your levels are consistently of very high quality and are always exciting to play. The two entries in the Crocodiles series are currently my favorite two hacks.
Allrounder Link
bagledad Link
This is a joke right?
Arobam Link
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GbreezeSunset Link
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NaroGugul Link
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