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Star Revenge 3.9: Dreamish Block Beats v1.1

Super Mario 64 Hacks → Star Revenge 3.9: Dreamish Block Beats v1.1

Submission Details

Name: Star Revenge 3.9: Dreamish Block Beats v1.1
Author: BroDute
Difficulty: Hard
Demo: No
Length: 20 star(s)
Description: This is the 3.9th in the "Star Revenge" Series of SM64 hacks. Unlike all the other Star Revenges, this hack's 8 main levels are all 2.5D and themed around the beat blocks found in SR3.5.

The hack is split into 2 difficulties:
Normal mode, which has checkpoints in all levels to save your progress and Hard mode, which removes all the checkpoints.

Hard mode can be unlocked once you master all 8 levels once.
If you want to just beat the hack, you can do once you got 8 stars, you are not forced to do anything on hard.
Doing levels checkpointless is more for dare devils that would try to do it anyway, so it got added into the game.

Since the camera can be limited, the hack comes with screenshoots of the levels so you can plan/see ahead what comes next in the level if needed.

This hack can be pretty hard, even on normal, but it's more a thing of getting the timing down. That said, course 8 is no joke tho.
Video Link: Link
Tags: gimmick linear music no boss star revenge
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