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Duck Island

Super Mario World Hacks → Duck Island

Submission Details

Name: Duck Island
Author: decentduck
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 4 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Intermediate
Description: This is my first ROM hack I hope you enjoy. This ROM hack doesn't have a lot of exits but I think it's a decent and fun game.
Tags: kaizo music vanilla
Comments: 8 (jump to comments)
3.3 (3 ratings)
No rating
Download 141.07 KiB | 1,374 downloads


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Comments (8)

SirMystic Link
Decent hack, level design is minorly questionable at times but otherwise a fun, short hack. 3/5
yygdrasil Link
cool hack is awesome
SamTheWich Link
Lack of quality checkpoints, although fun hack
JesseDillinger Link
Not a bad hack. The first 2 levels were good. The 2nd one was surprisingly short. Unfortunately I had to use a save state in level 3 because I had no idea how to get pass those 2 bullets. Yet I magically got through on my first try. I just had no idea how I did it and retried 100 times. Overall it was an ok game. 3/5

Edit: After another playthrough I figured out how to get pass those bullets. That checkpoint placement in level 3 is still a little mean though.
zacmario Link
I used to lobster fish by a island called duck island, cool name.
 BeeKaay Link
I accepted this as Kaizo: Light as opposed to Very Hard, because the level design is definitely Kaizo. This is fine as a Kaizo hack, however, and has no major issues. Some minor things, in case you ever update it:

- It's not possible to get on this winged platform on the first cycle, so the player has to wait for it to go right and then come back every time. Ideally, all obstacles in a hack where lots of deaths are expected should be clearable on the first cycle if the player is fast enough.

- I'm not sure what the purpose of this Hothead is. You don't need him to make it onto the next platform. Maybe he's just there for intimidation?

- Instead of this checkpoint, since you're already using the retry system, you can just start Mario in this sublevel after he enters it to save the player from having to enter the pipe each time.

- It's not possible to immediately jump onto either the Ball 'n' Chain or Magikoopa Magic here, and the player must wait a while for the Ball 'n' Chain to come around every time. Ideally, the player should be able to attempt this obstacle sooner.

Overall, not a bad first Kaizo hack. Difficulty is on the easier side, but harder than e.g. Quickie World 1 and 2. I beat it in 1h15m without save-states.
Akutarex Link
no tags? meu pau
Yagami Link
this is kaizo light #tb{^V^}