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Quickie World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Quickie World 2

Submission Details

Name: Quickie World 2
Author: Valdio
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 22 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Beginner
Description: Luigi wants some too.

Quickie World 2 is a fast paced Kaizo Light hack with very forgiving difficulty and no "trolls".
It aims to provide an exciting challenge for players that would rather not spend hours grinding a single level.
The game features 24 exits (although the counter will only display a maximum of 22, since both the any% and 100% castles trigger the credits), some of which are secret.
Also hidden throughout are 22 secret (and optional) portrait rooms dedicated to streamers I enjoy watching.

Here's some of the things you won't find in Quickie World 2:
- Cutscenes
- Kaizo Blocks (I mean it this time ;D)
- Water Levels
- Autoscrollers
- Ice Physics

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who played the original and encouraged me during the creation of the sequel.
I hope you enjoy Quickie World 2, and remember: Go fast, don't hesitate, and it'll be alright. :)

Small Note: Red coins on castle 2 are meant to have a white outline. This makes the level fair for colorblind players.
Tags: kaizo vanilla
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5.0 (74 ratings)
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Comments (106)

Jest3r1984 Link
Very good hack, I enjoyed it, nice difficulty.
Tripii Link
The Star World levels are a doozy, be prepared to shed some lives. Overall great hack with some very creative ideas setups. Thanks again Valdio!

GLHF #smw{:peace:}
frenchfreys Link
Great beginner hack!! Really enjoyable levels with fun setups :)
Patrick64 Link
Preparado para probar este rom hack
Housemeister Link
Awesome hack! Thank you!
LPDGhost Link
Never expected to
hear Dave Brubeck in a hack.
Erickkwz Link
the best kaizo ever
LlesS Link
Another excellent starter hack. I prefer Quickie World over this but only because I thought there were a couple of unintuitive sections in some levels.

I beat this just after finishing Quickie World and I found this one significantly easier. This took me 2 hours to beat the main game with an extra 1/2 hour for special world.
Really good kaizo hack. Each level had great flow and was all around fun.
AnkisethTheMonk Link
It's Quickie World 2, everyone knows this hack. It's pretty great and commonly recommended over Quickie World 1 as an intro to kaizo. I agree but I also think Quickie World 1 is just more fun. They're both amazing though. I never expected to hear Dave Brubeck in a Mario romhack.

Took ~1.5h to finish. Video of playthrough:
ExtraCheese53 Link
This hack was wonderful.
DanMario24YT Link
Simply fabulous! Every single level feels distinctive from one another, great usages of normal and blue coin indicators, and it really let creativity flow! Combined with the fact that the difficulty curve was (almost) perfectly consistent throughout the whole hack.
My only gripe I had with this was with Hot Potato, since some parts of it had 2 turn blocks on top of each other, screwing you over if you toss the potato at the bottom turn block (and that one slide setup was a pain too).
Sawrfing ruins was also a bit inconsistent in difficulty too (mainly cause of the 2nd half), but wasn't too bad once I got the hang of that one setup in the second half.
OVERALL: Literally perfect for getting into kaizo, combined with it's great level design, you have a peak kaizo:beginner ROM hack. GG Valdio.
haine9 Link
Wonderful easy hack with a couple of hard jumps (wedding nails slope - I lose momentum even tho i dont touch d-pad, I didn't understand that jump, but im just a newbie!). Quality and care from graphics to music. Thank you Valdio! #smw{:TUP:}
radplaiddad Link
First romhack I ever finished, and I loved it as a way to get acclimated with kaizo.

QW should just be required playing for anyone interested in kaizo - it is great design, fun, and really helps you learn. It's also something fun to return to so you can stay sharp.

Hopefully the world will see QW3 someday. It has the makings of a great series.
Brownietown Link
I loved every second of this. Thank you for making it.
jvg Link
Great hack!
Kaiz0bro Link
What do you do after beating QW1 you ask? Play QW2 of course!! Amazing follow up to a great beginner friendly hack. My only question is why wasn't sawrfing 2 as hard as sawrfing 1? lol 5/5 ....Can't wait for QW3!!!
Codephoenix Link
I did it 100% yay
hcwdy Link
Awesome hack! Took me a few hours less than the first, so your hacks really have helped me get started with kaizo.
troyfullbuster Link
Finally got through to playing this one as well as QW1 man QW2 is awesome! Can't wait for more stuff from you! Here's my playthrough:
Theresy Link
Great game, had a lot of fun and it was my first Kaizo game I've actually finished all exits. Definitely will play again.
Moonbunu Link
Excellent hack basically my first one and I learned so much although the
Bomb level
was a bit frustrating, would recommend for beginners
manadream Link
I had a lot of fun playing this hack, and it taught me a lot about Kaizo. Thanks so much for making this!
BunBunAshly Link
really spectacular, well made and very very fun!
Yoshi9288 Link
Very great and Fun hack for Kaizo Starters. ^^
Str4ng3 Link
Super fun hack with good visuals and great soundtrack; all the levels felt fair and well paced; the star world is also totally worth going for.
GruntMastaFlash Link
This hack was a blast! It was a clear improvement in style and design over QW1 and provides a well balanced challenge for newer players. I'm looking forward to replaying this soon.
Goomba-24 Link
Super fun hack. Every level is creative and it's challenging but never frustrating. Maybe you'll make Quickie World 3?

It's funny that I beat the Sawrfing Ruins before the original.
RoyMaluco Link
So much fun. You've outdone yourself, Valdio
MorrieTheMagpie Link
Fantastic follow up and creative levels that are fun for players of all skill levels. Just plain awesome.
SwagSheep Link
Fun hack my cool dude
Davebave Link
Just registrated to comment and rate this awesome hack. Thank you so much for creating it :)
fugalfervor Link
Great hack. Really fun, it was easy enough but not too easy. Prettier than Quickie World 1. I can't tell if it was easier or I just got better, but this is a really great beginner hack.
drxmario Link
QW1 was fantastic, but this was nearly perfect. So much fun to play from beginning to end. Definitely beginner-friendly, but with enough secrets and speed strats that I can see myself coming back to this years from now.
Fryinb Link
Just a great hack
Gurggz Link
A ton more polished than QW1! Flippin' fantastic! I, as well as many others I'm sure, are hoping there's a QW3!
anon25879 Link
Really liked this hack!
Nice flow, difficulty and themes.
Length to checkpoints and end of level felt really managable.
The indicators were helpful and precise.
Aesthetics were pleasant.
I highly recommend this hack for anyone trying to get started (imho way before Quickie 1)
diminish Link
Easier than Quicke World, or I got better. I did struggle plenty as a beginner Kaizo player but I managed to get through all exits. The return of Sawrfing Castle scared me lol. If you are just starting out, it might be easier to play this hack first before you do Quickie World 1, but you should definitely play both. Highly recommended
AbraZZZo Link
Absolutlely in love with this hack.
Minish Yoshi Link
A great follow-up hack to the original. It is slightly easier, but offers a smoother experience. It is very fun and creative, offering something new in every level. The music is pretty good overall too. However, I was confused as to why a timer was included, as it never became a threat and really had no purpose. Overall, it improves upon everything the original did. Great work!
ulla_la Link
A wonderful game! Quick, readable, with many rewards. All in all a well designed hack with just enough challange to hone my chicklette kaizo skills. Thank you so much for this splendid experience!!!
And Swarfing Ruins....That title scared the bejesus out of me. Am still stuck on the unruined version in QW1.
stefs Link
This was my fifth kaizo hack, beated in a little over 5 hours and had a ton of fun. Quickie 1 was harder for me, but Quickie 2 it's my favorite. The songs and level design were super fun. This is much much better than it's predecessor. Would love a Quickie 3. Ty!
santiagomcrib Link
Thanks for the fun game.
bsolt Link
Tons of fun! Thank you Valdio! 5/5
xxmagegagexx Link
Fantastic! I've beaten this over and over again, and still go back to it from time to time. Easily the best hack for beginners. Look forward to playing more of your games in the future! #w{=)}
Ferlow_Y Link
Real banger of a hack and a freakin' stepup from Quickie World 1. The difficulty curve was just perfect! And the sountrack was awesome and well-fitted!
Clemente Link
First hack. 10/10 would reccomend
jquery861 Link
Mi primer romhack de veritas de veritas. Es mi favorito. Nada que hacer.
Pokepowerz Link
I beat Quickie World 1 and came right to this game, and I was not disappointed one bit. QW2 was definitely easier, but that's not a bad thing, because what it lacks in relative difficulty it makes up for in amazing level design, and overall creativeness. Each level was unique and unbelievably fun. I didn't dislike a single level in this hack, and with 22 of them, that's really impressive. I'm happy QW1/2 were my first two Kaizo hacks. Awesome work Valdio, I hope to see more of your work in the future (Maybe QW3 #smw{;)}). My final time was around 7 hours 40 minutes.
Ccedric68 Link
I had a really good time playing this hack ! Amazing work Valdio #smw{:TUP:} Always fun and never frustrating, perfect balance of difficulty all along ! Thank you so much for your creation !
Great work Valdio
Yetibucca Link
This is a must play for anyone just getting in to Kaizo. The levels are fair and every single one is a treat to play.
thethirdextent Link
I had a lot of fun playing this game! And the music was very, very awesome. Thank you!!
gresh Link
v nice hack
Yez Link
This is the first Kaizo hack I ever beat. I absolutely love it! And the music is phenomenal.

My favorite level is "Field of Dreams." Also my favorite song of the hack.
callmedoor Link
This is the true success story of a sequel. The callbacks to QW as well as the overall improvement in level design and aesthetics are on point.

Great work again Valdio.
DukeDaDawg Link
I am a Beginner to kaizo hacks this was the first one i beat it was amazing. Can't wait to start the first one
SethOsDotEXE Link
This is the first kaizo hack I have completed. Super fun, every level felt fair and fun. Good work Valdio
VillainousWolf Link
Great hack. Good for beginners. Another one well done by Valdio
Typodestoyer Link
A sequel that fulfills that role perfectly. Love that there are (more) challenging secrets for more advanced players while still giving new players a secret here or there, haha. Great soundtrack as well.
Good work on this one, Valdio. I eagerly await any of your future creations.
DanOfMostTrades Link
Super fun! Can't wait to speed run it.
EasyEdo Link
Super fun hack! Great for someone who is relatively new to SMW hacks.
Zappa Link
Nice Hack with good custom music! After beating it i felt like a Scatman.
Selipnir Link
Very fun hack to play. Beating each level feels really good
StacheAttack Link
Very fun starter Kaizo hack! Great sequel! Highly recommended!

Thank you Valdio!
Nicoke42 Link
Really fun, inventive, visually appealing with a (mostly) great soundtrack. I haven´t played a lot of kaizo hacks but this is definitively my favorite so far.
I could probably think of more constructive criticism if I played it again, the only think I can think of right now is that the final boss was a little too on the easy side, but maybe I was lucky.
DefybyDefault Link
A sequel that lives up to the hype. Wall clips hurt RB's Tower, but it is still completely manageable. Definitely a must play hack and good for kaizo players of all levels. I couldn't put it down.
Arkhchance Link
Super awesome ! Begginer friendly (perfect for me) I really love it <3
awleh Link
You really outdid yourself with this hack, Valdio!
It plays super smooth and is an absolute treat for both the eyes and the ears.
Having an absolutely amazing hack like this for the newcomers is bound to bring in a bunch of new kaizo players! 5*!
xor_tux Link
Amazing hack! Really fun for a beginner to kaizo.
dogemaster Link
This is the most fun I have had playing a romhack, 5/5
5003erX Link
5/5 Really good successor to the original! Only took me a few hours to beat and is a very good entry level kaizo hack along with Quickie World 1. Now the wait for Quickie World 3 begins...
Ezel Link
I beat it very recently and honestly, this is one of the most fun experiences I've ever had in any ROM hack. The levels are simple, well designed, fair and not overly easy, yet it still is a little bit challenging for people who are new to Kaizo hacks or they're just trying to get back into that stuff.

Highly recommended if you're a beginner in Kaizo tricks and that type of level design. It shouldn't take you too long and it's a lot of fun.
couch23 Link
Fantastic hack. Really enjoyed playing this!
Akutarex Link
jogo izi da poar
 Linkdeadx2 Link
Nice fun hack for those looking to get into kaizo. GJ Valdio!
leonardodmss Link
Nice hack!
JesseDillinger Link
This was great. Nice beginner romhack and a nice sequel to Quickie World 1. It felt slightly easier to me, but was still a nice challenge for my beginner self. 5/5
Eletromem Link
I really enjoyed all levels, It got better than I expected, I'm going to play a lot and try to have fun on speedrun. Thanks Valdio. I was already forgetting. Thanks for putting me in the end, I really liked it. mY name is MarceloMatos
decentduck Link
This is a really well made ROM hack
kyykka Link
5/5! Would like to see more of similar beginner friendly hacks. Difficulty curve was spot on, also loved the music and everything was awesome!

I got into SMW and SMW rom hacks a month ago, have beaten Learn 2 Kaizo, Baby Kaizo World, Akogare, Cool Zone and now both Quickie Worlds. This one was most definitely the best out of those.

Created an account just to leave a comment and give five stars.
Mr_Llama Link
I am so excited to play this, just beat the first less then a week ago and loved every minute of it
xen_gamer Link
Loved it
rymdkarl Link
Looking, sounding and playing great! A very worthy sequel to an already great game. Absolutely loving it!
elusive Link
Amazing hack; amazing music 7/5 stars. valdioOMG
ThePandaMan6767 Link
Great work, I just finished it so amazing! :)
 BeeKaay Link
A very fun little hack. Better difficulty progression than Quickie World 1, while offering up different tech (e.g. neutral jumps).
GiraffeKiller Link
So much fun. You've outdone yourself, Valdio.
TLGOfficial Link
I haven't even played it yet. (Stil downloading to my mini NES)
I saw Ryu play it.
I saw Luigi instead of Mario.
I give 5 stars.

It's been an hour. I haven't reached the first checkpoint yet. This is gonna be fun to grind for a few years
Arisendead Link
As you already know Valdio this was amazing! Great beginner entry to Kaizo with lots of secrets and consistent setups and strats!
Clare88 Link
Did my first playthrough last night (March 8 2019) proceeded to run it back another time.. then speedrun it 6 more times. This is by far my favorite hack. It's so much fun, the music is great, the aesthetic is great, the flow is amazing. Huge props to everyone who made this game happen :)
samuel.belntz Link
Great hack Valdio!!

Congrats man!
weegeeweeg Link
Deltarune :)
Five stars my friend, you deserve it
Nadir Link
A really cool hack that I recommend to anyone who is new to kaizo, the levels are short and simple, and even a beginner can probably beat this hack in one sitting.
NeXuS15 Link
Very Good successor of Quickie World 1.

i found a couple of thing i'd like to see fixed if you update this hack in the future:

The Chris G Spot:
Dolphin Tail
To fix the tail from showing up take a look here
Some Cutoff

RB's Clock Tower:
The HUD is duplicated

Mega Scottage:
This You can jump through the box from the bottom, altho im not sure if you knew about that already
ViniciusPlays Link

ótima hack, desafiadora e pulos chatos, poison mushroom? YEAAH
So, Baldío did it again... This time I'm gonna do a better tas :')
SkeptisTrader Link
Thanks for spoiling the game for me Ryu...............

lol jk u know I stopped watchin like 2 min in #fim{;P}
Arobam Link
Had fun with this hack, thx for making it.
Jimmieblack Link
Nice work, super fun time.
Yagami Link
great job valdio
om_nomnom Link
Quickie was my first Kaizo hack and I've been refreshing the waiting files page and Valdio's twitter for 15 minutes. Thanks for the hack!
Elaz Link
Cartesius Link
Oh boy. It's actually happening
B2De Link
Aw yes indeed it's fun time #smw{:peace:}