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Super Mario World (Super Mario Bros. 4) : A Trip Full Of Fun!

Super Mario World Hacks → Super Mario World (Super Mario Bros. 4) : A Trip Full Of Fun!

Submission Details

Name: Super Mario World (Super Mario Bros. 4) : A Trip Full Of Fun!
Author: Dark Prince
Demo: Yes
Featured: No
Length: 5 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Normal
Description: this hack is mainly focused in modern level design games/smw central users:
-Nsmb (a lot of references can be seen in the game, lol)
-Gamma V (OH! Look At That Piece of Cement Stairs!)
-Toad64 (1-3's Grass)
-NsmbW (Castle Tileset)
this hack is graphically vanilla, even my bricks are vanilla!,since they are actually from YOSHI'S HOUSE!,house that is not used in the hack, lol.
The only graphic that is not vanilla is the sprite brick, wich is a pallete 8-adapted brick.
credits to:
-Unkwnown User
-Every smwc user that worked in the ultimate version of the smas ost
-the people that worked in the ASAR version of the no more sprite tiles limit patch
-yy creator
-the person who drawed the koopas of smw just keef
-thanks to cosmo for reporting disapearing tiles in 1-3, that was fixed and replaced the triple plattforms with hamer brother's plattforms, in 1-4 discovered some disapearing tiles, fixed, too.
-alligned ball'n chains in 1-4.
-fixed in last version mario/luigi's starting position in the OW, good thing that i've fixed that before hack being under moderation, lol.
-you can now enter 1-4 and see 2-1/end of demo
added world 2 MAP.
also added a bit more decoration in world 1 because it was a bit too simple.
-added 2-1
-added music in 1-1
-changed koopa's graphics
i hope you enjoy :D
Tags: less exgfx music traditional
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Comments (10)

ninj Link
Nice hack!
Dark Prince Author Link
gracias por comentar mistaken24!
(para responder a tu pregunta, si, soy argentino)
mistaken24 Link
20/10. are you argentinian really? (if ur not ill write this in english next time)
La musica de kirby uma delicia <3
Lo único que molesta un poco son los objetos de fondo en el nivel Beware the water, como dijo atari2.0, parece que pudieses tocarlos, pero no. Capaz que hacerlos un poco mas transparentes lo arreglaría, o con un sprite diferente al original.
Después de eso, todo esta bien para mí :D
frostwares Link
Great demo hack! Love the music and the palette updates. Found a 6th exit. 10/10 would play the rest of this.
 Atari2.0 Link
This hack is pretty nice. I wanna see 2 simple fixes: both in the titlescreen message and in the castle boss defeated message you spelled "kidnapped" with only 1 p. Please correct that. The other thing is that in "Beware the water" a lot of objects act different than they look, maybe they look solid but they act as air and the opposite, also in "Beware the waters" objects that were solid in the first half are not solid in the second half of the same level and so on. I'd fix that aswell. The hack is also a bit short, but since the levels are nice and well done it's fine. Try to add a lot more content in the next demo you submit. I'm interested in how this hack can evolve.
Dark Prince Author Link
FailSandwich Link
Where's the music in Level 1?
TheOrangeToad Link
nice that you reference me
Dark Prince Author Link
thank you for commenting cosmo, i'll aply the no more sprite tile limits patch for fixing that.
also, fixed 1-3 so you can enter 1-4 and the end of demo :D
cosmo Link
Fun hack. I could only get 3 exits, after the third level it doesn't go any further.
Only complaint I have is that in the third level, Hills N'Mushrooms, right after the checkpoint it hits a sprite limit and some of the bullets don't show up, as well as the turning platforms are glitched.
Other then that it is a fun hack and I look forward to playing more.

Wow, fast update. Can confirm that all 4 exits now work, and the sprite problem appears to be fixed.
Updated my rating to 5 stars.