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Details for Storks and Apes and Crocodiles
Super Mario World Hacks - Storks and Apes and Crocodiles Show random
File Name: Storks and Apes and Crocodiles
Version History: View
Authors: Morsel
Demo: No
Featured: Yes
Length: 17 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Light
Description: Dear victim,

In the process of making this hack, I have come to hate it. I hope you, gentle player, will come to feel the same way. There is no overworld to this hack (automatic saving), simply 17 + 1 levels of bullshit from a sadist. The hack is directly inspired by the Luigi's Adventure lost levels and incidentally inspired by the Hyper Mario World special worlds, and so occupies the border territory between very hard and kaizo, depending on whether you view kaizo as a genre or a difficulty, or just think it's a Japanese magazine. There are few if any of the traditional kaizo traps (invisible blocks, post-goal deaths), or techniques (shell-jumping), but the expectation that the level be played in a strict way, and the certain necessity for trial and error or familiarity with the course lay-out, lead me to feel the classification I've given it (kaizo light) is accurate. I hope you have fun.

Love, morsel.

This post-seppuku update fixes the two game crashes in stage 5. I also raised a ceiling in room 3 of Motor Skills.

I apologise for updating this again, but in the last update "-Stage 13: fixed a sparky so he doesn't despawn," I used red spikes which are empty tiles instead of kill ones, creating an accidental softlock. This is the absolute final version--rather than update this again, I will commit seppuku.

"I shouldn't have to update this again." When I said this, a nasty little god laughed. Hence "stabilised max sliding speed"--this was well motivated but completely idiotic; not sure how to fix it without breaking other things, so it has now been reverted to normal. Also forgot these changes:
-Stage 13: fixed a sparky so he doesn't despawn.
-Stage 15: in boss, set layer 2 to interact with sprites.

Version 1.10
I wanted to update the hack as there was a bug in stage 10 whereby the p-switch occasionally wouldn't spawn. I still don't know what causes this, but I put in some code to take account of it happening. I took the opportunity to go over the hack and fix some other things, viz.:
-Stage 1: stabilised max sliding speed (to $30, instead of values between $2F and $31). This also applies to other stages with sliding obstacles (stage 2, stage 12, some stage 17 sublevels).
-Stage 3: made one jump easier and added a hint for a blind thing.
-Stage 5: fixed the part where you can go under everything.
-Stage 9: made football player kick consistently.
-Stage 10: fixed disappearing p-switch bug.
-Stage 12: changed music.
-Stage 13: changed music and palette for second half. Everyone seems to find the second half pretty hard so I made it more lenient. Also disabled the killing of thwomps and thwimps with blocks (it is unreliable and confusing).
-Stage 14: made the first half more streamlined to reduce potential waiting.
-Stage 16: fixed the jump where you can skip one of the disco ball obstables.
-Stage 17: changed boss music.
-Motor Skills: fixed beginning of room 4; made first hit of boss more consistent; fixed final hit of boss so you need to be standing on ground for it to count.
There are miscellaneous other changes for small graphical anomalies and text box messages. I shouldn't have to update this again.

Thanks to linkdeadx2 playing this hack, we have:
-stabilised position of hammer bro. in level 3
-forced collection of star in level 4
Not changed
-while you can double hit switches in level 6, by aiming for the centre of the switch, you can reliably not do so; there is code in a later level preventing double hitting when you can not reliably avoid it.
Tags: asm, exgfx, music, story
Rating: 5.0 (Votes: 6)
Download: Download - 739.76 KiB
Amazing hack.
This hack is both extremely fun and difficult. Every level is fair while still being incredibly tough, and very satisfying when you beat each challenge.

RNG castle is probably the hardest level I have ever played, with an incredible boss fight.

Good work Morsel.
Posted by: S3TH0s - | Link
Fun as hell
Posted by: PhexaWint - | Link
Hands down one of the greatest kaizo hacks I've played. Unbelievably technical and difficult, but incredibly creative and fun throughout. I genuinely enjoyed every level of this hack, although some require incredibly awkward inputs if you are using an original sfc/snes controller and have fat thumbs like me(ropes level and room4 motorskills). Highly recommend for top level players!
Posted by: Stiverson - | Link
I'm nearly done with Motor Skills so I think I can finally give a review.

If you like games that are equally beautiful as they are well designed, play this game.
If you like obstacles that are both challenging and rewarding, play this game.
If you're the type of person who likes getting kicked in the nuts and then says "Thank you sir, I would like another," play this game.

Storks and Apes and Crocodiles is in my top 3 hacks of all time (if not my favorite) - it's fun, aesthetically pleasing, extremely challenging, and incredibly rewarding to play. The levels are unique, and nothing is legitimately frustrating about the game - you are more likely to get mad at yourself rather than the obstacles.

Absolutely wonderful work, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

10/10 would stork again.
Posted by: marathonx - | Link
A fixed masterpiece. This hack shows respect for gaming and everything. It's as if the creator was passionate about the whole thing. Hopefully this is not the last one, because thank god if it isn’t.

Like I said to Linkdeadx2, placing this hack in the 5/5 bin, where hacks like this and people like you belong.
Posted by: Glackum - | Link
Storks and Apes and Crocodiles is a superb kaizo hack and video game. This is a very difficult game, but it is so well made, so unique, and so much fun that if you are up to the challenge, it is in your best interest to accept it!
Posted by: RequiredTaste - | Link
This is one of the most innovative hacks I've ever played. It's packed with balanced levels of fun and suffering, has creative obstacles in addition to great aesthetics, and the tight platforming is very unique. I will ensure that my first playthrough is not my last, and I look forward to your other works. I didn't encounter anything that needs fixed, so hopefully this will be the last update.

Pls no second seppuku.
Posted by: Dode - | Link
How do I solve this puzzle level?:

Edit: solution
  1. Enter the bottom pipe leading to the room with the roulette item and become cape Mario
  2. Leave the room, and enter the pipe to the right in the hub room. Grab the blue shell and leave.
  3. Head to the left pipe leading to a room with many koopa troopas (3 at the top), give the yellow koopa the blue shell, then as soon as it enters its shell, knock it with the cape spin.
  4. You should be holding an upsidedown blue shell with a koopa inside of it. Take it over the red ? block (over baby yoshi), wait until the koopa in the shell “unstun” itself, and time the drop so that the blue shell gets eaten by baby yoshi while the blue koopa (transformed from yellow to blue) leaves and kicks the yellow shell into the turn block, and subsequently the on/off switch

That level features unnecessary items/enemies or allowed multiple strategies in order to finish the level, this includes the blue throw block that can be avoided using cape Mario, and the 2 extra koopas in the left room that have 3 koopas. This is very strange as most kaizo hacks have strictly one solution of a given obstacle.
Posted by: HammerBrother - | Link

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