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Superstar Mario World

Super Mario World Hacks → Superstar Mario World

Submission Details

Name: Superstar Mario World
Author: Stivi
Demo: No
Featured: No
Length: 63 exit(s)
Type: Standard: Hard
Description: After almost two and a half years, Superstar Mario World is finally finished

This is a traditional styled hack. With 7 Worlds and over 50 Levels. The plot is your typical Mario plot, but this time, Bowser has also kidnapped the Yoshies and Luigi!

Special thanks to RussianMan for testing and fixing lots of asm issues and such. Have fun!

- Fixed small typos.
- Removed the centerscroll patch.
- removed lives.
- 100 coins gives you a star now.
- removed the darken pause patch.
- removed the circular fadein patch.
- Added a skip function in most cutscenes.
- Added the DKC2 navigation arrow patch.
- Applied the Overworld speed changer patch that was already in the demo.
- removed the lava ceiling in "hot hot underworld".
- gave background tiles like cacti and icicles a faded outline.
- Fixed the teleportation to level 104 in "Beat em up". Thanks RussianMan!

- Torchie, the rhino boss, can now be defeated with fireballs.
- lowered the number of fireballs Torchie spawns.
- Removed the ceiling on the FryGuy boss, since the hopping flames can get stuck in the pipe and glitch to the top.
- Removed the giant buzzy beetle's stun when hitting a wall and changed it's arena.
- Fixed FryGuy's, Puffero's, giant beetle's and bowser jr's hitboxes.
- Removed some tight parts on the final boss.
- Lowered the health of the bosses in the last level and the final boss.
- Changed up the first three phases of the final boss.

- The final boss has now an own level and a midway point.

- removed some unnecessarily hard and unfair things (eerie generators, spikes, 1 tile platform jumps, etc.) in the special world levels.

- Fixed an issue in a special world level where you couldn't proceed
- removed Bowser jr. from the final level.

- Cutscenes are now skippable with R, since people can accidentally skip them with x and y.
Tags: asm bosses chocolate exgfx hdma music traditional
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4.6 (18 ratings)
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Comments (32)

Folklore Link
The level design and the difficulty are quite alright, but the star system is the dumbest idea ever. Why do I even need to play properly if I can wait for 100 coins and just rush it?
Remove 100-coin-star, make levels shorter, put better CPs, change CP's icon and you've got a masterpiece.
Slava Kochka Link
I'm really love this hack!
HodgerMccodger Link
This has been one of my favourite hacks to play. It was challenging in parts, in particularly some of the bosses and the ice cold run, but never felt unmanageable. One of the things I was very impressed by was the atmosphere it created, the use of music, the nice touches like the boo character etc.
Virus610 Link
Pretty good hack. Casual 100% took about 3.5 hours.

It has a good amount of exits. Enough that things don't feel totally linear, but not so many that they feel like they just exist to pad the exit count.

It looked and sounded fine.

I agree that the `100 coins = star` thing was interesting, but tended to kick in at really inconvenient times, occasionally (eg: When you need to koopa jump on a level with a short timer). Wasn't the worst thing, but kind of a nuisance at times.

The exposition is... Well, SMW hack exposition.

This hack doesn't do anything terribly groundbreaking, but it was a fun thing, and I'm glad I played it!

Respect to you for the postgame being a similar difficulty, instead of turning into Kaizo nonsense!

Link to video of the playthrough:
betsyhaven Link
Awesome hack.
The 100 coin = stars option, can this please be toggled off?
I've essentially had to stop playing the game outright coz i can't beat the "Ice Cold Run".
It's not impossible to beat the level, but it's DEFINITELY impossible to master the level due to the random nature of when you'll receive the star. You can't control how many coins you get in any reasonable fashion and the combination of time management cos it's a race + coin management + manoeuvring the level.. it's just too much to handle.
100 coins = star, needs to be able to turned off pls :)
Jamie-Lee Brotheridge Link
which sprite did you use to do bowser
Mariofan85 Link
Good hack bro
Danik2343 Link
Its Great Hack! I Enjoyed!
Retro Master HD Link
The rest of the Hack was really good the level designs were good as well, really found the final boss easy and enjoyable. But I found 1 error in fiery dance on the special world the enemy you can stand on so it can carry you fell into the lava leaving me stuck on the level to the point were the idea of spin dashing on the big basses came in handy even though I still kept falling into the lava. I was stuck on that level for an hour and it really frustrated the hell out of me #ab{>:}#w{>=(}#ab{>_<}#smw{>:|}#wario{>:(}. Sorry about the angry faces by the way not trying to sound harsh or anything and no disrespect in anyway I was just so very furious when playing the game about the fact that I couldn’t get past fiery dance and that it kept messing up for me and it took me an hour to finally get past the level. I would probably check that and sort it immediately if possible. But apart from that one incident the rest of the hack was really good, about to do the very final boss level and hopefully complete the entire game once and for all. 😌#wario{:peace:}#smw{:peace:}#ab{:D}#ab{:LOL:}#tb{:]}#tb{:D}#tb{^V^}#tb{:DD}#tb{:)}#ab{:)}#tb{:j}8>. Keep up the great work. Hope you bring out a new really wonderful Mario Rom Hack in the further future. 😀😄😁. This is a really good Rom Hack you have made. #smrpg{y}
akzak22 Link
Really enjoyed it!
edwinmusic Link
Beautiful graphics! Great job!
niko Link
Good hack. While i don't like the 'star at 100 coins system', it's not a bad idea i guess, just a personal taste. Got me killed one time tho, when i needed to spin on an enemy and i collected the coin above him and killed the neccesary enemy. Not cool. Also worth mentoning are the slowdowns in some levels. Sometimes they are short and not too bad, sometimes they are really, really bad and that for several seconds. Also not cool.

Levels are good for the most part. There are some boring ones here and there, but especially later in the game, the levels use their gimmicks pretty nicely and give me a challenging experience to go through. Haven't beaten it 100% atm, beaten the main game and one level from the special world with all exits in the main game.

The bosses are not good. Not horrible enough to lower my rating tho. Last boss (in the main game) was amazing tho. But that's it.

YulkyTulky Link
this hack is really awesome!!! only complaint is that in the level "Ice Cold Run" I died multiple times from collecting 100 coins (which gives you a star) so that I couldn't jump on the required koopa! fixing that mistake would make it much cleaner
PM-Faster Link
That´s the best hack i´ve ever played. I love it. Great compliment to Stiviboy. 5/5 #lm{owexstar}
GMB4 Link
This hack is very cool I like the color palette #smrpg{y}#smrpg{y}#smrpg{y}
34088 Link
Wow. Th only complaint I have with this hack is the custom bosses. First off, you throw me five easy levels in W1 and W2. Burn right through them. The bosses add a pretty brutal difficulty curve. They're not fun and overpowered. If you were striving for a much harder difficulty, then I' understand. But how easy the first and second levels are say otherwise. I recommend taking out the tremors that make you freeze in the first one and give the player a little more time to grab the koopas before they FALL OFF THE EDGE, which wasn't even needed, just an unfair and lazy way to make it harder.

EDIT: There is one other thing I'd like to point out - the 100 coins give you star thing has loads of gameplay flaws. For example - In "Ice Cold Run" there is a part where you're required to jump onto a koopa to get across a gap. When I did so, the coin trail telling me to jump on it put my coins over 100, giving me the star. When I got it, I fell right through the koopa. I reccomend you taking that mechanic out completely or putting less coins.
peppebd Link
Good Hack ;)
Gamer_Shy Link
Dude, straight up, this is an amazing hack. Frustrating in the special world for sure, but that's due to the challenge rather than anything cheap. I actually didn't use a single save state outside of the special world (I started using it during the Arena stage due to major frustration, and to skip the final final boss's intro. A bit t0o lengthy given the way you're meant to fight it). #smrpg{y}
 Stivi Author Link
This should be the final update, i noticed another typo in the second ghost house, but i don't think that's worth another update.
Idrinkgrapesoda Link
'Tis Grapesoda from the Discord server. Finally got the new version #smw{:TUP:}
HyperTBoss Link
Time to give this SuperStar a quick ride~
GroovyYoshi Link
Nice hack! I like it a lot! #smw{^_^}
Klug Link
Finally, it's out after moderation!!!
 Stivi Author Link
redownload if you didn't.
 Stivi Author Link
i will release an update with bug fixes and tweaks after this gets either accepted or rejected.
SMW S.N.N Link
Wow, that's an interesting good! I've finished this stage. Very simple. I've cleared all the thrilling faraway places, but I hope to post them in season two. I'm going to evaluate it here. ^^
Braixen Link
Awesome hack!
Zavok Link
Great Hack ! #smrpg{y}
OEO6 Link
Bunky's Mansion's music: Cave Story - Balcony <3

Şu an deliriyorum :)

I love that music.
The Great Hack!

Tebrikler, thanks.
bandicoot Link
I was really expecting to play this
I'm Downloading it right now#w{=P}
lordkronos100 Link
Really Nice Ideas are in This Hack Whick make Him one of The Best Hacks
Everyone Play This Hack and Have Fun for a Extra Challenge Try to Find all Pixel Mario :D
Enan63 Link