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(Specter of Torment-Styled) Wallclimb and Walljump v2.0

UberASM Repository → (Specter of Torment-Styled) Wallclimb and Walljump v2.0

Submission Details

Name: (Specter of Torment-Styled) Wallclimb and Walljump v2.0
Authors: Erik, Maarfy
Type: Level
Includes GFX: No
Includes Hijack: Yes
Featured: No
Description: The Specter of Torment-Styled Wallclimb and Walljump patch, by Erik, merged with a request by idol during remoderation and converted into UberASM by Maarfy (so yell at him if something breaks, not Erik).

This patch grants the user two styles of wallclimb/walljump mechanics, controlled with one easy-to-change define. If set to emulate Specter Knight-style wallclimbing, the player is able to attach to and automatically climb up a wall for a configurable amount of time. If time runs out, the player falls off, and if the player presses B, he can kick off the wall.

If set to normal wallclimbing, the player may attach to the wall indefinitely, and is able to climb up and down at will. Pressing B will kick off of the wall, and pressing B while holding Down will allow the player to simply drop off.

Read the patch itself for a list of known bugs, the most serious of which (arguably) being very poor chemistry with solid sprites. Standard patch version is available here, if desired.

Also note that the helper patch overwrites part of the free-roaming debug routine.
Tags: abilities climb jump lorom player sa-1 walljump wallkick
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Comments (6)

Saela Link
I thought I should let you guys know there was a bug I found that Kevin helped me fix. It's detailed in this thread:
MarcosMoutta Link
That seriously looks like Bonk
Romano338 Link
Originally posted by Brutapode89
Like Spider-Man.

Web swinging patch when?
 Major Flare Link
Tested with: ZMZ 1.08, LM 3.03, UberASMTool 1.3 (with Asar 1.71) and SA-1 1.31.

I claimed both this code and the patch in order to moderate both in one go. The code works as intended, the bugs provided being minor so I can still accept this.
Brutapode89 Link
Like Spider-Man.
Mogu94 Link
That Banzai Bill went nyoom!
Also this looks super neat, I'm a fan.