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Thwomp Pack + thwompsprfix.asm v1.3

SMW Sprites → Thwomp Pack + thwompsprfix.asm v1.3

This file is obsolete. The latest version is Thwomp Pack + thwompsprfix.asm v1.4. For other versions, check the version history.

Submission Details

Name: Thwomp Pack + thwompsprfix.asm v1.3
Author: Tattletale
Version History: View
Tool: PIXI
Type: Standard
Dynamic: No
Disassembly: No
Includes GFX: No
Description: A Thwomp pack with thwompsprfix.asm

I also added the Thwomp Face Flip Fix patch as configs. By default it's turned off.

Comes with:
- Downwards Thwomp
- Upwards Thwomp
- Right Thwomp
- Left Thwomp
- Power Downwards Thwomp
- Power Upwards Thwomp
- Power Right Thwomp
- Power Left Thwomp
All of them can be used as Mad Thwomps (goes up/down right/left and so on once set off) if you set the extra bit.

- Why did you make this tho? There's already another version of all this for download.

I also merged thwompsprfix.asm into this code, so all fixes on that patch are also coded for these Thwomps. I needed this, so I thought maybe more people would also need this.

This is also a single file sprite, so the more you use the more space TM you save (it may not perform as good as using standalone files due to checks and whatnot).

There's also a partial fix to ascension glitch that bothers me a lot with the original Upwards guy. Original code really kills you in unfair ways most of the time when going up. This feature/fix has to be enabled, so read the README.txt for further instructions.

This code also respects what palette row you set on the cfg.

Another minor fix is that they now properly die to shells and whatnot if specified on the CFG. Just set them to interact with other sprites if you wish that to happen. Original code (SMW code) dies to shells according to sprite slot, it's super weird, so I just left the behavior there for you to choose, but more consistent.

Better ascension glitch fix.
Fixed a bug where only the thwomp up would benefit from setting up the fix ascension glitch flag.
It seems I also forgot to add a routine for this thing in the last version lol (related to the ascension glitch flag).
SA1 compatible.

Fixed a bug with the sideways power thwomps as they didn't correctly check for walls. (Erik)

Update routine SubVertPosWithClipping to comply to new routine standards.
Added routine SpinPlayerUp (apparently I forgot to add this routine twice lol, it's used in the ascension glitch flag fix).
Added a small bugfix for the ascension glitch - the gitch caused it to be way more lenient than it should once the thwomp stopped going up.
I rewrote the state table / load, so now the old blocks that break on thwomp contact work with this thwomp pack. It should also feel a lot better to create new states.
Fixed a bug with the draw GFX routine where it would reserve one tile more than it should when no angry face tiles were drawn.
Added the Thwomp Face Flip Fix patch as configurable flag (default is turned off).
Extracted some configs and flags so you can get more stuff configured.
Tags: enemy lorom sa-1 thwomp
Comments: 11 (jump to comments)
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Comments (11)

Hamilton64 Link
When are you going to add the diagonal thwomps and power diagonal thwomps, because those diagonal thwomps from the other author only work with Romi Spritetoll and not with Pixi.
Ice Man Link
While the Thwomps are nice and working. The horizontal (left/right) Thwomps should have their position offset to the wall instead of the ceiling.
Wolfguy423 Link
Not sure how to insert this since there's 8 different .cfg files?
I need a way to load all of them in one go right? cant find anything that's helpful in explaining how to do this.
anyone, please help?
MegaSonic1999 Link
The sprite is good, but I think you need to set the thwomp's behaviour depending on the extra bit extention. Can you do this in the next update?
 MarioFanGamer Link
Moderated with:
  • SNES9x 1.60
  • Lunar Magic 3.03
  • PIXI v1.29

Saw no issues (aside from a missed SA-1 conversion) so I went to accept it.
S.R.H. From older version: Thwomp Pack + thwompsprfix.asm 1.1.1 Link
if the wall the thwomp falls on is destroyed the thwomp doesn't rise up and gains speed that it shouldn't for some reason. the original sprite doesn't have this issue
 Erik From older version: Thwomp Pack + thwompsprfix.asm 1.1.1 Link
I fixed a small glitch with the power thwomps where the left and right versions sometimes ignored the walls if placed at the edgemost parts of the screen.
But other than that, they're p good. Recommended over the original sprite.
Klug From older version: Thwomp Pack + thwompsprfix.asm 1.1.1 Link
Hooray for SA-1 compatibility!!!
Tattletale Author From older version: Thwomp pack with thwompsprfix.asm Link
For anyone converting this thing to SA-1.

!HORZ_RANGE1 = $3040 ; max X distance of Mario for attack
!HORZ_RANGE2 = $3024 ; max X distance of Mario for attack

!HORZ_RANGE3 = $3080 ; max X distance of Mario for attack
!HORZ_RANGE4 = $3060 ; max X distance of Mario for attack

Change these back to the original values after you run the converter.

I will make an update soon for this sprite, making the ascension glitch fix feature better and making it actually work for more versions of the thwomp that's not just the upwards normal guy. It will also be SA-1 compatible in that update (probably in 3 weeks because I'm busy).
Samuroy From older version: Thwomp pack with thwompsprfix.asm Link
Could someone explain in depth how to change the thwomps to die from other sprites?
 Sonikku From older version: Thwomp pack with thwompsprfix.asm Link
Looks like we're starting to enter the realm of "just replace SMW's sprites because the fans can make better ones".

Nice that these can be here for anybody that wishes to just have the custom sprite instead of using the original at the least.