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    Contra - Jungle

    SMW Music → Contra - Jungle

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    Comments (10)

    Nicoke42 Author Link
    Thanks a lot Ultima! :)

    I don´t remember shit about what I did here lol, I do remember it took me like a week or two.

    I specially get bogged down in the final mix and small tweaks.

    When I finish my hack I'll probably come back to porting, it's so satisfying.
    Ultima Link
    Oh shit, I just noticed what causes that cool little sound at 0:04; damn, that's actually pretty clever to make the vibrato play only in the chord channel like that, especially considering this was your first port, even I would have never thought about that lmao (thought it was another square wave channel that came fading in out of random or something instead)

    great fucking port btw; been meaning to say that for a while, but you know :P
    Para-Kwpa Link
    Mega Drive sound#fim{+_+}
    Klug Link
    That would obsolete Atma's port...oh well, that's it. Great port...for a beginner!
    7 up Link
    Originally posted by Nicoke42
    Don´t know what you mean, this is my first upload.
    I mean, nobody else re-ported this. There was an old version, but it's not available in SMW Music section anymore.
    Nicoke42 Author Link
    Good to know Sinc-X, thank you for fixing those issues!

     sincx Link
    Two things to keep in mind for future uploads that I fixed for you here:
    - All songs in the section must include the necessary SMW samples used in sound effects (#default or #optimized, or a custom SMW sample group if you know what you're doing), otherwise sound effects will break in-game. I added #default for you here.
    - Test your songs in-game anyway for volume. This one was very, very loud - song volume should be low enough that sound effects aren't drowned out.

    Those minor things aside, this is a solid port, keep it up!
     Samantha Link
    Holy shit this is so well made
    Nicoke42 Author Link
    Originally posted by Emerald Shell
    How come this song hadn't been in the section for a while?
    Don´t know what you mean, this is my first upload.
    7 up Link
    How come this song hadn't been in the section for a while?