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Allow Mario to Pass His Gas

SMW Patches → Allow Mario to Pass His Gas

Submission Details

Name: Allow Mario to Pass His Gas
Author: shao
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: No
Description: Everyone has to pass their gas, even Mario.

Pressing (or holding) select will successfully pass Mario's gas, and his gas sound can be modified to the players liking before inserting the code with Asar.

List of sounds here: under the $7E:1DFC section

Default sound is set to #$18 (which is Thunder)
Tags: ability controller lorom mario player pose
Comments: 22 (jump to comments)
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Comments (22)

bluezera Link
people can use this for a joke hack, awesome
Epic_Manky Link
Vash the fairytail Link
I found a serious bug in this patch.
Using the AN2 part of ExGFX will stop Mario from farting.
Can it be fixed?
Vash the fairytail Link
Crash when applying this patch to SA-1rom.
It is necessary to apply to lorom which is not SA-1.
Vash the fairytail Link
This patch is not compatible with the LX5 power-up patch.

If you apply a power-up patch and apply this patch, you will not be able to finish.
Is it somehow incompatible?
I'd probably change the hijacking destination.
FailSandwich Link
Why, oh why does this exist?
MinecraftGamerLR Link
MINECRAFTGAMERLR: Ya know, you should've used the item carried to goal sound, which sounds more like a fart.
Luaxon Link
Vash the fairytail Link
For your reference
List of bugs when changing hijacking locations

A153 map screen bug
A1C7 map screen bug
A1DA Stop at the start screen
A21B Paused bursts with blocks
A269 No reaction
A284 No reaction
A299 Do not scroll
A2A1 background bug
A2D8 Mario does not appear
A300 crash
A31A no reaction
Vash the fairytail Link
Very interesting patch.
But there is a fatal bug.
The org $ 00A2A5 hijack interferes with many patches
Crash many ROMs.
It may not be possible to pause.
Also, if you have a Throw Block, it will take pauses continuously, which can not be fixed without resetting the ROM.
 Hobz Link
TheLucraftTeam Link
good for comedy hacks
Ramon Link
This patch hijacks $00A2A5, however the SMWC hijack map also lists $00A2A6 as being hijacked by Lunar Magic - is that an incompatibility? I've tried using it with SA-1 (after manually converting a handful of $1xxx addresses) but it crashes my ROM right at the start.
zacmario Link
I had to check the calendar, I actually had thought it was apirl fools day
chillyfox Link
this should be a featured patch
 Ayami Link
what a time to be alive
 Blind Devil Link
Originally posted by idol
no lie this would be cool for any wario-centric hack.

alright you just gave me an idea, i have a hack with wario so yeah (remember me to credit ya before i forget)
 Erik Link
Tested with: Asar v1.71; snes9x 1.58

what the fucj
id usually reject a patch like this but fuck it. i did change some of the code, and fixed an oversight where mario could still fart while dying. there's still some other oddities, such as being able to walk while on the pose, and the fart and this thing being essentially useless but... it works i guess? i'll be proud of whoever finds a use for this.
UTF Link
looks like a new gimmick for super fart world 2!
zacmario Link
Wario comes to mind as idol said, but the cloud should kill an enemy!
 idol Link
no lie this would be cool for any wario-centric hack. truly the most niche of patches.
Giftshaven Link
Default sound is set to #$18 (which is Thunder)

Lol. @4 with a pitch bend would probably be better if that's possible.