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Slow Horizontal Layer 2 (BG) Scrolling Rate

SMW Patches → Slow Horizontal Layer 2 (BG) Scrolling Rate

Submission Details

Name: Slow Horizontal Layer 2 (BG) Scrolling Rate
Author: lolcats439
Version History: View
Tool: Asar
Requires Free Space: Yes
Bug Fix: No
Featured: Yes
Description: Adds "slow" as a horizontal BG scroll setting, in addition to the slow vertical BG scroll setting.

See patch file for details.

3-26-2019: Updated for Asar, and with added SA-1 compatibility.
2-11-2010: This version fixes a bug that causes other levels to use slow scrolling when not set to it.
Tags: background lorom sa-1 scroll
Comments: 4 (jump to comments)
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Comments (4)

Green Link
I'm noting that Lunar Magic 3.40 includes more background scrolling options, including the options this patch was capable of doing. As such, the patch is not needed when using 3.40 onwards.
KnusperBKN Link
Very useful patch. For me it was unexpected that a patch for this could be necessary at all.

For those wondering what values stand for what in the table, here is an overview:
$00 - None
$01 - Constant
$02 - Variable
$03 - Slow
$04 - Variable 2
$05 - Variable 3
$06 - Variable 4
$07 - Slow 2
Brutapode89 Link
Will be it possible to make a Slow 2 Horizontal Layer 2 (BG) Scrolling Rate, please?
 Blind Devil Link
Tested with Asar v1.71, SNES9x v1.57, in both normal and SA-1 ROMs.

It's a cool feature which adds another option to LM's BG scroll rate options. I just wonder why LM didn't include this by default, as done with vertical scroll rate options...