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Wario Dash

UberASM Repository → Wario Dash

Submission Details

Name: Wario Dash
Authors: Erik, K3fka
Type: Level, Game Mode
Includes GFX: Yes
Includes Hijack: No
Featured: No
Description: This UberASM code will give you the ability to dash like Wario in a Wario Land game I haven't played. See the readme for insertion details. Includes graphics but not a palette because yes.

Original description:
An updated version of my Wario Dash patch. This version changes a few things to fix some bugs. You no longer gain star power while dashing, but a sliding effect is simulated. As such, make sure enemies you want to be able to be killed by the dash are able to be killed by sliding (you can use Tweaker or whatever to enable that).
Tags: abilities lorom player sa-1
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Comments (8)

CzaryDave7 Link
i tryed but some flashy colors and garbage graphics in level 105 or other levels

o wario don dash in this patch
steven3004 Link
This is a good patch, but then there's this bug when you have the cape on. Seems to be caused when you both spin yer cape and dash.
Wohao_Gaster Link
how do i use uberasm? is there an asar version?
Fintan Link
How do you set it so that mario can dash mid-air.Like in cuphead.
 Kevin Link
Originally posted by AppleBoy54321
Which gamemode do I use this with?
Apple Boy Link
Which gamemode do I use this with?
 Maarfy Link
I’m approving this code on the grounds that it does primarily do what it is intended to do with no fatal bugs; that said, this code harbors a pile of small inconveniences and oddities, and could use quite some more polish:
  • The code itself contains two separate and identical “no-dash-allowed” checklists that could easily be combined.
  • The player is able to dash during No Yoshi intros (including Ghost House and Castle).
  • The player is able to dash during the goal walk.
  • The player is unable to pause the game while dashing. (Note that if the above oversight is fixed manually, the dashing timer ticks down while the game is paused.)
  • Ending a dash briefly leaves the player in sliding state with an incorrect pose; this can be drawn out by ending a dash on a slope.
  • Setting the dash button to X/Y and dashing while caped shuffles the player back and forth, as the cape spin automatically changes his direction.
  • Dashing while caped displays an inappropriate cape image.
  • A dash input will register if frozen by a displayed message; the dash timer will tick down while frozen.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but the dash pose of the included graphics seems to have a bad hat palette.
  • The dashing graphics always display big Mario/Wario, even if small.
  • When dashing into a wall, the player immediately exits dashing state and may dash again at once; I wasn’t able to clip into any walls by rapid-firing dashes, but it does look pretty sloppy.
  • The player is able to dash right through Layer 3 smashers, as well as some solid sprites (ex. Wooden Spike).
  • The dashing pose is not drawn properly when dashing on a rotating platform (brown or grey).
  • The player is able to begin a dash on top of a springboard, dashing forward off the springboard and bouncing upwards in midair (personally, I think this is kinda cool).
  • The player is able to dash while wall-running, and indeed begin a wall-run with a dash; this is simultaneously stupid and wonderful.

And yet, the code itself is otherwise useful and versatile, so I don’t think it’s fair to axe it because it isn’t everything I wish it were.

Tested with Asar 1.71, Lunar Magic 3.03, Snes9x 1.59.2, UberASM Tool 1.3.
 Erik Author Link
Converted patch.
Added more defines and actual game locked checks.