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Grand Poo World 2

Super Mario World Hacks → Grand Poo World 2

Submission Details

Name: Grand Poo World 2
Author: Barbarian
Version History: View
Demo: No
Hall of Fame: No
Length: 23 exit(s)
Type: Kaizo: Expert
Description: Grand Poo World 2 is the sequel to one of the hardest Kaizo: Light hacks ever made. This game features challenging levels, custom music, secret paths and unique bosses. Unlike its predecessor, this game features both instant retry and a save block in Yoshi's house so that the player can now keep their midways when turning off their console.

The levels of Grand Poo World 2 were designed to emphasize tight platforming and unique design over item tricks involving shells and springs and such. Unfortunately, I am still a jerk; this game features trolls that at times will be funny, at other times cruel. I make no apologies.

This hack, like its predecessor, is dedicated to my good friend GrandPooBear. Extra special thanks to Kaizoman, Nexus, Dode, com_poser, DantheVP and Freakin_Ha for all of their efforts helping me make and playtest this beast. I couldn't have done any of this without you all.

Good luck, have fun. I hope you enjoy my game.


1.1 edits
- Minor level edits (spike and muncher placements)
- Chuck boss tweaks to prevent OOB glitches
- Final boss exploit removed, boss now telegraphs moves better
- New secret at the end of the credits
- Overworld errors corrected (I hope)

Tags: bosses custom music less efgfx music secrets traditional
Comments: 82 (jump to comments)
4.7 (24 ratings)
No rating
Download 1.12 MiB | 34,627 downloads


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Comments (82)

Retr0_Dave Link
Probably the best made kaizo hack available here even after the boom of amazing hacks from 2020-2023. I think I like GPW3 even more, but this isn’t a review for that hack. GPW2 still holds up very well, and while challenging is still on the easier side of expert difficulty. Maybe play Invictus and Beautiful Dangerous before this. You’ll be more than ready if you’ve beat those hacks.

You owe it to yourself as a fan of the genre to play this hack at some point in your journey. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Final Rating = 5/5 A Must Play

petefalcon Link
I downlaoded the hack, where can I get a clean ROM that this hack can be applied to?
red_trochee Link
A work of kaizo genius that surpassed my very high expectations.
MacMoragh Link
A very epic hack!
timeisart Link
An absolute masterpiece of a hack! Barb is a genius imo, he understands how to make a difficult hack but still make it FUN, and it felt like he actually wants you to beat it instead of the pure schadenfreude of some creators. Glad I was able to beat this before GPW3 is released, so excited to see what he has in store for us!
PaneraBred64 Link
This was hyped from the day it announced, and he was sure to deliver at an absolute peak of performance. Barb double downs on the sequel to one of the most beloved hacks of all time. This game took everything that made kaizo great and added stuff that people couldn't see coming at all. He perfectly combines custom mechanics with the original aesthetics to create a rich blend of the two styles. This hack was the transition from the old kaizo era to the new kaizo era. Trolls are still marvelous in this game, as they're presented in a fresh, but familiar way throughout the hack. Barb is truly one of a kind.
Smackalot Link
When I played and reviewed Grand Poo World 1 I gave it 5 stars, a rating which I still stand by. But GPW is the gift that keeps on giving as Grand Poo World 2 is a wholesale improvement over part 1. Everything about this hack is incredible - the gameplay, the level design, the aesthetics, and of course, the difficulty.

With GPW1, I really felt the difficulty was derived from long sections of demanding technical play. GPW2 is more nuanced and more balanced - but make no mistake, this is a very difficult game. Nothing was unfair, however Mirkwood was extremely tight. The Eyrie probably took me close to 8 hours broken up over a few days, as it was easily one of the most difficult
cape levels I've played
since the nonsense in Breakfast Kaizo World 2.

Nevertheless, the higher difficulty should be expected; this is an expert level hack. All in all, this game was extremely fun. Danger Zone, Weathertop, and the House of the Undying were standout levels for me in terms of just extremely fun gameplay. Like Invictus, I had done so much reading about how tough the final boss was that it didn't seem so bad when I actually got there. Instead of something I was dreading, it turned out to be really well designed and lots of fun, and was a challenge but nothing too extreme. The best way for me to describe it would be to say that the final boss fight was extremely satisfying. It really did feel perfect.

In summary this game is an unbelievably worthy successor to GPW1, as Barb delivered on the core tenet of what video games should be all about: Fun. It's not just a matter of making the game hard, the game must be fun to play before that. Make sure you take a little time to do
the secret Luigi level as well as the true ending (YouTube is your friend).
Take the time to mine it's treasures, and here's to hoping for GPW III. 5/5
Tagio Link
Pls how am I supposed to patch#smw{>:|}#smw{>:|}#smw{>:|}
Vaddy Link
peacefulmeadows Link
I had a blast.

Best of luck in future endeavours, Barbarousking.
Miggs Link
this game was well thought out and I skipped the puzzle I didn't get it but I understand why its there. The level designs are fun and I enjoyed the music as well. Very Well design bowser hes very tough but I like what he does. I even like the chuck fight really cool.
CarteFA Link
I tried playing this game when it first came out. Hated it, but I was new to smw kaizo. Took me 6 hours to beat first 3 levels. Quit playing, beat tons of other amazing hacks then came back and tried again. It is very fun. Still very difficult but manageable. I'm glad I came back to it and finished it, skipped puzzle.
zer0mavrick Link
This was a fun hack. The end boss about made me question if I wanted to suplex my SNES.
Kimota Link
What a journey. GPW2 starts with two banger levels, hot lore, tight aesthetics and music. The quality remains high for a good while, but not yet so high that you recognize you're playing an all-time classic. There was a stretch in the middle where I feared the hack was going awry: Mount Moon, Toasty Coals, Mirkwood, these felt long and punishing. But GPW2 concludes with seven truly outstanding levels starting with Hanzo Castle. The Thousand Halls, with its accompanying puzzle and true boss, is an impressive accomplishment. Unlike other hard hacks I've played recently, I left this one with a feeling of immense satisfaction rather than relief it was over. This was 30 hours well spent. Many thanks to all involved. 5/5
tesseracts Link
This hack seems like it's got some pretty interesting ideas, eh barbarousking?
marathonx Link
*Novel incoming*

I first completed Grand Poo World 2 around 2 years ago when the kaizo community was full of hype, excitement, and anticipation. I picked it up for a second playthrough recently, and I’m so glad I did.

Grand Poo World 2 is incredible, and I definitely did not appreciate it for what it is during my first playthrough, primarily because I absolutely got my ass handed to me as a relatively new kaizo player. The first time I played through GPW2, it took over 90 hours - this time took less than 20.

I can’t speak highly enough of the level design, the color palettes, the music, the secrets – everything was placed with intention, which results in a fantastic gaming experience that keeps making the player say “Alright, just one more level.” Playing through a second time truly felt like one of those late nights staying at a friend’s house, where all we wanted to do was play video games all night. As weird as it sounds, I had this intense feeling of nostalgia while playing through this hack again.

The overall atmosphere is really unique and lends itself to the theme of exploration and progression through the islands of the game. In particular, as you get closer to the northern part of the map and approach the dark cliffs in the distance, it actually starts to feel creepy.
The second to last area’s music feels cold and chilly; the castle levels feel drafty; the water transitions between levels feel wet and cold. The final island with Bowser’s Castle is legitimately terrifying, as the castle has all of the windows shrouded in black, and it feels like Nosferatu is staring out the window at you, just waiting for you to enter his castle so he can fucking kill you.

I wish I could forget
the solution to the puzzle. It was really fun going through it during my first playthrough, and I would have loved to solve it again.

Grand Poo World 2 is an incredible hack and game that every kaizo player must play, provided your skills are up to par. It’s not to say that you won’t enjoy it otherwise, but speaking from experience: the better you are at kaizo, the more you’ll enjoy it and the higher the appreciation you’ll have for it.

Looking forward to Grand Poo World 3.

Thanks Barb.
TheTaze Link
Difficult but really fun! Everyone who plays kaizo should try this at some point!
Ilucuthen Link
Finally beat all the exits! 5/5, incredible job. Can't wait for GPW3.
Phyll Link
Not_Vinicius1 Link
Little Ronys Link
Nice hack
UghRochester Link
I never got to wish GPW2 a very f*ck!
Connnnair Link
Writing this 10 minutes after beating the game, this was my 4th kaizo hack and after over 110 hours this is the most difficult, most punishing, and most rewarding game, not romhack, that I have ever played and the most fun I have ever had sitting in my room for hours on end being stuck on the same section for 6+ hours.
DefybyDefault Link
Barb really outdid himself with this one. I had a blast grinding my way through the 100% of this game. Tons of secrets to explore.
SethOsDotEXE Link
The most difficult hack I have played, and probably the most fun. Awesome work Barb
Ferlow_Y Link
As frustrating as it is rewarding. Do yourself a favor and play it blind! Wonderful soundtrack, great variety of levels and mechanics and just the right amount of trolls.
Damaga109 Link
Originally posted by El GeneraL-
I wanna play the game but i cant start it. can someone pls help me:)
What Emulator are you using?
El GeneraL- Link
I wanna play the game but i cant start it. can someone pls help me:)
Tiroler Link
Incredible hack which was clearly built with exceptional thought and care. Worth the effort to grind through each level.
Svorass Link
An excellent hack and true piece of artwork. I wouldn't care to beat it more than once but I treasure the people that do.
Neeberz Link
Originally posted by Alloha89
I would like to play this game... But how do I do that xD?

Look here
Alloha89 Link
I would like to play this game... But how do I do that xD?
WesSouza Link
Panther-T Link
Super hard and unforgiving, yet so satisfying and rewarding to play.
TheSkillMythos Link
I think that this is a hard hack but it is nowhere near as hard as Mario Must Die
Danilo Silva Link
Como insere texto em autoscroll na fase?
im not the best at smw rom hacks but this one is amazing
TadeLn Link
Overcrow85 Link
If you can't do the fish gate, git gud
BabaYegha Link
A masterpiece, this hack reached the top... curious what is going to be next level of kaizo hacks
Evan05122005 Link
I did the first 4 levels of the game and it is too hard for me.
Wolf1 Link
i hate and love it but also hate it i can't beat the first lvl why did i try this after watching ryu im not good at super mario world god help me
Nowieso Link
Awesome hack except for the
Water sections (I hate water levels!!!)

Never forget the barbPeak
N4m3_H3rE Link
Very great game i finished it and it's beautiful good job :)
Psyer From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
To be honest, it's too hard for me at the moment. But I've seen almost everything of this hack through other streamers and it's just one of my favorite games to watch. Barb, you're just brilliant. Nothing more to say, 5 stars.
A Diversion From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
I have not played this game yet but I have watched many people play it. It really shows the love and care put into it. Very nicely done.
BrickSMW Link
Is this a patch?
 Linkdeadx2 From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
This hack went above and beyond. Wonderful job Barb. :)
FelineFrequencies From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
I have been watching Barb on and watched some of this SMB Rom Hack get made. Once I saw the finished game played through in its entirety I was very impressed at the work put into this game. I'm hoping to see more material from Barb and his team responsible for making this great game!

5 Stars!

ConfettiBiscuits From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
I want to say thanks -- Not necessarily for the gameplay (because I can't get past the first part of the first level), but because seeing something like this game in action caught my eye and dragged me deep into rom hacks in general, and for that, I thank you and everyone involved.

Maybe someday my hands will cooperate enough for me to have a fighting chance, but until then... staring at a bridge too far.
requiredyump From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
This is hands-down the best kaizo hack I have ever played. This game is gorgeous, the music was chosen and executed perfectly, and the levels are such treats. Thank you for making this Barb!
This is by no means an easy game, but if you are up to the challenge, you are in for a truly amazing game.
Nowieso From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Arobam From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
I was done with this game yesterday, this is the best hack I've ever played so far. The asthetics and music choices are great, it has a couple of some custom boss fights and every level have an identity.
Of course there were things I didnt like and some of them required lots of deaths to figure out what to do next, but that doesnt affect the rating for this hack by too much.


I wished the puzzle would have been optional and not a must do thing like a sidequest or something. After you beat the bad ending you are left with nothing. Looking for a track in the entire game was a bit tedious to me and my chat provided me some gentle hints.

Anyways, I'll give this great hack 5/5.
JohnathanMonkey From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
About to start playing this. Tell my wife and kids I love them...
Frank_Hates_You From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
This is so insane xD thanks!
The_Chandrian From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
benit0 From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
insanely challenging but also one of the most satisfying hacks to play and beat. Fantastic level and game design that will challenge the way hacks are looked at in the future.

Clare88 From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
All the thought put in to this hack is incredible. It thinks outside the box so much. I love it. Great soundtrack too!
MDBattleFrog From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Finally started playing this. 3 hours in and now I know.

Fish gates. Fish gates hah. Amazing work as expected, Barb, congrats.
ChicCanyon From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
A rare sequel thats so good it makes you remember why you got into Kaizo to begin with. This game is an achievement so exceptional the follow up shouldn't be called Gran Poo World 3; the follow up should be Grand Poo World 2: 2
Tiroler From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Do you no longer value your physical and/or emotional well being? Have you ever considered inducing carpal tunnel as a way to self-flagellate for your worldly excesses? Have you wondered if anything could make you want to put your iBuffalo into a blender and drink it like a smoothie? If so, this is the hack for you! The hack oscillates its difficulty between highly unethical and the essence of pure, unadulterated evil. This is clearly the work of a madman and I look forward to the documentary filmed about his questionable legacy. Abandon all hope ye who enter this hack.

Kappa. This is a great hack and a work of Kaizo mastery. Not for the faint of heart, but oh so rewarding. Rarely does any game so live up to or exceed the hype leading up to its release. GPW2 has done that, and raised the bar to a higher level for subsequent hacks. I've enjoyed every level I've played, no matter how difficult. This is very much worth the pain (and there will be pain). Congrats Barb.
Klug From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
THE return
puppybootie From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Having so much fun watching this. Not good enough to blind run beasts of this nature yet but ill get on it someday. Thanks Barb for killing it as usual. MUAH <3
Romano338 From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
SonnenkindSA > that makes no sense. Nobody forces you to play them or even to go on their pages. Tell youself that if that Kaizo hack wasn't released, there wouldn't be a non-Kaizo instead, so it changes nothing, apart from adding a hack on the website. It doesn't take the place of another hack.
RNG_Dolphins From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
There are no snake men in Sen's Fortress, very disappointed at that.
Kroete From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
This is the most entertaining hack for me so far
ASMagician Maks From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
The screenshots make it look like this hack only has tight jumps due to death block placement and mostly stomping/spinjumping on enemies or shelljumps as obstacles. It looks like an usual boring/generic kaizo hack gameplay wise.
deejay4am From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
All the hard work has paid off: This is amazing
Ezel From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
While it's not a masterpiece in terms of visuals, I really like how much care was put into the gameplay in this hack. It's a really challenging game but once you learn how to play it, it feels smooth and exciting to do. Not to mention it has a lot of secrets, easter eggs, funny and original trolls, and every level feels different.

Oh, and the soundtrack is really good. Nice job for all the composers who created the music for this hack.
blaze800000 From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
welcome great hack
Vaelstraza From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Awesome hack!
Slash TV From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
SkeptisTrader From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
master and commander
Nadir From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
I can't wait to play this!
BCJohnson From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
I'm so excited!
KeullerJhordan From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
awesome barb
mrsancini From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Finally, the day cames. The Barb's Ultimate Creation is among us.
CosmicTiff From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
I am so tired of stupid!!! Kaizo Hacks being accepted on this site. I can't hava aa real aventuer without being a robot!!! I hate you Barbarina #w{>=(} #w{>=(}
alejandrogr0012 From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
HLXY From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Holy shit! HOLY SHIT!!
 LouisDoucet From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Hell yes.
NaroGugul From older version: Grand Poo World 2 Link
Nice.. brb unlocking it and spoiling everyone